Main Toolbar

The different features of the ASAP2 Editor are accessed through the main toolbar shown in Figure 1.  The toolbar is divided into six groups of tasks that can be done with the software.  Click on the Toolbar Group names in Table 1 to see futher details for each of them.

Figure 1: The main toolbar provides easy access to ASAP2 Editor's many features.

Table 1: ASAP2 Editor Toolbar Groups

Toolbar Group Description
Project File Create, open, or save ASAP2 Editor project (*.prj) files.
Symbols Load symbols from an ECU map file and apply enumerated states to symbol arrays.  These tools affect the +/- tree in the Symbol area of the editor.
ASAP2 Adjust A2L file properties and generate or import A2L files.
Edit Use these tools to edit items within the A2L file.
Help See version information and a hyperlink to the ICS website.
Exit Exit the ASAP2 Editor application.

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