2. Introduction and Overview

2.1. Introduction

Thank you for purchasing a RAD-Phobos GMSL2 SerDes Media Converter from Intrepid Control Systems (ICS). This device serves as a repeater or splitter using GMSL2 SerDes technologies and features dual coax inputs and dual coax outputs.

2.2. Package Contents

Upon receipt, please remove, unwrap and inspect all its contents. If anything is missing or damaged, please contact Intrepid for prompt assistance using the Customer Support information at the end of this guide.

2.2.1. Hardware

Your media converter package includes the following:

  • SerDes Media Converter device

    pic1 pic2 pic3

  • 1x power cable


  • 1x I2C breakout cable


Optional Accessories

  • Standard FAKRA cable


2.2.2. Software

Unless physical media was specifically requested, or your project is an engineering services project, there is no software associated with RAD-Phobos. The SerDes chip vendor Maxim GMSL from Analog Devices or Texas Instruments FPD-Link software can be used with RAD-Phobos by acquiring the proper 3.3v I2C communications device and connecting up to the external I2C connector on RAD-Phobos. Pinout details are on the back of the RAD-Phobos device.

You can contact Intrepid Controls Customer Support at: icssupport@intrepidcs.com.

Both software are available from the Maxim or TI portal websites, please speak to your local area representative to get an account.

Maxim software name is: Maxim Integrated GMSL SerDes GUI

Texas Instruments software name is: Texas Instruments - Analog LaunchPAD

Recommended Hardware for GMSL, works with Maxim software https://www.pjrc.com/store/teensy32.html

Recommended Hardware for FPD works ALPS TI tool https://www.ti.com/tool/USB2ANY

Additional Support for I2C communications will be provided by Intrepid Controls via a custom small from-factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver on the Rad-Gigastar product. This will allow seamless execution of I2C messages along with CAN and ethernet communications using Vehicle Spy3 Function blocks. The ability to simultaneously transmit and receive I2C messages using the same device brings value of having the Rad-Gigastar combined with RAD-Phobos.

3. Device Overview

3.1. Product Features

  • Dual coax GMSL2 inputs and outputs
  • Extend working range of Coax SerDes link
  • Split single camera into multiple outputs
  • Aggregate multiple cameras onto a single output
  • LED indicators for link status, errors, and power
  • Color Bar Pattern Generator capable
  • Validate cable and physical link integrity using margin analysis tests
  • User accessible configuration switches for I2C addresses and link modes
  • Power over Coax PoC via Coax input from customer Deserializer
  • Power over coax Injector via 2 pin input voltage barrel jack
  • GPIO mapped between deserializer and serializer
  • Automotive Voltage Range Operation (6V-40V)
  • Compact design: 3.840” x 2.488” x 1.265”.
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure with rubber bumpers for durability
  • Light weight: less than 1 lb. (0.45 kg).

3.2. Interfaces

  • 2x FAKRA coax GMSL2 deserializer ports
  • 2x FAKRA coax GMSL2 serializer ports
  • 1x External 3.3V I2C bus header

3.3. Operational Overview and Use Cases

The following section will outline some of the more common use cases, however it should not be interpreted as a complete list of the device’s full capabilities.

3.3.1. Single Repeater

For Usage Case Example: Please contact Intrepid Controls for register settings.


3.3.2. Dual Video Stream Aggregator

For Usage Case Example: Please contact Intrepid Controls for register settings.


3.3.3. Single Video Stream Splitter

For Usage Case Example: Please contact Intrepid Controls for register settings.


3.3.4. Dual Video Stream Splitter/Aggregator

For Usage Case Example: Please contact Intrepid Controls for register settings.


3.3.5. Virtual Cable Tester, Vendor Application

For Usage Case Example: Please contact Intrepid Controls for register settings.


3.4. Hardware Requirements

The SerDes media converter comes with a power supply adapter cable for this device. This device can be powered using an external DC supply. Ensure that the voltage is between 6V-40V and is rated for at least 1 Amps.

Power Consumption:
Power consumption will vary depending on how the unit is powered and what the unit is powering, typical power consumption is around 100mA at 13v with no cameras, at 13v each camera is around 200mA so the customer PoC circuit will need to supply a minimal of 500mA of steady state current.
Note: Power can be supplied in two ways:
  1. By external 2 pin to barrel jack connector

  2. Customer controller deserializer is able to supply power to RAD-Phobos, depending on the customer controller power circuit it should be able to power two cameras as well.

    Note: Port0 is the only port that will accept PoC power from the customer controller Deserializer, to power up either cameras and RAD-Phobos