Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 04/08/24

-Fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 and neoVI RED 2 not sleeping correctly
-Fixed issues with SD Card data becoming misaligned on neoVI FIRE 3 and neoVI RED 2
-Fixed issue with SCHIP firmware version showing 0.0 on neoVI RED 2 and neoVI FIRE 3
-Fixed issue with RAD Galaxy where device settings were not getting saved in neoVI Explorer after a power cycle
-Fixed issues with TCP Communication while connecting to Vehicle Spy for neoVI FIRE 3 and neoVI RED 2
-Fixed issue where multiple messages couldn't be selected after clicking on Right Click menu in Messages Editor
-Added support to Expression Editor for Buzzer (Internal) signals for neoVI RED 2
-Fixed issues causing neoVI host to device byte(s) discarded errors
-Fixed issue with VS3EXE not keeping Flash Files and Security DLLs in ECU Flash configuration
-Fixed issue where ISO ECU DID description text would not be imported from PDX/ODX files
-Fixed issue in Diagnostics where DTC would not be decoded correctly in SoAD functional jobs
-Fixed issue where network names would not always show up in Capture Function Blocks under Filters
-Fixed issue where text could not be pasted in Port field of License Options view
-Fixed issues with PC Logging while using VehicleScapeDAQ where CSV and MD4 converted files would not contain data
-Fixed issues with Time (abs/rel) in Messages View
-Added support to VSB Editor Remap view for new neoVI FIRE 3 Networks
-Fixed crash that would occur when setting UDP to negative length using Function Blocks
-Added support for static IP address when using TCP communication
-Fixed issue where setting EtherType in Messages Editor without capital letters would lose the Source and Destination
-Fixed issue where Run Simulation was unable to correctly recognize BLF file
-Fixed issues with uncompressed BLF files not opening
-Fixed issue with incomplete BLF File display
-Fixed access violation that would occur when running specific VS3ZIP files without a replay file
-Fixed issue with Required for Read checkbox not working correctly in ECU Data Identifier Security
-Fixed issue where loading in a new file would load State Encoded information incorrectly
-Fixed access violation that would occur after dragging signals in VehicleScapeDAQ Online view
-Fixed issues with Right Click menu in Messages Editor not working correctly
-Updated network dropdown list in J1939 Address Manager
-Fixed issues with RAD Gigastar not showing up in neoVI Explorer if the device detected LIN errors
-Fixed issues with RAD A2B using 16-bit channel
-Fixed issues with RAD A2B changing TDM settings when configured as main node
-Added support for MACSec on 1000T1 port on RAD Comet 2
-Fixed issues with reflashing neoVI RED 2 and neoVI FIRE 3 when using TCP communication
-Fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 and neoVI RED 2 setting RTC time to 1/1/2007 when using PTP
-Fixed issue with neoVI RED 2 not transmitting all Ethernet messages in Standalone in setups that have many ethernet messages
-Fixed issue with LIN default settings being incorrect on EtherBadge
-Added performance improvements to Ethernet Driver
-Fixed issue with network address not being added to J1939 Address Manager
-Fixed issues with J1979/J1979-2 being enabled or disabled incorrectly in ECU View
-Added time shift feature to alter timestamps of files
-Fixed issue with LDF Tool not opening LDF files
-Fixed issues with Copy to TX message when filter was set
-Fixed text issues in Fuzzer
-Fixed Access Violation that would occur when using Remove/Add/Up/Down buttons in Setup Network Databases
-Fixed crashes in x64 Extract/Export
-Fixed issue with Diagnostics showing incorrect data bytes with CAN FD Messages
-Fixed issues with Miniport driver
-Fixed issue with signals showing empty signal names when Show Short Names was disabled
-Fixed issue where Append App Signal to File Name selection would change after changing tabs in Capture Function Block
-Fixed errors that would occur when using RAD Comet in TAP mode
-Added support for GPS Altitude and Accuracy for ValueLOG
-Fixed issue in Standalone DOIP setup where Ethernet Frames with CAN Arb IDs were being generated
-Fixed issue where Test button in Expression Editor could not evaluate expressions that had the same object twice
-Fixed error that would occur when using OR or AND when using Test button in VehicleScapeDAQ actions in Expression Editor
-Fixed issue with RAD Comet 2 where T1S symbols would be counted as network messages
-Fixed Access Violation caused by Diagnostics
-Fixed issue with UTF-16 setting for Diagnostic Text Signal for ISO14229 ECU
-Fixed issue in Diagnostics where all unassigned User Jobs would be deleted after deleting a job assigned to an ECU
-Fixed issue in Diagnostics where all Copy/Pasted jobs would be removed instead of last job
-Fixed issues with Graphical Panels where Back Color would not load in specific setups
-Fixed issue in VehicleScapeDAQ where Normal Mode messages in Channels list would lose decimation priority after cut and paste
-Fixed issues with RAD Gigastar where AE ports would not show TX Aborted error when transmitting and the Link is down
-Fixed issue on RAD Galaxy where ARP is sent on AE networks on Link Up
-Fixed issues with assigned MAC Addresses on RAD Galaxy AE ports
-Fixed issue with RAD Galaxy TCP discovery for connections to PC
-Added Single Wire High Voltage support to neoVI FIRE 3
-Fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 locking up until reboot after transmitting on all CAN Networks at once
-Fixed issues with ValueLOG not being able to Transmit or Receive messages on LIN 1
-fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 and neoVI Server where firmware settings could not be set in neoVI Explorer if neoVI Server was enabled
-Fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 and neoVI Server where Linux version would not be reported if neoVI Server was enabled
-Fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 and neoVI Server where CoreMini script could not be sent to second neoVI FIRE 3 if first neoVI FIRE 3 is online
-Fixed issues with sending CoreMini scripts to neoVI FIRE 3 when neoVI Server is enabled
-Fixed issues with neoVI Server and neoVI FIRE 3 not being able to go online with multiple applications
-Fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 always auto updating even when Auto Update was disabled
-Fixed crash in Vehicle Spy that would occur when compiling a CoreMini setup with a large amount of Load Message Data calls
-Added support for Ethernet ECU's when using Simulator
-Fixed Access Violation that would occur after enabling parameters of selected Proto Type in Messages Editor
-Fixed issue where incorrect number of bytes would be copied when using Copy Data Bytes with LIN messages in Messages view
-Fixed issues with Gateway Builder controls
-Fixed issue in Messages Editor and ECU View where hitting the Enter key does not switch to Edit name mode in Signal Edit
-Fixed issue with Logging Camera Setting when trying to set value using Expression Editor
-Fixed GUI issue in Diagnostics ISO14229 Function Request setup tab
-Fixed Access Violation that would occur if File -> New was selected while Diagnostics Signal Value Entry Box was open
-Fixed issue in Messages view where filtering with 0 under Node would also match messages with no node
-Fixed issues with Tooltips in J1979-2 Diagnostics view
-Fixed GUI issues with ECU Security Tab
-Fixed Access Violation that would occur when deleting search text in ECU Identifier tab
-Fixed issue with DAQ Action Function Block Action always saving to Vehicle Spy Executable location
-Fixed Access Violation in C Code Interface Edit view that would occur when sorting TX messages
-Fixed issue in Snapshot where Tooltip was showing HTML tags
-Fixed issue where Message Details were unable to be copied to Clipboard
-Fixed issues with VehicleScapeDAQ Channels not working correctly if invisible End of Line characters are not Windows formatted
-Fixed issues with CSV Timestamp between Wireless neoVI and Vehicle Spy Extract/Export
-Fixed issue where VehicleScapeDAQ signal was not propagating to Signal Plot
-Fixed GUI issues in neoVI Explorer when TCP Comm is enabled on RAD Gigastar
-Fixed issue in Function Blocks where clicking Search would type in Title Bar of Function Block
-Fixed issues with Stream to Output when using RAD A2B
-Fixed GUI issues with Help File from Logon View
-Fixed issues with Static ARP Table where the same ECU description would get displayed after adding a new key entry
-Fixed access violation that would occur when showview Text API command was called

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 02/08/2024

-Fixed issues with RAD devices not connecting when neoVI Server was enabled
-J2534 Disconnect command now turns off activation on all Ethernet Networks
-Fixed issue with J2534 DLL not being able to transmit more than 8 bytes in J2534-1 mode
-Fixed issue with RAD Gigastar Automotive Ethernet ports not showing TX Aborted error when link is down
-Fixed issue with RAD Galaxy where ARP was being sent on Automotive Ethernet networks on Link Up
-Fixed issues with MAC Address assignment on Automotive Ethernet ports on RAD Galaxy
-Fixed RAD Galaxy communication issues with PC when using TCP
-Added support for High Voltage Wakeup on Single Wire CAN Networks using neoVI FIRE 3
-Fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 where transmitting on all CAN networks would cause the unit to become nonresponsive until a reboot
-Fixed issue with ValueLOG where LIN1 would not be able to send or receive messages
-Fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 where connecting to neoVI Explorer would always cause device to reflash firmware
-Fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 where neoVI Explorer could not set firmware settings if neoVI Server was enabled
-Fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 where Linux version would not be reported if neoVI Server was enabled
-Fixed issue where CoreMini could not be sent to a 2nd neoVI FIRE 3 if neoVI Server was enabled and the 1st neoVI FIRE 3 was online
-Fixed issue where CoreMini could not be sent to neoVI FIRE 3 when neoVI Server was enabled
-Fixed short read functions with some SD cards
-Fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 where XCP over UDP (xETK) Initialisation errors occured with XCP over CAN also loaded in the configuration
-Fixed issue with Diagnostics switching from tree mode to list mode triggered Errors and incorrect Job Descriptions
-Fixed issue with Text App Signal Equivilancy being broken if the text signal was comparing an array item
-Fixed issues with specific .VS3ZIP files taking much longer to open
-Fixed issue with ARXML Import where Specific ARXML file gave errors in Vehicle Spy problem log
-Fixed issue with RAD-Star 2 raw media converter
-Added 10-Base-T1S NODE ID to Rx Messages
-Fixed issues with RAD-Comet 2 support for low-level T1S bus decoding
-Fixed issues with neoVI RED 2 RTC
-Fixed issues with neoVI Explorer where visual cutoff was present in firmware versions groupbox
-Fixed neoVI Explorer GUI issues
-Fixed issue with available data identifiers in Diagnostics loading in wrong
-Fixed Read Data for Hex issues in Function Blocks
-Fixed issue with DoIP functional responses not decoding properly when combined with Logical Address as Source
-Fixed DBC recognition issues
-Fixed DoIP communication issues
-Fixed issues with exporter performance
-Fixed issue with Data Analysis where opening invalid files caused errors
-Fixed issue with specific JSON Files in Fuzzer
-Fixed GPS signal issues in Fuzzer
-Fixed assertion issues when receiving messages
-Fixed issue where filter creation failed after some time
-Fixed issues with closing channels
-Fixed issue with neoVI FIRE 3 DOIP Line activation having voltage issues
-Fixed issue with ValueLog being unable to establish ethernet link
-Fixed issue with DTC Collections having incorrect timestamps
-Fixed issue with LIN simulation where RAD-Gigastar was not working like the neoVI FIRE 2
-Fixed issue with neoVI RED 2 where device failed to back up previous script information error
-Fixed issue with Application Signals where Down Timer Application signals become Up Timer Application Signals
-Added indication that the expression is invalid prior to clicking OK in Expression Builder
-Added J1979-2 Support
-Fixed issue with Function Blocks where error occured when Expression Builder was opened and closed too quickly
-Fixed issue with Expression Builder where error occured after lots of clicks
-Fixed issue with ECU Flasher where setups were failing
-Added previously chosen Application Signals to Read Data Command
-Fixed issue with IPv6 signal export
-Fixed issue with Networks which did not show hardware FD Data baud for DWCAN9-16 for neoVI FIRE 3
-Fixed issues with DoIP messages containing DTCs
-Fixed issues with Ethernet Diagnostic Jobs
-Fixed issue where PDU could not reference to user defined PDU in ARXML file
-Fixed RAD-A2B issues with enabling main node in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed issue with Degree symbol displaying incorrectly when exporting .VSDB from VehicleScape DAQ
-Added neoVI FIRE 3 support for ethernet driver
-Added capability to save audio file from function block and Rx Msgs for RAD-A2B
-Fixed LDF decoding issues
-Fixed errors when adjusting column widths in Details Panel
-Fixed issue with Messages Editor where signal creation is broken in certain setups
-Fixed issue with RAD-Comet 2 where LIN Category is incorrect in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed issue where no ARP messages were sent with Virtualizer
-Fixed VHIL issues with gratuitous ARP use cases
-Fixed issue with exporter where CSV Files automatically changed HEX signal type to DEC signal type
-Fixed issue with Signed 2s Integers in Messages Editor
-Fixed issue with Static ARP where duplicated Key entries were generated
-Fixed issue with crashing while generating VSSAL
-Fixed issues with Text Compare
-Fixed Instability/Crashes with multiple devices
-Fixed issue with IPv6 signal decoding
-Fixed crashing issues with VHIL
-Fixed CAPL issues
-Improved RAD-Moon3 Master/Slave LED behavior
-Fixed issue with device timestamp behavior when its internal RTC loses time (battery is dead/nearly dead)
-Fixed issue with VividCAN where baud rate displayed incorrectly on Graphical Panel
-Fixed issue with ValueLOG where SCHIP was not confirming firmware version after manual reflash
-Fixed issue where RAD-Moon 3 would switch to modes in the incorrect order
-Added averaging to VBATT measurement for neoVI RED2 and neoVI FIRE3
-Fixed issue where creating a new Language opened Extract/Export window
-Fixed issue where Database Fixup was requested when starting Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issue where Network Fixup was requested after updating an ARXML file
-Fixed issues with RAD-Galaxy Ethernet Embedded Gateway
-Fixed issue that caused error when generating coremini for DOIP
-Added functionality to parse ARXML files containing IPV6 ethernet messages
-Added progress bar while Vehicle Spy is making an MF4 file for display in DataSpy
-Fixed issue where Vehicle Spy could not open certain PCAP files
-Fixed issue where loading certain files removed States for some State Encoded Signal
-Added a DoIP message dissector to Messages View
-Added DoIP column view preset to Messages View
-Added initial support for RAD-Comet 2
-Added MACsec initial support to SFP-2221M
-Fixed issue with RAD-Galaxy and RAD-Star 2 when updating firmware Ethernet drivers to new architecture
-Fixed issue with RAD-Galaxy where Ch 6/7 cannot hold its setting as DW CAN
-Fixed issue with RAD-Galaxy where DWCAN selectable networks caused errors over time
-Fixed extractor delay issues on certain VSAs
-Added dates to files in the logon screen
-Added right-click options to files in the logon view
-Fixed issue with requesting more options for name sorting with Column Header on Logon Screen
-Fixed issue where overlapping buffer could not be saved as MF4
-Fixed issue where saving the message buffer as MF4 decimated the values to 1.0 seconds when saving from live data, even after going offline
-Added complete message dissection for MACsec frames
-Fixed issue with J2534 64-bit packing issue
-Fixed issue with Messages Editor where Right Click to copy in the filter box did not copy text
-Fixed issue where ASC Header Timestamp was not saved correctly when saving a Buffer with Hardware
-Fixed issue with ECU Flash Designer where generating OTA Flasher wouldn't work if the data_format_identifier is 00
-Fixed issue with Function Blocks where Clear History step caused Vehicle Spy to become unresponsive
-Fixed issue where errors occured when adding a Job to an ISO14229 ECU
-Fixed issue where error occured when deleting a ECU from specific CDD/COD files
-Fixed byte packing issues with XCP over CAN
-Fixed issue with Text API where mep.deleteAllObjects did not seem to delete all objects + caused error
-Fixed certain files failing to open in DBC Compare Tool
-Fixed issue with DBC Compare Tool where CAN type was shown as Xtd instead of Std type for all messages
-Fixed issue with certain setups taking ~5-10 minutes to go Online with no traffic
-Fixed issue with Graphical Panels where the "Transparent Color" of Graphical Display could not be set to black
-Fixed issue with Text API where ReplayFilePath would not be refreshed
-Fixed issue with extractor where the 64 bit standalone extractor did not show the correct time zone
-Fixed issue with ARXML import dialog where "Output File" path would have GUI cut off
-Fixed issue with static Messages Editor sections allowing Manual Data Entry
-Moved the "Evaluate as Text' checkbox away from the 'OK' button in Expression Builder
-Fixed flicker issue in ECUs view
-Fixed issue where Language setting didn't get updated unless Vehicle Spy is restarted
-Fixed issue with transmitting I2C message signals and control bytes crashing Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issue in neoVI Explorer where RS2 PC COM performance blast test referenced CAN but went out as Ethernet
-Fixed LED issues with RAD-Comet and RAD-Moon series
-Fixed issue with ECUs View where DTCs descriptions were missing in Bus Query Collections .XML file
-Fixed issue with ECU Flash Designer where Checksum Job extra bytes were not shown in the GUI until the file was reloaded
-Fixed issue where Histogram generating VSSAL will uncheck histogram sample box
-Fixed issue with VehicleScape DAQ where moving copied DID to its original ECU causes error
-Fixed issue with Coremini where disabled Gateway Builder still worked if the same file was used to gate
-Fixed issue where changing Vehicle Spy Language to Chinese caused error
-Fixed issues with importing function block .VS3FB file causing error
-Fixed issues with ECU Flash Manager where Flash log was not cleared upon going online
-Fixed issues with FlexRay Slot definitions
-Fixed error occuring after copying DID from ISO14229 ECU into GMLAN ECU
-Fixed issue with Capture FB where "Append App Signal to Filename" required manual refresh after adding App Signals
-Fixed issue where DBC, ASC and other imported files were processed twice
-Added support for DoIP Version 3
-Fixed issue in Networks view where Baud rate mismatch reported inaccurately
-Fixed issue in Messages Editor with multiple errors when deleting multiple Ethernet message signals
-Fixed issue where Crash cascaded when using TextAPI function block to remove un-used networks with specific setup
-Fixed issue in Diagnostics where 'Copy to Messages Editor' did not include states for jobs with state encoded signals
-Fixed issue where Extract was Missing VSSAL Histogram CSV File
-Fixed issue where replacing an A2L on ECUs View would cause Vehicle Spy to crash
-Fixed issue with icsneo40.dll where ValueCAN 4-2 did not work correctly
-Fixed issues with some RAD devices and SFP modules linking at 100M
-Fixed issue with RAD-Gigastar where Device Hosting showed incorrect timestamps after extracting MDIO data
-Added mode dropdown for RAD-Comet in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed issue in VehicleScape DAQ where 'Start Every X Seconds' and 'Collect for X Seconds' skipped adjacent collections
-Added "Finish After X Seconds" feature to VSSAL
-Fixed issue in Diagnostics View where CAN Job was Shown as CAN FD Until Manual Refresh
-Added error message to ECU Flasher when reading an incorrectly formed .HEX file
-Fixed issue with Script Function Blocks where Set Value Step did not show Signal Short Name when Display Short Name setting was enabled
-Fixed issue in Graphical Panels where Signal Name was being displayed instead of the Description
-Fixed issue where Short Name setting was not being applied to Function Blocks and triggered
-Fixed issue in Application signals where changing the Initial Value reset when the signal is viewed again
-Fixed issue with RAD-Moon 2 ERR LED constantly blinking when link is down on BASE-T1 port
-Fixed issue with RAD-Gigastar where neoVI Explorer showed 10M option for ICS SFP when that speed was not supported
-Fixed issue with ValueLOG where DWCAN02 channel forwarded traffic to DWCAN01 if disabled
-Fixed issue with neoVI RED 2 and neoVI FIRE3 where Extra GPS sentence was enabled, which caused an extra Report frame
-Fixed issue with Device Fan Status Message on neoVI FIRE 3
-Fixed issue with RAD-Gigastar where Ethernet device hosting showed incorrect timestamps after extracting data
-Fixed issue with RAD-Comet where link issues with 100Base-T1 port occured
-Fixed issue with RAD-Gigastar where Write Settings did not update network enables for LIN when coremini was running
-Added Factory Reset steps for neoVI RED 2
-Fixed issue with RAD-Moon 3 where Base-T (RJ45) activity light was not functioning properly
-Fixed issue with RAD-Comet where AE2 Buffer Overflow error occured when flashed
-Fixed issue in File Conversions where PCAP Files were off by 10 hours in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issue in Diagnostics where adding more than 8 PIDs triggered unclear dialog "Problem with INPUT"
-Fixed issue in Extract/Export where error would occur when transferring a file system from a VSA, if the VSA was not in a drive letter root folder
-Fixed issue where various Ethernet network properties caused the RAD A2B to reboot in CoreMini

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 9/14/2023

-Fixed issue in Messages view where Signal Value in the Detail pane was not changing when scrolling up and down
-Fixed issue in Messages view where Node was not being displayed
-Fixed issue where icsneoSetBitRate function in icsneo40.dll was not setting upper channels on neoVI FIRE 3

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 9/1/2023

-Fixed issue with Messages View where custom font would change an existing setup's font to Courier New
-Fixed support for GPS Signals using the Expression Editor for CoreMini on all devices
-Fixed issue with searches in Diagnostics List mode returning blank results
-Fixed issues with XCP over UDP where undefined AUTOSAR messages would show up where none exist
-Fixed issue in ECU view where Treat Unused States as analog data flag would be lost
-Fixed inconsistency in Table Lookup Signal Scaling between Messages Editor and ECU view
-Fixed issue in ECU view where editing a SED signal would not show the signal states
-Fixed issue where adding a DBC file would cause Signal Databyte overlap
-Fixed access violation that could occur when removing a Diagnostic Job in Tree View
-Fixed issues with Live Edit option in Message Editor
-Fixed issues with Gateway Builder not working correctly with CAN to CANFD Gateway
-Fixed issues with DoIP Auto Connect causing Vehicle Spy to crash
-Fixed Grid UI issues in Message view
-Fixed issue with ValueLOG Extracting data
-Fixed issues with specific revision of neoVI FIRE 3 not sleeping
-Fixed issue with Fire 2 and Fire 2 VNET not sleeping correctly
-Fixed issue in ECU view where Signal Short name was lost after copying and pasting Diagnostic Items
-Fixed issue with J1979 DTC Import failing to import all information from files
-Fixed issues with UI in ECU view
-Fixed issues with Diagnostic Device Control Job
-Fixed issue in Messages view where reviewing
-Fixed issues with Calculated Text Signals in TX Panel
-Fixed issues with Text Application Signals
-Fixed issue in Simulation mode where replaying a CSV file could trigger an access violation
-Fixed issue with Messages where sorting by Count would not work
-Fixed issue with RAD Jupiter where incorrect Ethernet messages were shown on the bus while online
-Fixed issues with RAD Jupiter and gPTP functionality
-Fixed issues with RAD Jupiter reflashing in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed issues with Flexray in Simulator where editing simulation data would cause a crash
-Fixed issues where Text API would create Script Function Blocks incorrectly
-Added feature to save .json files to VS3ZIP
-Fixed issue in Fuzzer where Menu was not showing Templates List
-Fixed issue where J1979 Diagnostic Jobs would not get copied to Messages Editor correctly
-Fixed issue where VehicleScapeDAQ Standalone logging would incorrectly create extra _VSSAL Receive messages
-Fixed issues with Vehicle Spy recognizing specific DBC files
-Fixed issues with Exporting MF4 files using Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issue with C Code Interface where creating a targeted project resulted in the project not loading in Visual Studio
-Improved Vehicle Spy performance related to A2L Files
-Fixed issue with MEP where msgfiles would be created in the wrong directory
-Fixed issue with CSV for playback being marked incorrectly when compiled for CoreMini
-Added short signal names to Vehicle Spy neoVI Network messages
-Added capability to RAD A2B to log more than 15 seconds worth of data to WAV format
-Fixed issues with Master-Slave offset when using RAD Comet
-Fixed issue where closing Details view would cause an access violation
-Fixed issues with Review Buffer loading files incorrectly
-Fixed issues with GPS signals throwing errors in Expression Builder
-Cleaned up GPS Signals in Expression Editor
-Fixed issues with Short Signal names in Extract/Export
-MEP Warning Fixes
-Fixed issue in Diagnostics where using Append and Append to Last in Save Monitor Data would result incorrect text in log
-Fixed issue in DoIP where Diagnostic Jobs with length of 60 bytes would not transmit correctly
-Fixed issue with Extractor where extracting data from Gigastar would delete data from PC before attempting to reextract the data
-Fixed issue where Extractor was not extracting all collections when Extract All was selected
-Fixed issue in VehicleScape DAQ Standalone where Duration option for Play Tone showed a decimal point when decimals were unsupported
-Fixed error that would occur when Start Every field in VehicleScapeDAQ was set to a small number
-Fixed issue with Camera Logging where the Expression Builder Property Logging was not working
-Improved Tab Order of DHCP Server Settings in TCP/IP View
-Fixed an access violation that would occur in ECU Flash Manager
-Improved performance of MF4 extraction and export
-Fixed issue where Vehicle Spy was not able to go online when using PC Network Interface with FlexLM license
-Fixed errors with ValueLOG that would occur when transmitting on DW CAN 03 and DW CAN 04
-Fixed issue with RAD Moon 2 where the Link Light would remain active after the cable was disconnected
-Fixed issues with Uploads and Extractor not showing collections when using neoVI RED 2 and neoVI FIRE 3
-Fixed issue with PTP transmitting wrong MAC address when using RAD Comet
-Fixed incorrect unit description for GPS Speed Scaling when using ValueLOG
-Added GPS Time sync via ISM for ValueLOG
-Fixed issues with Vehicle Spy communication to neoVI RED 2 using TCP
-Fixed issues with RAD Moon 2 Error LED
-Fixed issues with I2C being limited to 2 control bytes when using RAD Gigastar or RAD Mars
-Added ISO9141 support for the neoVI RED 2
-Fixed issue with RAD Moon 3 where Packet Generator Mode would stop transmitting if link was lost then recovered
-Fixed issues with VS3EXE files not loading databases correctly when set to AutoStart
-Fixed issues with RAD Devices not pulling firmware version info correctly when using the API
-Fixed access violation that would occur when removing steps from a Script Function Block
-Fixed issue with Extractor where it could not find the Root folder for SD Card after being removed from neoVI RED 2 or neoVI FIRE 3
-Fixed issue in Messages Editor where Protobuf tab is blank for Ethernet Receive Messages
-Fixed issue where DoIP TCP Edge Sim would send out Empty Data bytes
-Fixed incorrect values being generated by Equation in the Messages Editor
-Fixed issues where State Encoded Values would not import correctly
-Fixed access violation that would occur when setting values to Diagnostic Jobs in the Expression Editor
-Fixed issues with RAD Moon DUO not connecting via API
-Fixed issue where AppRestore data from the Text API Command would not be saved correctly in a VS3ZIP
-Fixed issues with DoIP where changing the Function Diagnostic range in ISO14229 would break DoIP Diagnostic Jobs
-Fixed UI issues with Application Signals view
-Fixed issue with Add State function in Expression Builder that would create an input that wouldn't process
-Added ability for user to configure Font, Background Color, and Foreground Color for Messages View
-Fixed issues with C Code Interface CAPL conversion
-Fixed issue where Flexray VNET in ION would not format SD Cards
-Improved Error Tolerance in SD Card initialization when using neoVI RED 2 and neoVI FIRE 3
-Fixed issue with ValueLOG where neoVI Network messages would not function in ISM projects
-Added Checksum Support for RAD Gigastar when using TCP and UDP over Automotive Ethernet
-Fixed issues with gPTP switching its port role unintentionally
-Fixed issues where VS3ZIP files would throw Database Mismatch errors when run between different versions of Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issue with Diagnostics where jobs could not be deleted using the delete key
-Added support for LIN to VSPY-Virtualizer
-Fixed issues with VHIL Virtualizer Ethernet Interface in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues with VHIL not working correctly with testconfig parameters
-Fixed issues with TCP/UDP dissection not displaying User Data information
-Fixed issues with RAD Gigastar Auto Negotiation
-Fixed issue with RAD Gigastar where changing link speed on SFP connectors would lock up the device
-Fixed issue with RAD Gigastar where device would lock up after repowering it
-Updated neoVI FIRE 3 Firmware to support OTA updates
-Fixed issue in ECU view where signals could not have their signal type switched
-Fixed issue where new Ethernet messages were being created unintentionally
-Fixed issues with UI when creating signals in Messages Editor
-Fixed UI issues in neoVI Explorer related to RAD Epsilon
-Fixed issue where RAD Epsilon was not able to receive Automotive Ethernet traffic in 100Mbps Legacy mode
-Fixed issues with RAD Epsilon in neoVI Explorer where Load Default Settings would not affect all ports
-Fixed LED color behaviour on RAD Epsilon
-Added support for ICS Time Sync for RAD Comet and RAD A2B
-Fixed issue where TCP Virtual Network would not function in CoreMini on the neoVI RED2
-Added support for isoSPI Communication Networks
-Fixed formatting issues with Network Properties when used with Log Data Function Block Command
-Removed 'Crete New Form' button for Flexray Setup Dialogs
-Added Lookup Table signal type to Vehicle Spy
-Fixed out of order popup messages when Database Mismatch had occurred
-Fixed issues in SoAD Diagnostic Job Builder related to addresses
-Added support for RAD A2B Sequence Chart
-Added support for DLT logging with RAD Galaxy and RAD Gigalog
-Added ability to select DID's per ECU in VehicleScape Bus Query
-Fixed access violation that would occur when reviewing ISO9141 buffer then attempting to go online
-Fixed incorrect level pairs in ISO14229 Security tab of ECU view
-Fixed typos in CoreMini Console, neoVI Explorer, DoIP, and VSB Editor
-Added MDIO to Vehicle Spy Network List
-Fixed issue with C Code Interface throwing exception when Copy was clicked on Event Handler page with 0 handles
-Added Dynamic Flash File load to ECU Flash Designer
-Added CRC support to ECU Flash Designer when sending data to ECU
-Fixed issues with Text API mg.refresh command
-Fixed issue with Function Block Script Command to set Baud Rate not working with ValueCAN 4 Industrial
-Fixed issues with Diagnostics view not displaying ECU names correctly in the results tab
-Fixed issues with RAD Star 2 reporting incorrect Ethernet Network Properties
-Fixed issue with Incoming TCP Messages being logged with incorrect source and destination ports when using Fire 2
-Fixed issue where TCP Virtual Network Messages would not function in CoreMini
-Fixed 'neoVI HOst Bytes(s) discarded' Error Message that would occur when using RAD Gigastar and Function Blocks
-Fixed issues with Ethernet Device hosting using RAD Gigastar and RAD Mars with ICS devices
-Fixed issue with RAD Gigastar, RAD Mars, and RAD Galaxy where decimation times were incorrect
-Fixed issues with Graphical Panels freezing after going online then offline
-Fixed issue where Capture Function Block was not capturing Filtered ECU's correctly
-Reworked optimization of VehicleScape DAQ CCP Event Signal Packing Optimization
-Fixed issue in Expression Editor where multiplying a floating point with a hex integer would not work
-Fixed issues with Vehicle Spy decoding ARXML Ethernet Frames incorrectly
-Fixed issues with Extractor where logging would log an incorrect date in the logged file
-Fixed issues in Messages Editor where MAC addresses were not being updated correctly
-Fixed issue with RAD Star 2 where ICS Time Sync would allow connections via networks that are not supported by the hardware
-Updated J2534 to fully support neoVI FIRE 3
-Added CANFD support for J2534 when using ValueCAN 4-1
-Fixed issues where new SD cards were not able to be formatted properly in ICS devices
-Fixed warnings in Gateway Builder
-Fixed issue where VS3ZIP files would show None for the Platform
-Fixed issue with MEP where Vehicle Spy would crash after changing from CCP to XCP
-Fixed issue with incorrect DoIP Messages that would occur when connecting to a vehicle by VIN
-Fixed issues with RAD Gigastar connectivity over USB after unexpected power loss
-Fixed issues with RAD Moon 3 and neoVI Server
-Fixed issue where RAD Moon 2 was unable to connect to neoVI Explorer if server was enabled
-Fixed warnings in GPS Interface
-Fixed issue with SoAD Diagnostics connecting to wrong TCP port
-Fixed issues with Enterprise license of Vehicle Spy and VHIL features
-Improved performance of Expression Builder
-Fixed issues with Network Counts value not working when set to 0
-Fixed issues where Network Properties view was showing incorrect information for certain networks
-Fixed issues with ValueLOG flashing through neoVI Explorer
-Added PHY Firmware flashing over Vehicle Spy for RAD Moon 3
-Fixed issues with DTC Reads on DW CAN 02
-Added more information on license level when Vehicle Spy cannot go online in VHIL mode
-Fixed issues with multple A2L files being used in the same data collection

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 5/30/2023

-Fixed issues with error messages popping up only the first time after a device is rebooted
-Fixed issues with MAC addresses not being updated using Setup Options for Ethernet or Automotive Ethernet in the Messages Editor
-Fixed issues with setting network counts to 0
-Updated Network Properties to only show properties relevant to a given network
-Fixed issues with TCP virtual network in CoreMini when using RED2
-Fixed incorrect values being logged for Source and Destination ports when using CoreMini and TCP
-Fixed issues with SCHIP Flashing in ValueLOG
-Fixed crash in Vehicle Spy that would occur when using LIN in Gateway Builder
-Fixed issues with Database links in Gateway Builder
-Fixed issues with signal names being blank when Display Short Names is turned off
-Added support for Signal Long Name in DBC files
-Fixed issues with last script collection when using ION with FlexRay or Fire 2 VNET
-Fan has been disabled on RED 2
-Fixed issues with RED 2 Fast Wake not allowing device to sleep
-Fixed connection and display issues in neoVI Explorer when using ION
-Fixed issues with DTC reporting ignoring ECU with specific ARB ID
-Updated DoIP VIN request message to match Spec
-Fixed access violation that would occur when going online in wBMS view when no wBMS network was available
-Fixed issues with AND operator in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues where Save Button for audio capture was disabled when filtering based on stream with RAD A2B
-Fixed issues with importing PDX files
-Fixed issues with ByteString Filter values only setting low nibble of byte
-Fixed issues with C Code Interface not being able to find/build targets
-Fixed issues with RAD Gigastar not sending Flow Control message
-Fixed issue with RED 2 and FIRE 3 where removing SD Card would stop all scripts on device
-Fixed issues with RED 2 not waking on bus activity
-Fixed issues with Auto Update on RED 2
-Fixed issues with Raw Value Type when used with Analog Signals
-Fixed issues with FileFilter Action Button in Graphical Panel view
-Fixed issues with wBMS Mode property
-Fixed issues with nPCAP preventing certain PC's from discovering Ethernet Devices
-Fixed issue where VHIL file would crash Vehicle Spy when loaded in Review Buffer
-Fixed issues with SoAD diagnostics where copying message to Messages Editor would set the Source Address twice
-Fixed issues with C Code Interface not being able to access Flexray Receive Data
-Fixed issues where signal data was not being set correctly when transmitting Multiplex signals
-Fixed Vehicle Spy Crash that would occur when reading DID's
-Fixed issues with Diagnostic Responses not being decoded by the ECU
-Fixed issues with flashing devices with neoVI Explorer when server is enabled and hardware is in bootloader mode
-Added support for Setting Pin Remapping with RAD Gigastar with J2534
-Matched formatting of Tx Button Transmit Message Setup Window to the rest of Vehicle Spy
-Added J2534 support for RAD A2B, RAD Star 2 and RAD Mars
-Fixed issues with Gateway Builder when Forwarding two CAN networks to one CAN network
-Added Export Tab and functionality to Standalone Extractor
-Fixed issues with Gateway Builder and Multiframe Messaging
-Added IMU reporting and frequency options to neoVI Explorer when using ValueLOG
-Fixed issues with incorrect speeds being shown after cancelling and restarting SD Card Format
-Fixed issues with RAD Gigastar logging data incorrectly
-Fixed issue with Little Endian setting not changing bytes in Reversing pane
-Fixed issues with MEP when renaming an ECU that has items on the VehicleScapeDAQ Channels list
-Fixed issues with PHY Dashboard displaying True instead of Hex Values
-Call Diagnostic Job command in Function Blocks no longer behaves as Close TCP command
-Fixed issues with importing CCP Request, Response and Station IDs
-Fixed access violations caused by launching Database Jobs in Diagnostics
-Fixed issues with Ethernet CRC calculation
-Fixed issues with incorrect CAN LED color being displayed
-Fixed issues with long boot times on RAD IO 2 when CAN Hub is plugged in
-Added Problem Log entry when transmitting Jumbo Frames on devices that do not support these frames
-Changed RAD Moon 3 Cyan LED modes to Blue for clarity
-Improved wBMS performance
-Updated Linux Recovery Image on RED 2
-Added support for wBMS Networks in Gateway Builder
-Added support for wBMS Message Filtering in CoreMini
-Added Active Node support for RAD A2B
-Fixed issues with MDF export
-Fixed access violation caused when opening a vsb file with Data Analysis
-Fixed issues with logging with RAD devices
-Fixed issues with negative timestamps while monitoring CoreMini device logging data
-Added network property for Ethernet Link Status Change Counter
-Fixed issues with RED 2 transmitting messages inconsistently
-Fixed issue with Function Blocks hanging incorrectly when Message BX property is used in CoreMini
-Fixed issues with Pre/Post trigger in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues with reflashing RAD Star 2 over USB
-Fixed issues with RED 2 Fast Wakeup when using Vehicle Spy Standalone Logging
-Fixed issues with CCP/XCP in CoreMini
-Fixed issues with OR operator in CoreMini when used with Message Properties
-Fixed errors in CoreMini Console when sending scripts to ValueCAN 4-4
-Fixed issues with VividCAN displaying incorrect characters
-Added A2B Sub Node support for RAD A2B
-Fixed issues with RED 2 failing to flash on first flash attempt
-Fixed issues with VividCAN screen detection
-Vehicle Spy now allows multiple instances of the Messages Editor to be opened and used
-Added support for neoVI FIRE 3
-Fixed issues in Text API with ByteString queries and Set values
-Fixed issues when using LIN 03 Bit Rate property with RED 2 while online with Vehicle Spy
-Added TCP Communication for Ethernet Devices
-Fixed issues with ECU Flasher simulation files flashing slower than real simulation data
-Fixed broken image links in GPS Maps view
-Fixed issues with Grid Tool in Graphical Panel view causing access violation
-Fixed crashes that would occur when using Export tool
-Fixed issues with custom filters for ISO15765 Messages
-Added ability to close a TCP connection via Function Block command when using VHIL
-Fixed issues with DoIP Bus Query DID Response Filters setting incorrect payload lengths
-neoVI Explorer can now be used with multiple versions simultaneously
-Fixed issues with DoIP trying to Reconnect when Reconnect on Error was set to Off
-Updated A2B terminology to use Main/Sub instead of Master/Slave
-Improvements to RAD Star 2 USB performance
-Fixed issues with AE Panel Enable Checkbox
-Fixed issues with Text API where non-null Text Application Signal initial values were replaced with 0
-Fixed incorrect decoding in ISO14229 vsdb file template

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 3/15/2023

-Fixed parsing errors in Vehicle Spy that would show up in previously working setups

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 3/1/2023

-Fixed issues with Pre/Post Trigger collections now working in Vehicle Spy
-Updated neoVI RED 2 Linux Recovery Image
-Fixed issues with Diagnostic view where Diagnostic responses were not being decoded correctly by the ECU
-Fixed issues with Transmit Messages in CoreMini that would occur when there were large amounts of Ethernet Messages in the setup

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 2/6/2023

-Fixed issue with neoVI RED 2 not being able to see CAN traffic when online and connected over Ethernet 01
-Fixed issues with ByteString commands and queries in Text API
-Fixed performance issues with ECU Flasher
-Fixed issues with Custom Filters in Messages View
-Fixed issue with Message Byte Filter in CoreMini where using the property would cause function blocks to hang until the associated message was present
-Fixed issue where RAD Star 2 was unable to be reflashed over USB
-Fixed issues with CCP/XCP not running correctly in CoreMini
-Fixed CoreMini Console error that would occur when sending scripts to ValueCAN 4-4
-Fixed behavior with host connection detection on neoVI RED 2 when device is going to sleep
-Fixed issues with Extractor not reading last sector of disk
-Fixed issues with TCP Message Transmit
-Fixed issues with adding Signal Groups to a Signal List in specific VS3ZIP files
-Fixed issue with Tutorial Files where opening a tutorial would no longer open the associated help file
-Fixed issues with Little Endian Signal Highlighting not being correct in Details pane
-Fixed issues with C Code Event Handler
-Fixed issues with ION Flexray VNET only extracting the last collection
-Fixed issue with neoVI ION where Ethernet Link Status was reported as Down when link was actually Up
-Fixed issues with neoVI RED 2 where Extracting over Ethernet was not working concurrently with Linux
-Fixed issue where Enable Auto Update was being enabled when it should not be
-Fixed issues with Database Fixup wizard
-Fixed issues with Gateway Builder where automatic network fixup was failing
-Fixed issues with CAN Frames showing up as Ethernet frames in VHIL
-Fixed issue where enabling neoVI Server would cause Automatic and Manual Reflash of devices to fail in neoVI Explorer
-Removed support for .lic license files
-Fixed CoreMini issue where having Greater Than or Equal to in a trigger expression would always trigger even when the signal was not present
-Fixed issues with Source MAC over Ethernet when using RAD Mars
-Fixed issues where RAD devices would not forward Error Messages or I2C
-Improved PC communication for RAD devices while using USB
-Fixed issues with 29bit Functional Requests when using Diagnostics
-Fixed issue with RAD A2B where neoVI Explorer would fail to load and write settings to device from a file
-Fixed issues with J2534_Enable functionality
-Fixed access violation that would occur when launching Vehicle Spy right after installation
-Fixed issue in Simulation mode where Receive Message would launch an Automatic Tx Message twice
-Fixed issue where devices that rely on polling in neoVI explorer would not be detected
-Fixed issue where Transmit Function Block Step would not allow selection of Transmit Messages
-Fixed a crash that would occur when loading a dbc file to a script that has a large A2L file loaded
-Updated Ethernet3 10G Panel in neoVI Explorer to match other Ethernet panels when using RAD Mars
-Improved flashing speed of RAD devices
-Fixed issue where ION was not uploading data correctly
-Added support for I2C Transfers greater than 255 bytes to RAD devices
-Fixed issue where Extractor was not finding pre post information correctly
-Fixed issue with Text API Command RTC causing a crash
-Updated Vehicle Spy 3 Help Links to new documentation
-Fixed access violation that would occur when using a Capture Block with an Ethernet Tx Message
-Fixed access violation that would occur when Using force use of partitions was used in VehicleScapeDAQ Generation Options
-Fixed issue where DW CAN 08 would be out of order for certain devices in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed error that would occur when adding Available dataIdentifier to Diagnostic Job
-Fixed issue where Message BX Last Received Index property for Database Messages would be missing intermittently
-Fixed issue where Vehicle Spy would freeze when attempting to open a BLF file in Review Buffer
-Fixed issue where adding a LIN LDF Database would create database mismatches for signals that did not change
-Fixed issues with stock database messages causing fixup issues when loading platforms
-Fixed issues with high CPU utilization when Networks view is open
-Updated Vehicle Spy 3 Login Screen
-Fixed issue where selecting a job from Diagnostic List View would launch the incorrect job
-Fixed issue where widget would trigger incorrect Diagnostic Job
-Fixed access violation that occurred when adjusting capture device width and height in Vehicle Spy 3 Video view
-Fixed crash caused by incorrectly setting IPv4 TX message length
-Fixed issue occurring when trying to create an ISM C Code Interface project
-Fixed issue where CoreMini would not compile if config file name contained a comma
-Fixed issues with Vehicle Spy saving A2B and I2C Data incorrectly
-Fixed database mismatch issue caused by invalid trigger
-Fixed issues with VS3ZIP files where incorrect paths for databases would be generated
-Fixed issue where RAD Moon 2 was generating extra Ethernet Status Report Messages every 1 ms
-Improved SD Card stability on neoVI RED 2
-Increased number of ECU's that Vehicle Spy can send Function Diagnostic requests to
-neoVI RED 2 now supports gPTP over Ethernet
-Added MIC2 support to the neoVI RED 2
-Fixed issue with Function Blocks where deleting a function block would not fully delete the function block
-Fixed issue with VehicleScapeDAQ where Channel List was not loading everything in the platform database
-Fixed access violation that occurred when using ct.rx command in Text API
-Fixed issues causing crashes when displaying DAQ items
-Added function block scripts to emulate VCU in Vehicle Spy when using VHIL
-Fixed issues where VHIL would miss VLAN information in log files
-Fixed issue where opening a new vs3 setup from a vs3zip disabled the Platform menu
-Fixed issues with FLEMlm and Enterprise Licenses
-Fixed issue where FLEXlm did now show the Borrowed License Time Remaining
-Fixed issues with access violation that would occur when viewing Diagnostics
-Updated the C Code Interface Dialog window
-Removed Multiple Desktop feature from software
-Fixed issue where neoVI Explorer was unable to change the VNET type if the VNET is not the Master
-Added vertical scroll bar to Vehicle Spy Logging view
-Fixed access violation that would occur when pasting in ECU Flasher
-Fixed access violation caused by deleting a signal from a job in Diagnostics
-Fixed issues in Standalone logging where deselecting collections would cause an access violation
-Fixed issues with Selected Channels tab in VehicleScapeDAQ reporting incorrect protocol
-Fixed issues with Messages view where up and down arrows were unintentionally causing the details view to display the incorrect message
-Fixed issues with Ethernet Settings on RAD A2B
-Added gPTP support to RAD A2B
-Fixed issues with RAD devices where malformed PTP Announce message could crash the device
-Fixed issue with RAD Mars where corrupt SerDes frame would break extraction
-Fixed issue with RAD Gigastar not extracting all files when using Extract All Files
-RAD Mars now supports logging more than 2TB of data
-Fixed issues with Extractor finding incorrect overlap locations
-Fixed issues in Text API where creating a function block and starting the function block while online would cause a crash
-Fixed issue in License options where File License menu was not available when FLEXlm was disabled
-Fixed issues with RAD Mars where device would extract incorrect timestamp dates after power management

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 11/21/2022

-Fixed issues where corrected VS3ZIP and VS3EXE files generated with an incorrect path to platform file would still cause a database error
-Fixed issues where VS3Zip and VS3EXE would have incorrect path generated for platform file

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 10/12/2022

-Fixed issues where neoVI Explorer was not detecting neoOBD2 LC
-Fixed issue in Networks view under Statistics where Percentage Use value was not updating correctly
-Fixed issues with Statistics and Signal Plot/Signal List showing mismatched data
-Fixed freeze that would occur in Vehicle Spy when trying to update the Language File
-Fixed performance issues with J2534 DLLs
-Fixed issue where Text API was unable to set ByteString values when index was greater than 8
-Fixed access violation that would occur under Diagnostics view
-Added support for RAD-wBMS hardware product
-Fixed crash that would occur when using Bus Query when communicating with DoIP ECU
-Fixed issue with DoIP Diagnostics sending Tester Present frame with an incorrect logical address
-Fixed issues where Job $10 running through DoIP would crash Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues where Advanced Sleep Options network list was not matching Vehicle Spy network list
-Fixed display issue in Messages Editor where newer protocols and networks would be displayed incorrectly
-Fixed issues with Linger that occurred on FlexLM server
-Linux boot is now on by default in the neoVI RED 2
-Added feature to allow Linux running on neoVI RED 2 to use one of the native Ethernet ports
-Fixed Invalid Operation errors that were occurring in the RAD-A2B Traffic window
-Added ability to save audio files in .wav format in Vehicle Spy when using RAD-A2B
-Added ability to filter based on stream in RAD-A2B Traffic window
-Fixed access violation that would occur when sending a generated VehicleScapeDAQ Standalone Logging setup to CoreMini
-ECU Flasher now supports flashing over Ethernet
-Fixed OLE error that would occur in Networks view when going online with hardware
-Fixed issue where Periodically Discover Vehicle's option in DoIP would get automatically unchecked
-Fixed issues with ISM Toolchain downloader not working correctly
-Fixed issue where successful connection using XCP over UPD would cause Vehicle Spy to crash
-Fixed issues where XCP signals in MEP would create receive messages that would not match the signal parameters correctly
-Added support for new USB isolators in neoVI FIRE 2
-Fixed issue with neoVI RED 2 would fail to format SD card if Linux was running
-Fixed issues with neoVI RED 2 that would occur when Retain Data was selected and Linux was running
-Fixed issues with RAD Gigastar and RAD Galaxy where connecting to the device in neoVI Explorer using a connection speed over 10Mb would cause the unit to reflash, even when auto update was disabled
-Fixed issues with Graphical Panel Properties view no longer opening to correct tab
-Fixed issues where access violation would occur after importing ODX file
-Fixed issues with Present property not setting correctly
-Fixed issue where DoIP simulation would fail to start
-Added support for RTSP/RTP server and streaming audio to the PC when using RAD-A2B
-Fixed issues with RAD Gigastar where sending and clearing a script that contained TCP messages would put the TCP stack in a state that would reset the connection when going online
-Fixed issue in Vehicle Spy where sending a single CAN FD frame on a network with CAN FD disabled would cause multiple error messages
-Updated RAD Pluto LED behavior to match other RAD devices
-Fixed issues with Auto and Intensity properties for LEDs on the RAD Jupiter being matched to the wrong LEDs
-Fixed issues with access violation that would occur after compiling for CoreMini when running SoAD Diagnostics
-Fixed issues that occurred when running files in Simulation mode larger then 2GB
-Fixed issues with Function Block Log Data, where Log Data was logging incorrect characters
-Fixed errors that would occur with Function Blocks when trying to add a Script Function Block to an older setup
-Fixed issue where Signal Names would show up blank in messages
-Updated network properties to ensure that only relevant properties were available to the correct networks
-Fixed issues with XCP Polling
-Fixed issue in CoreMini where XCP polling request was hardcoded to 4 bytes
-Fixed issue with Simulation mode where simulating a VSB with only one Ethernet message would cause Vehicle Spy to freeze
-Fixed issue in neoVI Explorer where Ethernet devices that were plugged in after neoVI Explorer was opened would always try to reflash
-Fixed intermittent issues with RAD Galaxy connecting to CoreMini Console
-Fixed access violation that would occur under Edit Signals area in Diagnostics
-Fixed issue with RAD SuperMoon and RAD Moon 2 where Ethernet Status messages would not update properly if device was not linked and settings were changed using membrane buttons
-Fixed issue where neoVI RED 2 performance test would not run
-Fixed issue with RAD Gigastar where enabling TCP/IP in firmware would cause the device to transmit ARP Message every time settings were written
-Fixed intermittent issue with neoVI RED 2 where device would fail to initialize the SD Card
-Fixed access violation that would occur when loading a fibex file to a Flexray platform
-Added Tooltip for Update A2L file button on MEP A2L page
-Fixed issue where DBC files were loading as CAN FD when they should have been CAN 2.0
-Fixed Vehicle Spy crash that would occur when going offline with Use PC Ethernet enabled
-Added 802.1CB support for message creation and dissection
-Fixed access violation that would occur when generating Standalone logging scripts after setting a delay time in MEP CCP Connection Helper
-Fixed issue where adding a signal to an Ethernet Transmit message would cause the loss of value in other signals in the message when Online
-Fixed issue where multiple cutting and pasting multiple statements in Script Function Blocks would not copy as intended
-Fixed issues with copying messages from Database Table to Receive or Transmit Table in Messages Editor
-Fixed issues with Copy To... function not working correctly in Messages Editor
-Fixed issue where ISO9141/K-Line network settings were not available through neoVI Explorer on the RAD Gigastar
-Fixed issue with RAD SuperMoon and RAD Moon 2 where certain product details would not show up if neoVI Server was enabled
-Fixed issue in VehicleScapeDAQ where BLF/ASC default network mappings could not be reverted to default of no mapping after being mapped
-Fixed issue with converting VSB to BLF where network fixup would not work properly if Default ASC/BLF mapping in VehicleScapeDAQ had entries
-Fixed issue with neoVI Explorer where Failed to get application version error was being thrown when failing to Load Default Settings
-Updated multiple PDX Import view for better user experience
-Fixed issue where Export would not always ask for channel mapping for all channels in BLF and ASC files
-Fixed issue with Page Up and Page Down not working in Signals Tree in VehicleScapeDAQ
-Fixed incorrect temperature status report from RAD A2B
-Fixed issues with neoVI Fire 2 where CoreMini would not run after enabling encryption
-Fixed issues where default logger script was not loading
-Fixed issues with RAD Gigastar related to SD Card formatting
-Fixed issues with SD Card formatting that would occur with RAD Gigastar if the operation was cancelled
-Fixed issues with ValueCAN 4-2 LED functionality
-Fixed issue in CoreMini where attempting to trigger based on a signal from a container PDU would not trigger
-Exposed Audio Levels to Function Blocks for use with RAD A2B
-Fixed issue where BLF Channels would be given an invalid name if BLF channels were not named
-Fixed issue where neoVI Ethernet Status message was still listing AE ports as OP_ETHERNET after network name change
-VBATT Measurement support enabled in neoVI RED 2
-Added AES Encrypt and Decrypt functions to CoreMini and Function Blocks
-Fixed issue where A2B Traffic data view was not matched exactly to input data
-Fixed issue with gPTP where port role would unexpectedly change from Slave to Master in Standard Profile

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 8/12/2022

-Fixed error messages that would occur when adding new Script Function Block to older setups
-Fixed issues with Function Block Log Data command writing incorrect characters when attempting to write 0x00
-Fixed issues with Signal Names showing up as blank when importing from ARXML file
-Fixed issues with SD Card formatting using RAD Gigastar after SD Card format process was cancelled
-Fixed crashes while running DoIP in CoreMini using neoVI RED 2
-Fixed issue with some DBC files loading as CAN FD

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 7/8/2022

-Fixed issues where neoECU12 could not write settings to RADIO2-CANHUB
-DTCs can now be viewed in the Vehicle Spy 3 Messages view
-Fixed issues with XCP Events Decimation
-Fixed issue with access violation being caused by deleting parent A2L files with multple A2L Files loaded
-Fixed issue in Diagnostics where VIN wasn't being read correctly
-Fixed issue where loading a SOAD ECU setup in Vehicle Spy would change the network used to CAN
-Added support for OTA Updating to neoVI RED2
-Fixed issue where Vehicle Spy was unable to view two Video views simultaneously
-Added support in Vehicle Spy to delete multiple Diagnostic jobs at one time
-Fixed issue with DoIP Bus Query not responding correctly after negative Tester Present response
-Fixed issues that occurred when copying messages to Messages Editor from Diagnostics view when using DoIP
-Fixed issue where RAD Gigastar was missing SFP speed settings in neoVI Explorer
-Multiple ECU's in Vehicle Spy can now be deleted at once
-Fixed issues with Vehicle Spy crashing when loading long videos into Review Buffer or Run Simulation
-Fixed issues with Vehicle Spy Standalone Logging not capturing selected messages
-Fixed issue with Trigger Standalone Message not being correct matched against VSDB Database
-Fixed issues with neoVI RED2 formatting certain SD Cards
-Fixed issues with decoding TCP Messages with header length less than 5
-Fixed issue where connecting to ValueCAN Industrial using neoVI Explorer over USB would result in an access violation
-Vehicle Spy will now prompt the user before removing channels in VehicleScape DAQ
-Fixed issues related to TCP Filters not being applied correctly in CoreMini
-Fixed issue where XCP over TCP was not logging correctly in VehicleScape DAQ Standalone Logging
-Fixed issue in Expression Editor where adding an Application Signal Array item as an expression and then adding as a signal would cause a crash
-Fixed crash that would occur in Diagnostics when deleting signals in the Edit Signal view
-Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy not displaying all Nodes defined in ARXML in Messages view
-Fixed Critical Error message that would pop up in Vehicle Spy when transmitting on the RAD Galaxy AE ports while the unit is in Switch Mode
-Fixed issue with neoVI Explorer not loading Settings correctly from file for RAD Mars
-Fixed issue in Extract/Export where Export was not applying Short Names to messages
-Fixed issues with Database Auto-Fixup not correctly matching database messages
-Increased maximum number of ISO14229 Memory Parameters available to use in VehicleScape DAQ Channels
-Fixed issue with RAD A2B where going online would cause a buffer overflow
-Fixed issue with VehicleScapeDAQ Standalone Gateway not forwarding values correctly
-Fixed issue where it was not possible to enable the LIN Master Resistor on the ValueCAN 4 Industrial
-Fixed issue with specific networks being remapped to the neoVI network after opening a previously saved setup
-Fixed issue in Graphical Panel where Diagnostic Job Results property would not update if the Diagnostics view was not open
-Fixed issue with specific DTC's not being expandable in Results view in Diagnostics
-Fixed issue where Diagnostics jobs were only able to be created for the first ECU
-Fixed issues with Static ARP table not working when more than one TCP stack existed on a single network
-Added support for Static ARP tables and Virtual Networks in Simulation Mode
-Fixed issue in Text API where Byte values past Byte 8 would not get updated correctly
-Fixed issue with Text API where updating bytes past Byte 19 would not be accessible
-Fixed issue where Vehicle Spy was not showing correct CAN Type when imported from DBC
-Fixed issues with State Encoded Signals not being set to the correct message after Export
-Fixed issues where Network Selection view was not displaying Network/Protocol drop down menu correctly
-Fixed issue in VehicleScapeDAQ Channel List where message filters would not get added correctly
-Fixed issues with the RAD Mars where going online after setting default settings would result in a Baud Rate mismatch
-Added functionality to hide Ethernet Header Signals in the messages view
-Fixed issues with LED's on RAD A2B
-Fixed issues with RAD Mars where Wait For Function Block step would result in CoreMini restarting
-Fixed issue on RAD Gigastar where an invalid message could bring down the I2C Network
-Fixed lag that would occur during connection to RAD devices
-Updated RAD Gigastar Tap behavior
-Fixed issue where RAD Gigastar was unable to receive 1526 Byte Ethernet Frame in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues related to ODX File export
-Fixed issues in Vehicle Spy that would result in a crash when loading certain A2L files
-Fixed issue where fb.all Text API command was not returning a valid result
-Fixed issue where PDX converter was not importing data correctly to ECU
-Fixed issue where ODX import could not import an ODX file created by Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issue in Graphical Panel that would cause a crash when Vehicle Spy goes online
-Fixed issues with VLAN Information getting incorrectly displayed in the TX Panel
-Fixed issues where VehicleScape DAQ would read J1939 PIDs incorrectly
-Fixed issue with VehicleScape DAQ Standalone Logging where multiple diagnostic requests were sent before responses were complete
-Fixed issue where Buffer Overflow would be triggered when the Messages view was active while using USB Performance test for RAD SuperMoon
-Fixed issues in VehicleScapeDAQ Channels view where 'Copy DID to ECU' copied the DID multiple times
-Fixed issue where ZCHIP Firmware text was displayed twice for the RAD Mars in neoVI Explorer
-Updated Vehicle Spy Help links
-Fixed issue where expanding Message Signal information would result in a crash
-Fixed issue in Vehicle Spy where opening the Messages view would result in an access violation
-Fixed intermittent access violations in Data Analysis caused by specific VSB files
-Added functionality for users to enter colons (:) in Address Fields for Virtual Network Messages
-Fixed issues with IPv4/UDP header lengths not getting set consistently when using 'Pad Short Frames' property
-Fixed issues that occurred when using Export to generate BLF files
-Correct Tab order in neoVI Explorer for Ethernet gPTP page
-Fixed issues with Reversing where graph would not update when selecting different bits
-Fixed issue where VehicleScapeDAQ Gateway would generate incorrect value in created DBC file
-Updated Vehicle Spy Network Naming Scheme
-Fixed issue where RAD Mars would report 10G PHY temperature as 0 if the 10G port was disabled in Firmware
-Fixed issues with RAD Gigastar and RAD Mars stalling while using HS CAN playback with CoreMini
-Fixed issue where 10G network was not disabled when checkbox for property was set in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed LED boot sequence on RAD A2B
-Added support for Sleep in RAD A2B
-Fixed issues with how errors are displayed in the PHY Dashboard
-Fixed issue where Signal information would still be updated in Messages view even when playback is paused

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 05/13/2022

-Fixed issue with Text API command fb.All not returning correct values
-Fixed issue with TCP Messages not getting decoded correctly when TCP Header size was too small
-Fixed connection issue with ValueCAN 4-IND for some PCs

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 4/1/2022

-Fixed issue where Diagnostic Jobs were not being created when adding an ECU
-Fixed issues in Extract/Export where large files were generating an error
-Fixed incorrect LED patterns when RAD SuperMoon or RAD Moon 2 are in Bootloader mode
-Fixed issues with neoVI Fire 2 top panel LED's
-Added standalone support for DoIP Vehicle Discovery
-Fixed issue with VehicleScapeDAQ Bus query not correctly forming DoIP Frames for ECU's over Ethernet
-Fixed issue with TCP/IP in Vehicle Spy where TCP connections were not being attempted if the target was outside of the current subnet
-Fixed issues with Ethernet Interface browser finding blank interfaces
-Tool version info has been updated under Help -> About in Vehicle Spy
-Vehicle Spy is now using NPcap
-Fixed issue where setting a Presentation network for the Ethernet network while PC Ethernet Interface was enabled would cause an instant crash
-Fixed access violation that would occur when deleting an ECU from the MEP view
-Added support for turning off TCP Delayed Acknowledgement to Vehicle Spy
-Fixed access violation in Video view when adding a new video frame
-Fixed issue in ECU Flash Designer where a Security Level Mismatch against the KEY File was not triggering a warning dialog
-Fixed issue when copying ISO15765 Message to Messages Editor from Messages view where all data would not be copying correctly
-Fixed issue where setting an Application Signal Array size to an unsupported value would disable the Array checkbox but would not update the GUI
-Fixed issues in MEP where Security DLL only displayed properly for the first ECU
-Fixed GUI issues under Logon View -> Current Platform
-Fixed issue in Messages View where Column Group Selection was cut off
-Fixed issue in C Code Interface where setting iNumDataBytes for ISO15765 Tx Message would not set the message length
-Fixed issues with CAN Channels being labelled incorrectly in C Code Interface
-Added support for RAD Moon 2 ZL
-Improved gPTP precision
-Fixed issues with RAD Mars losing data when logging while there was any RTSP connection to the PC
-Fixed issues with neoVI Fire 2 using PWM Input
-Fixed issue where RAD A2B could not use CoreMini Console
-Added I2C sniffing and monitoring capability to RAD Mars and RAD Gigastar
-Fixed RTSP checksum errors that occurred while streaming
-Fixed issue with RED2 Bootloader not being able to set settings
-Added feature to signal any trigger in VehicleScapeDAQ Standalone Logging using the MIC2 Buzzer
-Fixed access violation that would occur in Diagnostics after copying then deleting a job when attempting to paste the copied job
-Fixed issues in Gateway Builder that would occur when trying to select the last item in a list
-Fixed access violation that would occur in VehicleScapeDAQ when using Copy DID to ECU if the wrong location was selected
-Added warning to VSB Editor -> Combine for files larger than 2GB
-Fixed issues in Gateway Builder that would occur when mapping 32-bit Unsigned Integer Signals
-Fixed issue where incorrect message length was being set after enabling Control Mask Bit check box in ECU view
-Fixed issue with ARXML Import creating a different VSDB after each import attempt
-Fixed issue with neoVI Fire 2 top LED panel locking up during USB Performance Test
-Fixed issue with ION Ethernet port that would need a power cycle to correct
-Fixed issue where RAD Gigastar was not automatically restarting scripts after a power cycle
-Fixed issue where Paste List feature in VehicleScapeDAQ was ignoring Network Description
-Fixed issues with XCP over CAN where data could not be decoded in XCP DAQ mode
-Fixed issue with Reviewing and Replaying DoIP VSB files with Vehicle Spy Professional
-Fixed issue with VehicleScapeDAQ where incorrect scaling was applied to 4 byte integers when packed at half precision
-Fixed issue where Vehicle Spy Time Zone settings would not update as expected
-Fixed access violation that would occur when pasting a list of signals into the Channels view of VehicleScapeDAQ
-Removed option to have an Application Signal array with a size of 1
-Fixed connection issues that would occur when neoVI Server was turned on
-Added ValueCAN 4-2EL as a supported device for Ethernet when using J2534
-Fixed an error that would occur when deleting jobs in ECU view
-Fixed issues in ECU view where an access violation would occur after copying a job then deleting it on ISO 14229 ECU's
-Added Fan RPM to temperature status message
-Added Get gPTP status API to icsneo40.dll
-Fixed issues with devices not filtering messages correctly in J2534 mode
-Added 1000BASE-T PHY control for RAD Moon 2
-Increased RAD Gigastar bandwidth to PC to greater than 2Gbps
-Fixed issues with PassThru support on RAD Pluto and RAD Jupiter
-Added support for RAD Epsilon
-Added support for neoOBD2 LC and neoOBD2 LC DEV
-Fixed issues with RAD Star 2 and RAD Galaxy where devices linked at 1000M at half-duplex would not properly transmit Ethernet messages
-Fixed issue with RAD Galaxy, RAD Mars, and RAD Gigastar where transmitting a valid LIN Master frame would result in the device failing to receive those frames
-ECU Flasher now transmits 0x37 job after finishing 0x36 job
-Fixed issues where CoreMini would intermittently crash when using large configurations
-Fixed issues with Reversing panel and CAN-FD messages
-Fixed issue where adding a Function Block after cleaning a VehicleScapeDAQ setup would cause an access violation
-Added Scroll Bar property to Graphical Panel Text Display control
-Fixed issues with VehicleScapeDAQ where removing a DAQ would cause an access violation
-Fixed variable names in FlexRay Controllers view
-Added support for Static ARP in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issue where Diagnostic Jobs for DoIP would not display the correct message bytes
-Fixed issues with Extract/Export that would occur when Vehicle Spy networks were renamed
-Fixed issues that occurred when using pre-defined DAQ tables from an A2L when using VehicleScapeDAQ
-Fixed issues with Diagnostics Results tab not displaying correct signal values when multiple values were requested
-Fixed issue with XCPoE using UDP where failing to connect to an ECU would block the logger from collecting any data
-Added option to 'Paste List' when building VehicleScapeDAQ Standalone Logging Bus Query
-Fixed issues with VehicleScapeDAQ Bus Query where 'Changes Less Than' and 'Exceeds Constant' triggers were not triggering correctly
-Fixed issue in VehicleScapeDAQ Standalone Logging where first generation of script would place message signal bytes in the wrong location
-Fixed issue with size of ODT lists when using XCP setups in VehicleScape Standalone Logging
-Fixed issues with MEP search showing incorrect results
-Fixed issue where incorrect Text API commands would still run as if command was correct
-Fixed UI issues in Extract/Export where Signals View could disappear
-Fixed crash in Vehicle Spy that would occur when reassigning network names
-Fixed issue with MEP when using Upload before Export
-Fixed issues with memory use on hardware when using Standalone Logging and XCP over TCP
-Fixed issue where Count property was not incrementing correctly for received TCP messages in CoreMini
-Fixed crashes occurring when using Extract/Export
-Fixed issues with Signal Mapping in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issue where second or third device would not be detected when extracting from RAD Gigastar or RAD Mars over USB
-RAD Jupiter now uses LED's to indicate gPTP status on each port
-Fixed issues with old DTC count being used after wakeup
-Fixed issue with neoVI RED 2 where LIN messages were still being received when the LIN network was disabled
-Fixed issues in CoreMini where setting the TCP Connected property to 0 would not allow the connection to be restarted
-Fixed issue where RAD Gigastar was flashing the incorrect color for the Automotive Ethernet LED's
-Fixed access violation that would occur when connecting to ValueCAN Industrial in neoVI Explorer over USB
-Added feature to allow multiple Network Fixup selections to be saved for ease of use when switching between multiple files
-Fixed issue with neoVI Fire 2 causing Vehicle Spy to crash when Report on Period firmware option was enabled
-Vehicle Spy Presentation Network setting now works when using Simulation Mode
-Added support for ISO9141/Keyword 2000/K-Line on neoECU 12
-Fixed issues where Vehicle Spy would not open PDX files correctly
-Fixed error that would occur when saving an empty VehicleScapeDAQ Configuration

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 01/07/2022

-Fixed issues with Fire 2 crashing neoVI Explorer when Report on Period option is checked
-Update copyright information to 2022 for all software modules
-Fixed issues with crashes when using Drawing a line using the Video view in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues with Snapshot transmitting service $10 and service $27 frames
-Fixed issues with opening VSB files directly from Windows
-Fixed issues with Channels tab of VehicleScapeDAQ where adding signals while in simulation or online would cause an access violation
-Fixed issues with incorrect CoreMini Checksums when using neoVI RED 2
-Fixed issues with Gigastar where logging faster than the storage speeds allowed would cause errors in the Notes.txt file
-Fixed issues with lost A2B Event traffic when Simulation speed is fast
-Fixed issues where Auto start Network Adapter Server on Boot could not be disabled after the MiniPort driver was uninstalled
-Added additional settings for Backup Battery Enable and Super Cap enable for applicable hardware in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed issues in the Messages Editor where editing the name in Description would result in an error
-Fixed issues in Diagnostics where J1979 User Jobs saved as Functional Requests would be reloaded as Physical Requests
-Fixed issues with VehicleScapeDAQ Channels tab not copying multiple channels with the same channel name
-Fixed issues with Ethernet Messages not updating correctly in Messages Editor when changing the Ethertype
-Fixed issue with ISO15765 CAN FD payload lengths not reporting the full size of the payload
-Fixed issues with transmitting Jumbo Frames when transmitting with double VLAN and FCS Override on RAD-Mars
-Added support for receiving frames with bad FCS on the 10G port on RAD-Mars
-Fixed issue with Rad-Mars not logging IPv4 Ethertype frames on the 10G Port
-Fixed issues with receiving Ethernet frames greater than 1518 bytes causing buffer overflows on the RAD-Mars
-Fixed issues with RAD-Star 2 where the device would show up as a linked device even when the network the link was occurring on was disabled
-Fixed issues with RAD-Mars where transmitting a short Ethernet message from the 10G Ethernet port would cause a transmit buffer overflow
-Fixed issues with neoECU 12 MISC IO inputs always reporting as True, even when False
-Fixed issues with ValueCAN4 Industrial LED's not being properly controlled when using a Function Block Script
-Fixed issue where Device status would not clear in the CoreMini Console once the CoreMini Console was closed
-Fixed UI issues in neoVI Explorer that would occur when accessing the Logger Settings page with RAD-Mars and RAD-Gigastar
-Fixed issues with MAC Spoofing on Automotive Ethernet networks
-Fixed issues with CoreMini Console crashing when optimization is set to off
-Fixed issues where RAD-Gigastar and RAD-Mars would not display baud mismatch warning when going online
-Fixed issues with Baud rates that would occur when going online with RAD-Gigastar while the device was not powered
-Fixed issues where CANHub would fail to read and write settings after loading default settings
-Fixed issues with Frames displaying off screen after expanding signals in Messages view
-Changed A2B message control flow
-Fixed issues with A2B traffic being incorrectly shown in Simulation mode
-Fixed issues with checksum errors on LIN when transmitting a slave message in response to the receive Master
-Fixed issues with LIN Rx messages showing up as Tx Messages in Vehicle Spy when using RAD-Galaxy, RAD-Gigastar, or neoVI RED 2
-Fixed issue on RAD-Galaxy where LIN buffers were not being cleared after a transmit
-Fixed issues with Fire 2 VNET VSB Size count property not working correctly when using Standalone Logging
-Fixed issues with FLEXRay VNET not sleeping properly
-Fixed issues with ION's intermittently restarting CoreMini scripts
-Fixed issues with Signals Pane in Signals Plot view being unable to expand
-Fixed issues with BLF Files when saved/exported from a VSB with a negative time stamp
-Added option to save all signals in buffer to mf4 or db format from save menu in VSpy messages view
-Fixed issues with UI when editing Ethernet Signals
-Fixed issue where users were unable to edit the Ethernet network description
-Fixed issues with Auto Reload A2L in MEP
-Removed support for MOST and IMG in Vehicle Spy 3
-Fixed access violation in Fuzzer when selecting the File -> New option
-Fixed issues with CAN FD PDU Exports
-Fixed issues with Fill option for Extra Bytes via the Message Editor ignoring when user presses Cancel
-Fixed Vehicle Spy crashes caused when running in Simulation mode
-Fixed issues with missing text under Diagnostics - Routine Control Selection
-Fixed issue where automatically generated function blocks would not display errors in the problem log
-Fixed issues with Gateway Builder not passing USDT messages correctly
-Fixed access violation that occurred when importing or deleting ISO 14229 diagnostic databases when user jobs were merged
-Fixed access violation caused by ECU Flash Manager
-Fixed issues with TX Msg Periodic On-Off property
-Fixed issues with decoding Raw Type Ethernet Messages
-Updated column width of 'Len' column in Messages Editor
-Fixed issues with padding when using AUTOSAR Tx Frames
-Fixed issues with VehicleScapeDAQ access violations when using older setups
-Fixed issues with loading multiple groups/pages from A2L Files
-Fixed issues with TCP Edge simulation in DOIP
-Fixed issue with ISO 14229 ECU Functional ID not getting saved correctly
-Fixed issues with missing Ethernet Frames when saving to BLF format
-Fixed issues with compiling an empty CoreMini configuration
-Fixed access violation that occurred when selecting a signal trigger in VehicleScapeDAQ
-Fixed crashes caused by filtering using the Column Header in the Tx Panel
-Fixed issues with Time stamp format in VSB Editor
-Fixed CCP Connection issues in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues with receiving messages on Ethernet with RAD-A2B
-Fixed issues with Time (ABS) property in CoreMini when running on RAD-Galaxy
-Fixed issues with RJ45 Link Speed on RAD-Gigalog
-Fixed issues with the Trigger LED on RAD-Gigastar
-Added support for Vehicle Spy communication over RAD-Gigalog Automotive Ethernet Ports
-Fixed issues with LED Control on the neoVI RED 2
-Fixed issues with neoVI Fire 2 locking up while running specific scripts
-Fixed issues with large CoreMini configurations running on neoECU 12 and CANHub
-Added support for Vehicle Battery measurements on RAD-Pluto, RAD-Jupiter, RAD-Gigalog, and neoOBD2Pro
-Fixed issues with collections not uploading correctly after the first time a script is sent to the device through Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issue with sending CoreMini to EEPROM on RAD-Galaxy
-Fixed rounding error with Gateway Builder when using Scaled Signals
-Fixed communication issues over RS232 when using Instrument Control
-Fixed issue where changing a DBC file in Vehicle Spy would result in a crash

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 10/21/2021

-Fixed issues with RAD-IO2 responding to control messages sent on the neoVI Network
-Fixed issue with neoVI RED 2 where changing baud rate on MS CAN network would affect HS CAN 2 network
-Fixed issues with LED's on ValueCAN 4
-Fixed issue with neoVI ION with Fire 2 VNET not decoding GPS reporting correctly
-Fixed issues with neoVI Fire 2 showing incorrect timestamps for GPS messages when using MIC2
-VividCAN Buzzer is now working correctly
-Fixed issue with RAD-Gigastar corrupting frames when logging video with Axis Camera
-Fixed issues with XCP Timeout when running RAD-Gigastar with SFP at 100Mbps
-Fixed issues with 1000Base-T on RAD-Pluto
-Time Sync panel no longer visible when using neoVI RED 2
-Fixed bootloader compatibility issues when flashing neoVI RED 2
-Revised default messages view functionality
-Added ability to save digital naming format (on/off, True/False, Yes/No) through Messages Editor
-Fixed issues that occurred in ECU's view after removing a Diagnostic Job
-Fixed issues with scroll bar not resizing correctly in Messages Editor
-Fixed issue with Extractor only seeing first removable drive if multiple drives are connected to PC
-Ethernet Message Lengths are now shown correctly in Messages
-Fixed issue with Gateway Builder not excluding excluded signals
-Fixed issue with trigger events in Vehicle Spy not matching with SD Card Partition division in CoreMini
-Fixed issues when displaying State Encoded Signals when Scaling is enabled
-Added more polling rate options to VehicleScape DAQ
-Fixed issues with Messages when using Details view in pop out window
-Added option to add wait time between UDS Requests in VehicleScapeDAQ
-Fixed UI issues in PHY Dashboard
-Fixed error in TSCF Message dissector
-Improved visibility of errors when working with large A2L files in ASAP2 Editor
-Fixed issues with missing networks in the CoreMini Console when working with neoECU units
-Fixed access violation that occurred when connecting with neoVI Fire 2 over Ethernet
-Fixed issue with Pre-Trigger messages being counted twice in extractor Notes.txt
-Fixed access violation when generating specific VehicleScapeDAQ setup
-Fixed an issue in Function Blocks where editing a step using DTC feature caused an access violation
-Deleted obsolete Text API Command
-Fixed issues updating IPV4 address on Ethernet network when using Messages Editor or TX Panel
-Fixed issue with incorrect icon in Messages
-Fixed issue with RAD-A2B displaying wrong image on Vehicle Spy login screen
-Fixed issue with wildcard mask not working for Destination IP of receive Ethernet Messages
-Fixed Vehicle Spy crash that occurred when running a Function Block script in Virtual ECU Simulation mode
-Fixed issues with access violations when opening tutorial files
-Fixed issue in Messages with sorting Flexray frames
-Fixed issue with Arb ID Limit being too high for I2C Networks
-Fixed Access Violation that was occurring in Snapshot view
-Fixed crash that occurred when closing Vehicle Spy immediately after opening Vehicle Spy
-Fixed various issues with PDX converter
-Fixed issues where extracting CAN FD frames would create extra empty VSB records
-Fixed memory leak that occurred going offline then online when using PC Network Interface
-Fixed issue when importing ODX file where signal values would be shifted by 1 Byte
-Fixed issue with Gateway Builder forwarding error frames as 0 length messages
-RAD Devices' LED's can now be controlled
-Fixed issues with neoVI Explorer not enabling Flexray networks on multiple devices when writing settings
-RAD-A2B MAC Address now includes Product ID
-Fixed issues with incorrect SD Card sizes being reported in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed issues with disk formatter in neoVI Explorer reading incorrect card sizes when using neoVI RED 2 and neoECU 22
-Fixed issue where a connected device would transmit an Ethernet Frame on the bus when going online with Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues with RAD-Pluto and RAD-Jupiter only reporting link status on Ethernet 1
-Added support for 100BASE-TX SFP ports in RAD-Gigastar
-Added support for FS branded SFP modules on RAD-Gigastar
-Fixed issues with ValueCAN 4-2 LEDs
-Added support for updated RAD-Moon 2 hardware revision
-Fixed issue in Gateway Builder where forwarded and mapped CAN-FD Frames would lose the original message' BRS Status
-Fixed issue where neoVI ION would not go to sleep when acting as a Time Sync Master
-Fixed issue where Automotive Ethernet links would remain active even when disabled in firmware on RAD-Jupiter
-Fixed issues with 1000BASE-T ports not working when linked with 100BASE-TX on RAD-Jupiter
-Fixed issues with Gateway Builder not responding properly to commands sent via LIN networks
-Added functionality to stop CoreMini scripts from running on neoVI RED 2, neoECU 22, and RAD-Gigastar by holding down 'Script' membrane button when device powers on
-Added MISC IO support to the neoVI RED 2
-Added gPTP support for RAD-SuperMoon, RAD-Gigastar, RAD-Galaxy and RAD-Star 2
-Added support for gPTP Synchronization with vehicle
-Fixed issue where ISO14229 service 27 would cause access violations in Diagnostics
-Fixed issues with MISC IO not functioning correctly on RAD-Galaxy
-Fixed issues with invalid timestamps created by VNETs failing to sync
-Fixed issues with script not running when compiled without optimization for CoreMini
-Fixed issue with Extra Bytes dialog not saving correctly when working with Keyword 2000
-Fixed issue where CoreMini was requesting ISO14229 DID on wrong channel
-Fixed issue with Gateway Builder Output Change Trigger not outputting on change
-Fixed issue in DOIP where discovery would not use VLAN settings
-Fixed issue where applying a time zone in the extractor view would show the wrong date and time in extracted VSB
-Improved extractor performance
-Added check for CoreMini to prevent download if there is a CoreMini mismatch
-Fixed issues with Message Editor where Copy to Transmit would not work if there were messages in the Clipboard
-Fixed issues with pasting channels in VehicleScapeDAQ
-Added functionality to activate or deactivate a collection in VehicleScapeDAQ Standalone Logging
-Fixed issue in C Code Interface where calling UPD Message _Init() would crash Vehicle Spy
-Fixed access violation in CAN Fuzzer that occurred when pasting a target
-Fixed issue in CAN Fuzzer where General tab would remain disabled after it was collapsed
-Fixed issue in CAN Fuzzer where selecting and unselecting the Function Block check box would cause an access violation
-Fixed issue where save dialog box for CAN Fuzzer template would show up multiple times from a single event
-Added ability to start CAN Fuzz using Text API
-Removed extraneous button from VehicleScapeDAQ Standalone Logging Bus Query tab
-Fixed issues when reading specific files using Extractor
-Fixed issue with RAD-Star 2 not connecting over Ethernet when USB is plugged in
-Fixed issues with RAD devices not being able to transmit on neoVI Network in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues with RAD-Star 2 entering continuous Bootloader loop
-Fixed issue where RAD-SuperMoon would report a successful link when connecting to a device with different bitrate
-Updated RAD Devices with new MAC features
-Fixed issues with incorrect MAC Address being displayed in TCP view when using RAD-Star 2
-MAC Address is no longer missing when viewing product details of RAD-Star 2 in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed issues with I2C timeouts on RAD-Gigastar
-Fixed issues where transmitting specific I2C messages would bring down the I2C bus on the RAD-Gigastar
-Fixed issues with RAD-Gigastar missing data bytes when reading I2C Frames from Python application
-Fixed issues with ISM Target type for RAD-Jupiter linking to RAD-Pluto
-Added support for Time Sync LED on RAD-Gigastar
-Fixed inconsistencies in Output Log of CoreMini compile info
-Fixed issues with ISO9141/Keyword 2000 messages not decoding correctly
-Fixed issue with EtherBADGE where neoVI Explorer would default OP BR 1 to disabled but would still transmit and receive messages on OP BR 1
-Fixed issues with CoreMini crashing while using VehicleScapeDAQ signals in a function block
-Fixed multiple errors on RAD-Gigastar related to capturing data faster than the write speed of the SD Card
-Fixed issues with appended time and date in file names when extracting multiple files logged using VehicleScapeDAQ Standalone Logging when using RAD-Galaxy
-Added checkbox to stop logging while extracting in neoVI Explorer for RAD-Galaxy
-Added support for CAN Channels beyond HS CAN 4 when using VehicleScapeDAQ Gateway
-Fixed issue in Messages Editor where changes made to first message would not update properly after multiple messages were copied
-Fixed issues with neoVI ION requesting CCP data even if security unlock failed
-Fixed issues in VehicleScapeDAQ Standalone Logging creating too many message filters
-Devices now support multiple partition logging when using MIC2
-Fixed issue where importing ARXML would not create Ethernet frames in the database
-Fixed issue where unchecking 'Enable software (EPK) check' in EPKcheck simulator caused CoreMini generation to fail
-Fixed issues with Vehicle Spy incorrectly decoding BLF files as CAN-FD
-Vehicle Spy will now decode entire payload as data when the CAN-FD frame only contains one PDU
-Fixed issues with specific Status Bits when receiving frames on CAN-FD
-Fixed display issues with signal names in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed display issues with neoVI Explorer
-Fixed keyboard tab index issue in neoVI Explorer when using RAD-Star 2
-Fixed issue where SD Cards would report as encrypted after formatting the card using neoVI hardware
-Fixed issues with EtherBADGE transmitting incorrect Ethernet traffic
-Fixed issues with EtherBADGE missing OP BR 1 messages when transmitting
-Fixed issues with neoVI RED2 where enabling Performance Blast Test and going online via Ethernet would cause the device to reboot
-Added support for A2B/I2S protocol in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues with neoVI Fire 2 and ValueCAN4-2EL not starting embedded C Code Interface intermittently
-Fixed issues with ISO15765 Messages not having signal values set correctly the first time when running in CoreMini
-Fixed issues with ISM corrupting hardware when loaded to CoreMini
-Fixed issue with neoVI RED 2 not being detected over USB after waking from sleep using fast wake option in CoreMini
-Fixed issue with ISO 9141/Keyword 2000 Parity option not working correctly
-Fixed issue where RAD-Star 2 would not transmit on OP BR 2 network when running CoreMini and transmitting on OP BR 1 at full speed with a function block set to microsecond precision
-Fixed issues with RAD-Gigastar and RAD-Gigalog incorrectly receiving raw Flexray Frames with zero data
-Fixed issues with Pre/Post Partition logging not extracting correctly when SD Card is full
-Fixed issue with RAD-Galaxy not logging neoVI Report Messages when running CoreMini
-Fixed MIC2 GPS support for new revision of RAD-Gigalog and RAD-Galaxy
-Fixed issue where DOIP Diagnostic Job would not send routing activation request
-Fixed typo in DOIP Message Dissector
-Wildcard masks for IP Address filter now work correctly
-Fixed issues with opening and converting BLF files
-Fixed issues with ICS Time Sync on neoVI RED 2
-Fixed access violation in the Gateway Builder caused by adding ECU messages and other messages to the same gateway
-Fixed access violation that could occur when deleting networks
-Fixed issue where Vehicle Spy would throw an error when PC Ethernet Interface was turned on and Platform was set to None
-Fixed issues with message exclusion not working in the Gateway Builder when running on CoreMini
-Fixed issues with Network Enable properties on neoVI RED 2
-Increased GPS Sample rate on neoVI RED 2 to 20Hz
-Added full support for neoECU 22
-Fixed issues with I2C Bus when running in CoreMini
-Added functionality to reinitialize TCP Connection in CoreMini
-Fixed issue where disabling RAD-SuperMoon Ethernet under Network Enables would not disable Ethernet
-Enabled Ethernet PHY Dashboard for RAD-Gigastar
-Added support for flashing RAD-Gigastar when using neovi40 DLL
-Added functionality for right clicking on Folders in Application Signals
-Fixed access violation that occurred when attempting to connect to a device with neoVI Explorer

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 10/07/2021

-Added support for Fire 2 Core 2.3

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 08/18/2021

-Fixed issue where Vehicle Spy would throw an error when selecting Platform: None with PC Ethernet Interface enabled
-Fixed Vehicle Spy 3 performance issues
-Fixed issues where location and function of Periodic and XCP/CCP events under Decimation in VehicleScape DAQ was not clear
-Fixed issues with pasting Channels in VehicleScape DAQ

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 07/12/2021

-Fixed issue where Right Click menu would not open after adding a folder to Application Signals view
-Fixed Vehicle Spy crash that would occur when "Add position messages to message traffic on neoVI network" box in GPS Maps was checked
-Fixed Access Violation when polling for devices in neoVI Explorer
-Enabled Ethernet PHY Dashboard for RAD-Gigastar
-Added CoreMini version to CoreMini compilation details
-Fixed UDS extended addressing issues
-Fixed issues with reading message data for LIN and CAN-FD messages in C Code Interface
-Optimized properties list for Jobs and TX Messages in Graphical Panels
-Fixed issues where saving comments with a data log in VSB format would not give any way to retrieve the comments
-Fixed issue where Capture Block data field was blank if Capture Block captured 75 messages or less
-Increased number of lines in C Code Interface Log from 100 to 300
-Fixed issue where VehicleScape DAQ was not decoding Static Event ID's
-Fixed timestamps when using XCP over TCP
-Fixed issue with Capture Block displaying incorrect status after edit
-Fixed issues with resizing columns in Ethernet PHY Dashboard
-Fixed issues with Flags in BitSmash
-Fixed issues with J1939 messages showing incorrect data when in Decimal view in Messages
-Added support for PCAP/PCAPNG in Playback Function Blocks
-Fixed GUI issues in Gateway Builder when using Undo/Redo
-Fixed issues with VehicleScape DAQ GUI saving selections for Stop Conditions across multiple collections
-Added logic to monitor for Functional Responses in ECU Flasher
-Fixed issue with ECU flasher sending multiple Tester Present messages
-Added easier access to neoVI Explorer through CoreMini console CAN tab
-Added a time stamp column to Flexray filtering in Messages View
-Fixed issues with ValueCAN4-4 and ValueCAN4-2 EL when using ISO15765 frames in CoreMini
-Fixed issues with Switch Mode Setting image for RAD-Galaxy in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed issue with TX Panel filling down wrong data with Raw Ethernet Messages
-Fixed issues that would occur when resizing rows in the PHY Dashboard
-Fixed issue where Vehicle Spy would crash after reopening a saved VS3ZIP file to the ECU Flasher view
-Added option to view Message Keys in Messages view
-Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy showing up in Task Manager after it was closed
-Pluto gPTP now meets Automotive Profile requirements
-Added full support for USB interface on RAD-Gigastar
-Added support for SFP/SFP tapping on RAD-Gigastar
-Fixed an issue where 'unused' ISO-15765 messages would not transmit a flow control message in CoreMini
-Fixed issue with DAW tables being generated incorrectly after loading multiple A2L Files
-Fixed issue with playback data being out of order
-Fixed issues with flags being set incorrect in Function Blocks
-Fixed issues with exported files not opening correct in Vector tools
-Fixed issue where last signal in Application signals list was unable to be selected
-Fixed issue in Gateway Builder where CAN-FD frames would be converted to Remote Frames if a Remote Frame passed through the Gateway
-Fixed issue in Messages view where selecting a message and checking the Details pane would result in selecting the incorrect message
-Fixed issues with VehicleScape DAQ not transmitting certain Diagnostic messages in Standalone
-Fixed issue with Extractor not extracting Pre/Post trigger files individually
-Improved CAN transmission performance on RAD-Gigalog
-Improved RAD-Gigalog extraction speeds over USB-C
-Fixed issues with RAD-Galaxy incorrectly transmitting LIN frames in CoreMini
-Fixed issues when sending CoreMini files to RAD-Gigalog while plugged into USB-C
-Fixed issues with RAD-Gigastar disabling networks after writing settings to firmware
-Fixed display issues for FlexRay networks in neoVI Explorer Network Enables
-Fixed issue with RAD-Star2 transmitting multiple frames of the first message in an ISO frame in CoreMini
-Fixed J1939 parsing issues
-Fixed issues with RAD-SuperMoon and RAD-Moon2 flashing unintentionally when going online
-Application Signal Arrays can now be saved and recalled
-Fixed issues with PCAP output time stamp after DST changes
-Wi-Vi will not be notified when a capture starts so that upload can begin after a power cycle on the unit
-Fixed access violation that occurred when copying signals in Messages Editor
-Fixed issue with Graphical Panel Grid Tool not updating Transmit Message bytes correctly
-Fixed issues when logging to CSV
-Added support for OnChange and TimeBased Decimation
-Vehicle Spy will now show where a file or signal originates when viewing signals in MEP or the Channels List
-Fixed issues with multi-A2L files when using decimation
-Fixed issues with Start Using Trigger Expression not being selected correctly
-Fixed access violation that occurred after receiving specific Diagnostic responses
-Fixed issues with Read Data not storing results in Application Signal after index 255
-Fixed issues with Wait Until and Set Value commands in CoreMini
-Fixed issue with CoreMini console and Retain Old Data where new scripts could not be loaded if Retain Old Data was checked
-Fixed issue with Application Signal Arrays where index 101 was marked as Read Only
-Removed Flash Controls from Graphical Panels
-Fixed issues with CAPL conversion
-Added Request_Expose option in Expression Builder and Text API for I2C messages
-Fixed issue with Instrument Control where TCP messages weren't being logged correctly
-Fixed errors being loaded incorrectly when loading large VS3ZIP files
-Improved visibility for BLF network fixup
-Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy not responding after replaying a file with Ethernet data
-Fixed logging issues related to Pre/Post triggers
-Fixed issues with unsupported characters in .mat exports
-Standard Deviation column in messages view is sorted numerically instead of alphabetically
-Fixed issues with RS232 commands not working in Instrument Control
-Fixed issues with Security Type Text API interaction with ECU Flasher
-Improved filtering in CoreMini when using XCP
-Fixed issues with Capture Blocks capturing LIN data incorrectly
-Fixed issue where Capture Function Block would add triggers incorrectly to CSV files
-Fixed issues with Extractor skipping logged data if Secondary VNET data is present
-Ethernet Heading is no longer duplicated in columns setup
-Fixed issues with ION data logging when using main and secondary VNETs
-Fixed CoreMini issue where TCP messages wouldn't transmit correctly if 'Log only items in selected channels list' in VehicleScape DAQ was selected
-Fixed issue where RAD-Gigalog would crash on boot
-Added 'Reset Flasher' option to ECU Flasher
-Fixed issues with Message Filtering
-Fixed issues in VehicleScape DAQ with 'Start Every' option not saving correct values
-Fixed issue with VehicleScape DAQ incorrectly reporting problems when certain parameters were checked
-Fixed issue with RAD-Galaxy where SD Card status would show up incorrectly in neoVI Explorer until card was reformatted
-Fixed corrupt data when importing BLF files
-Fixed issues with first time stamp in BLF files
-Fixed crash in Vehicle Spy that occurred after received specific amount of data from RAD-Gigastar
-Fixed issue with Simulation mode not displaying I2C traffic
-Added support to Diagnostics to trigger DTC request after DTC request is received if any new DTC occurs
-Fixed issues with Text API Interactions with ECU Flasher
-Fixed issues with DTC Logging in C Code Interface
-Added Passthrough support for RAD-Gigastar
-Fixed issue with RAD-Gigastar only logging 200mb of data
-Added periodic triggering mechanism to VehicleScape DAQ Standalone Logging
-Fixed issues with Ethernet CRC calculation
-Fixed issues in MEP XCP over Ethernet where loading an A2L with Calibration would fail to load curves
-Fixed issues where loading an A2L in MEP would remove characteristics from list/tree
-Fixed issues with Ethernet Message Payload Length being set incorrectly
-Fixed issues with Flexray VNETZ and Fire 2 not respecting sleep times
-Signal Plot will now display source file for a given signal
-Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy not decoding Autosar Ethernet messages from Gateway Builder
-Added support in Diagnostics: Routing Control for 'Identical' signal type
-Fixed issue with Diagnostics not taking Reserve Bits into account for Control Field spacing for I/O Control
-Fixed issues with Paste Step command in Function Blocks
-Fixed issues with Gateway Builder truncating CAN FD messages in CoreMini with Fire2 and Fire2 VNET
-Fixed issue with Gateway Builder in CoreMini not correctly mapping CAN FD messages if more than one exists
-Fixed issues with intermittent timeouts in XCP initialization
-Fixed issues with Function Blocks not working correctly when they were copied while Vehicle Spy was online
-Fixed issue where creating a new setup would not refresh the Gateway Builder
-Fixed issue with Messages view Save Buffer saving malformed frames when Vehicle Spy has received more messages then what the buffer is looking for
-Fixed issue where removing a signal in Signal List would not update Signal Plot correctly
-Fixed issue where Script Function Block steps were not updating after Network name change
-Fixed issues with ION Wi-Vi licenses loading incorrectly
-Fixed issue with Fire2 MISC IO 5 & 6 reporting values incorrectly
-Fixed issue with temperature reporting interval on RAD devices
-Fixed issue where RAD-Galaxy would stop transmitting on BR11 and BR12 after transmitting an Ethernet message
-Fixed issues with timing accuracy in RAD-Gigastar when transmitting using a Function Block in CoreMini
-Fixed issue where RAD-Gigalog and RAD-Gigastar would deadlock when transmitting a large amount of data in CoreMini
-Network names in Vehicle Spy now match AE1 and AE2 on RAD-Gigastar
-Fixed issue with RAD-Galaxy where buffer overflow would stop all transmission
-Improved timing accuracy when replacing ASCII files with RAD-Gigastar
-Improved timing accuracy of periodic messages transmitted from RAD-Gigastar and RAD-Galaxy
-Fixed issues with Ethernet network Enabled property
-Fixed issues with inconsistent transmission rates when using RAD-SuperMoon
-Fixed issues with enableFlowControlTransmission flag not being respected in the J2534 mode
-Fixed issues with J2534 RX messages
-Fixed issues with ION not extracting XCP over Ethernet data in Wi-Vi
-Fixed issues in Signal List/Signal Plot where selecting multiple Ethernet frames would cause delays
-Fixed issues with importing ASC files with Ethernet data
-Fixed multiple instances in Vehicle Spy where flags were not being set correctly
-Fixed issues with signal calculation in the Reversing pane
-Fixed issue where Messages view was missing activity highlighting for CAN FD
-Added OR option to Stop Condition in VehicleScape DAQ
-Fixed issue where Ethernet Payload could not be cleared if a 2 byte signal existed
-Fixed issue where searching in a selected function block would not search only the selected function block
-Fixed Text API issue with command mep.deleteAllObjects would throw an exception
-Fixed issue with Reversing pane where receive message signals would not be added to Messages Editor correctly
-Fixed issue in Messages Editor where using the Fill Down function for Arb ID's filled Arb ID's with invalid values
-Fixed issues with Update Address from J1939 Network Name in ECU's view being altered after saving the platform
-Fixed issue in Messages view where message details couldn't be viewed after erasing the buffer
-Fixed issue in Networks view where hardware setup button would be lost when online
-Fixed issue in Networks where certain networks were not able to be assigned a color
-Log Data command now supports network paths
-Fixed issues with flag triggers when saving VS3 files
-Fixed issue with LIN extra bytes not being calculated in message length
-Fixed issue in Diagnostics when reading J1979 DTC's
-Fixed issue with ECU Flash Manager not allowing users to set certain parameters
-Fixed issues with CoreMini playback functions
-Fixed Extractor issues where specific VSA files would cause the extractor progress bar to jump to 100%
-Fixed issues with message BX Filter in CoreMini
-Fixed issues with 2 Byte Multiplex message signals in Messages Editor
-Fixed issues with 'Clear Leases...' check box in DHCP Config
-Fixed issue where RAD-Pluto would transmit multiple LLDP frames every second when online
-Added ISO-15765 IFS options for the RAD-Galaxy in neoVI Explorer
-RAD-Pluto and RAD-Jupiter can now be flashed when neoVI Server is enabled
-Fixed issues with RAD-Jupiter where transmitted LIN Slave messages would cause a buffer overflow
-Fixed issues with transmitting messages on RAD-Galaxy
-Fixed issues with Ethernet Status reporting on RAD devices
-Added PWM Fan control to RAD-Gigastar and RAD-Gigalog

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 03/26/2021 -Fixed issue with intermittent timeouts in CCP/XCP Init sequence

-Fixed issue with Gateway Builder truncating CAN FD Messages in CoreMini
-Fixed issue with Messages view Save Buffer saving malformed HS CAN frames
-Fixed issue with Wireless NeoVI license failing to load correctly
-Improved Transmit Rate stability on RAD-SuperMoon
-Fixed issue where the 'Enabled' property of the Ethernet network would not update properly
-Improved timing accuracy of RAD-Gigastar and RAD-Galaxy
-Fixed issue where users could not uncheck 'Include in Package' option when the Flash has not been packaged yet
-Fixed issue in Diagnostics where reserve bits for DIDs were not taken into account for Control Field spacing for I/O control
-Fixed issue with RAD-Pluto always transmitting LLDP frames when online
-Added ISO15765 IFS options for Galaxy in Hardware Explorer
-Fixed issues with flashing RAD-Pluto and RAD-Jupiter firmware when neoVI Server is enabled
-Fixed issue with RAD-Jupiter causing buffer overflow when transmitting LIN Slave messages
-Fixed issue with RAD-Galaxy transmitting on Ethernet2
-Fixed Ethernet Status Report across multiple RAD devices
-Added PWM Fan control to RAD-Gigastar and RAD-Gigalog
-Fixed issues with XCP over TCP
-Fixed intermittent issue where .DAT file would fail to export
-Fixed issues with TCP Transmits when online in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues with flashing RAD-Galaxy
-Fixed display issues in Extract/Export view
-Fixed issue where CoreMini would fail to compile if Playback Function block contained CAN/CAN FD message data with data length less than 8 bytes
-Fixed issue in VehicleScape DAQ where enabling fast wake would override Wi-Vi timeout
-Fixed issues when decoding FlexRay from ARXML
-Fixed crash that occurred when Transmitting Ethernet messages copied from Database
-Fixed issues with decoding Ethernet receive messages
-Added FlexRay Cluster Data and Actions to Text API
-Fixed issue in Diagnostics view where CAN 2.0 messages over 4000 bytes would not be decoded
-Fixed issue with enabling CAN FD in Fire 2 firmware
-Fixed issues with extractor missing data
-Fixed issue in ECU flasher where BCM files would fail at 90% completion
-Fixed issue in ECU Flasher where SADS Archives were causing crashes
-Fixed issue with ECU Flasher not waiting for correct response
-Fixed issue with ECU Flasher where EOCM Step implementation was not instantiated
-Added option to embed flash archives in vs3zip and vs3exe
-Fixed issue in Text API where using the remove function with ECU Flasher was triggering access violations
-Fixed issue in Vehicle Spy that caused a crash when using Read Message Data
-Updated Application Signals tool tip to inform users that the remove button works on folders
-Added option to allow padding deactivation and FCS manipulation of an Ethernet frame when using the neoVI API
-Added Ethernet FCS Manipulation Feature in Vehicle Spy for the RAD Galaxy
-Fixed issue with RAD Galaxy incorrectly reporting FCS Frames on TX receipts
-Fixed issue where Automatic Checksum Updating could not be disabled
-Fixed issue with RAD Galaxy Ethernet port not showing FCS checksum in Vehicle Spy
-Removed 'Pad Short Frames' option from Receive Tab of Messages Editor
-Enabled BASE-T1 PHY Auto negotiation for RAD-SuperMoon, RAD-Moon 2, and RAD-Gigastar
-Fixed issue with RAD-SuperMoon BASE-T link resolving to 10Mbps when 2 devices are connected at differing link speeds
-Fixed issue with enabling BR Settings on RAD Devices after connecting to RAD-Moon 2
-Fixed issue with EtherType Filter filtering the wrong messages when using Standalone Logging on the RAD-Galaxy
-Fixed issues with Fire 2 reporting ZCHIP Firmware as 255.255 after waking from MCHIP
-Fixed issue where using Extractor "extract user files" will extract "selected files" if any files are selected
-Fixed issues where extract would miss Standalone Histogram CSV File
-Added Axis Ethernet camera support to the RAD-Galaxy
-Added error message to RAD-Galaxy and RAD-Star 2 when trying to transmit messages in 'TAP - Low Latency Mode'
-Fixed issues with new Extract view GUI
-Fixed issue with ECU Designer combining contiguous blocks of memory from the VBF file
-Fixed OLE Error when deleting Ethernet Signals in messages editor
-Fixed issue where Gateway Builder would gate Text Signals as '0'
-Fixed issue where Standalone Extractor was not transferring VSA files correctly
-Fixed issue where VSA would not be extracted correctly if there was card overlap
-Fixed issue with SD Cards reading as encrypted when formatting through neoVI hardware
-Fixed issue with new Extractor UI not switching the start/end time when adding a VSA
-Fixed issue where partially overwritten pretrigger was causing the extractor to terminate too early
-fixed issue where Exporter was using too much memory
-Fixed issue with scrolling in Messages view Filter Window
-Fixed issue where a dead battery in the Fire 2 was causing data loss
-Fixed issue with neoECU-12 and ION changing network settings when networks were selected
-Fixed issues with Gateway Builder not gating ISO 15765-2 Messages correctly
-Fixed issues with Message BX Indexing
-Fixed issue where changing LIN Transmit Message Length using a Function Block would not change the actual length of the Transmit Message
-Fixed issue with CAN Fuzzer showing wrong values when running in Simulation Mode
-Fixed issue with Signal Groups causing an access violation when an Application Signal in the group had been deleted
-Fixed issue with FlexRay VNETZ not logging dlt
-Fixed issue with neoECU12 not transmitting LIN Slave responses if Master frames are too close together
-Fixed issue with database mismatch when reopening an ARXML file in a vs3zip that already contained the ARXML file
-Fixed issue where saving and reopening a setup with a Signal Plot would trigger the problem log
-Fixed issue where error message for PrePost collection is cut off.
-Fixed issue with Master control Function Blocks restarting DAQ before stopping DAQ
-Fixed issue where Vehicle Spy was sending two TCP SYN Messages to the XCP ECU when trying to connect
-LUA Files are now saved inside VS3ZIP
-Fixed issues with MAC Address decoding
-Fixed issue in Diagnostics where user jobs were changing when the platform was changed
-Fixed issues with Signal Plot #3531 Signal Plot: New signal groups from other tabs show red color for all signals until made active
-Fixed crash in Vehicle Spy that would occur when adding an application signal to Signal Group/Plot while online or in simulation mode
-Fixed cascading access violation that occurred when using XY plots
-Fixed an issue where cancelling before exporting would still generate a database file
-Fixed issues when generating MAT files using Force Rate
-Fixed issue in Extract/Export where Signal CSV file output would be limited to 5 decimal places
-Fixed access violation that would occur when modifying VLAN tags after importing a vsdb
-Fixed issue in ECU View where setup area would go blank after double clicking a job
-Fixed sleep issues with ION that would occur when Ethernet is disabled
-Fixed issue with CoreMini sending CAN FD Flow Control messages as CAN 2.0 messages
-Fixed issues with RAD-SuperMoon transmitting incorrect message data
-Fixed issue with CoreMini where ISO15765 Flow Control frames would only transmit on HS CAN1
-Reserve bits for DIDs are now taken into account for Control Field spacing for I/O control
-Padding setting for Ethernet TX signals is now retained in the Messages Editor
-Fixed remapping errors that occurred when exporting to ASC
-BLF mapping in advanced options now also apply to ASC files while Standalone Logging
-Fixed issue in MEP where importing A2L files would result in duplicate entries
-Bitsmash White List checkbox state is now properly saved to VS3 files
-Fixed issues with display after importing BLF File
-Added ability to control Instrument Voltage with Application Signals
-Updated Details view so items at the bottom of the list are easier to read
-CoreMini Compilation Details now shows all signals that have been optimized
-Fixed issue where restore network defaults always shows mismatch popup for virtual networks
-Fixed issue with ECU Flash Manager not showing correct protocol details section after loading archive
-Toggling Periodic On/Off Transmit button in Graphical Panels no longer causes significant delay to other periodic TX messages
-Error message for PrePost is no longer cut off in VehicleScape DAQ
-Fixed Vehicle Spy crash that occurred after using Language Setup -> Create New Language
-Fixed issue where the ION was not sorting XCP measurements in descending order based on byte count when sending to cmProbe
-Increased speed for pre-post extraction and show pre-trigger extraction progress
-Vehicle Spy will now store the last user selected extraction source directory
-Extractor now correctly finds the end of a PrePost region
-Pre-Post with video no longer crops out the Pretrigger data
-Added status for pre/post in extractor
-Fixed audio extraction issues between MIC2 and FIRE2
-Fixed issues with SerDes PrePost collection overlapping creating a single large video instead of multiple video files
-Increased flashing speed of neoOBD2 Pro
-Fixed issues with current extractor trying to extract data from older versions of CoreMini
- Transmitting a message with RAD-Moon Duo on BR1 no longer transmits message on BR2
-Fixed issues with message timestamps
-Increased allocated buffer for CoreMini replays
-Microsecond precision playback function blocks now use correct timing in RAD-Galaxy, RAD-Gigalog, and RAD-Gigastar
-Is Running property now works for CoreMini replay function blocks
-Fixed Fire2 performance issues
-Fixed issue on Gigalog where FlexRay messages were getting logged as invalid message type
-Fixed issues with Extractor progress bar
-Fixed issues with signal names overlapping when stacking the Y axes
-Fixed issue where only the first imported ARXML file is imported correctly
-Graphical Panel Grids formatted to display in hex can now be edited in hex instead of decimal
-Added Don't Cares to VLAN filtering in Messages Editor
-Fixed GUI Issues with the Extra Bytes section of the ECU Flasher
-Fixed access violation in embedded C Code Interface that occurred after updating support files
-C Code Interface no longer generates code that does not compile
-Fixed issue in Regions area of Fuzzer that caused access violations when copying and pasting
-Value Entry is now encoded correctly in the Fuzzer
-Fixed CoreMini Console crashes that occurred after using neoVI Explorer
-Phy Dashboard now accessible in Vehicle Spy Trial and Restricted Mode
-Fixed access violation that occurred when using the Video view
-Fixed issue when decoding j1939 messages
-Typing in a date in the Extractor no longer makes the buttons unusable
-Flow control properties are now set for ISO 15765-2 messages copied to Transmit Table
-Fixed issues with Function Block and Graphical Panel Export files
-Fixed issue with Simulation Mode where Transmit Messages wouldn't 'Transmit' after running in Monitor Only Mode
-Fixed docking issues with MAPS characteristic editor
-Fixed display issues with Storage Disk page in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed issues where logging videos using Axis Cameras and the ION would set video resolution to 480 when the intended resolution was 1080
-Fixed issues with Fire2 VNET Slave reporting LIN bus errors and eth link down when running in Standalone
-Fixed issues where logging DLT caused the FIRE2 VNET to display 0.0 for slave ZCHIP.
-Added message properties to gateway builder
-Added Trigger action to Gateway Builder
-Gateway Builder can now manipulate Layer 2 and Layer 3 Headers between Ethernet networks
-Improved processing of gateway network items
-C Code can now be used for recalculating checksums before transmitting messages in Gateway Builder
-Fixed issue in Gateway Builder where duplicates would be allowed when duplicates are not allowed
-Fixed issues with Gateway Building disabling items automatically
-Fixed issue with Gateway Builder Network Tree closing on its own
-Fixed issue where no gateways will compile if one has error
-Save setup now saves the current position of the Gateway Builder dropdown
-Fixed issues that occurred while receiving DLT stream failed
-Fixed issues with CAN FD playback messages longer than 8 bytes not transmitting when loaded from CSV file
-Fixed issues with CDD formula import not handling a divisor
-Fixed issues with KW2000 (CAN) requests in VehicleScape DAQ when diagnostic jobs exist
-Fixed Multiple Hardware Setup not saving hardware serial numbers
-Explorer no longer shows extra lines when connecting and reading settings of IONs with Slave VNETs
-Fixed issue where the RAD-SuperMoon would lose its license settings after flashing
-Fixed issues with the PASS ALL Filter for 29-bit arbIDs allowing 11-bit arbID messages
-Padding of 0x00 no longer transmitted as 0xCC
-Fixed issues with Playback Function Block Message Count while Messages view is in Static mode
-Fixed an issue where deleting an active custom column would cause an access violation
-Fixed an issue where empty PCAP files do not give an error messages or clear the Messages View
-Increased display resolution of timestamps in VSPY messages view down to the precision of the hardware timestamp
-Fixed issue in Signal List & Signal Plot where using the Copy Selected Group button appends "Copy1" each time
-Added Support for MS CAN Flashing with F2 ID in ECU Flasher
-Fixed issues with the ECU Flasher related to simultaneous flashing
-Fixed issue in Messages view where LIN errors cause messages list to be resorted even when paused
-Fixed issues with Standalone generated function block does not show the problem log for the error in compiling the function block
-Fixed issues with Signal List not triggering its Dirty flag
-Various improvements to the filter bar GUI
-Fixed issue with Reversing Pane where bytes in a CAN FD message couldn't be selected
-Fixed unexpected Save Changes dialog box popup after closing CoreMini Generator
-Fixed access violation caused by Timer settings in C Code Interface
-Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy not reading the proper network list after closing and reopening
-fixed incorrect message lengths for ISO15765-2 messages in Messages view
-Fixed issues with XCP initialization resetting sporadically in CoreMini
-Signals will now Display Network and Description File names for easier identification across different networks
-Added Min/Max to Signal Plot
-'Signal Not Present' no longer equals '0' in the Signal Plot
-Fixed issues with Gateway Builder not gating messages correctly on ValueCAN4-1 and VividCAN
-Function Block Loop will no longer loop a single time when using an Application Signal set to 0
-Added USB3 support to RAD-Gigalog REV-B
-Added gPTP to RAD-Pluto
-Added Support for UDP and TCP virtual networks in CoreMini
-CoreMini now supports masks in the IP address fields
-Fixed issues with XCP over TCP not working correctly in CoreMini
-Added DLT support for neoVI Fire2
-Improved Ethernet network options for RAD-Galaxy and RAD-Star2
-RAD-Star2 can now transmit and Receive messages on the Ethernet Network in CoreMini
-Fixed issues with RAD-Star2 having incorrect networks enabled by 'Load Default Settings'
-Added support for logging from either Ethernet port on RAD-Galaxy
-Added LWIP support for RAD-Galaxy and RAD-Star2 #3438 RADGalaxy, RADStar2: Add support for LWIP
-Fixed issues with incorrect address lengths when importing an A2L into an ISO14229 ECU
-Signal Plot no longer deletes all signals in when one signal is switched off
-Fixed issues with Standalone using incorrect files when generating from a vs3zip
-The Export button is now disabled while exporting
-Fixed issue with RAD-IO2-CANHUB changing serial numbers when settings are changed
-Fixed issues with neoECU12 generating CAN Bus errors when transmitting from a function block
-Fixed issue with ISO15765-2 Multiframe message padding lengths
-Fixed crash that would occur when editing ISO15765 Message Frame data bytes
-Fixed missing network properties in Expression Builder
-Added CAN FD Configuration to ECU Flasher
-Fixed issues with neoVI FIRE 2 is not being able to detect a LIN Slave Wake Up frame
-Fixed speaker issues with the VividCAN when setting speaker values through function blocks
-Fixed issue with RAD-Star 2 not receiving or transmitting on Ethernet while in Raw Media Converter mode
-Improved performance when using Diagnostics Functional Code Clear
-Fixed issues related to large integers when using HEX formatting
-Fixed issues with RAD-Star 2 where changing Ethernet settings would generate a baud rate error
-Default Galaxy settings now match default Vehicle Spy settings
-Fixed issues with Fire2 and ION SD Card showing as unformatted after loading default settings
-Revised TAP configuration screens in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed issues with Listen Only mode
-Added I/O support to the RAD-Galaxy
-Firmware now reports link status on 100BASE-T1 devices
-Fixed issue with RAD-Moon Duo overwriting Ethernet MAC values in CM
-Improved maximum amount of Signals and Graphs available in Signal Group/Plot and Data Analysis
-Added support for Dynamic DAQ lists which have fixed CAN IDs
-Fixed inconsistencies in signal behavior between Data Analysis and Signal plot
-Enabled firmware updates directly from the application for all RAD devices
-RAD-Star2 now supports firmware update over USB
-Fixed issues with RAD-SuperMoon throwing errors when using hardware latency test
-Implemented 'Retain Old Data' setting on RAD devices
-Fixed issue with RAD-Gigastar not seeing FlexRay Traffic
-Fixed issue where CAN Termination settings were not being saved after a power cycle
-Fixed issue with Gigalog REV-B not transmitting LIN messages
-Fixed issue with Gigalog receiving a FlexRay message when CAN FD messages are transmitted
-Increased CoreMini size to 1MB on RAD devices
-Added LED boot up pattern to RAD devices
-Fixed timestamp issues with RAD-Galaxy LIN logging
-Fixed issue with RAD-SuperMoon not being able to transmit on Ethernet
-Added support EtherBadge in release software
-Added Cancel button to Export view
-Fixed RAD-Gigalog issues with invalid timestamps for extracted CAN and GPS data
-Added ability to view name of contained PDU as a prefix to the signal
-Fixed issues with Expression Builder when adding User Signals
-Fixed issues with Messages view Buffer Save saving BLF files with the incorrect number of bytes.
-Fixed issues with extractor showing wrong information in root directory
-Fixed an issue where Gateway Builder does not fully initialize if you open the setup and the tab is closed
-Added images for ValueCAN4 Industrial and RAD-Moon Duo to Logon View
-Added Wireless neoVI "High resolution Live Data" support in Standalone
-Fixed issue with VSA extraction missing files in the tree
-Fixed connection errors in neoVI Explorer when connecting to ION with Fire1 VNET
-Fixed issues with SD Cards on RAD devices getting stuck while extracting
-Fixed issues with ValueCAN 4-2 EL where going online would fail if server was enabled
-Fixed Read Setting errors with ValueCAN 4 units in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed various errors that would occur when enabling performance blast then resetting settings with ValueCAN 4 units
-Fixed issues with RAD-Pluto losing transmit Ethernet frames when transmitted from Function Blocks
-Turning HSCAN off will no longer brick the RAD-IO CANHUB
-Fixed issue with Text API where adding any Graphical Panel control would add a TX Button control instead
-Added Vehicle Spy Enterprise Plus license level
-Fixed FlexRay data issues with BLF exports
-Function Blocks view in Fuzzer does not update when Function Blocks are updated
-Fixed issues with certain properties in the Fuzzer not being saved correctly
-Fixed Fuzzer access violation that occurred after deleting a template that has a configuration
-Fuzzer now shows Fuzzer instead of R3D when adding a new test
-Generate button in Fuzzer is no longer usable if no configuration exists
-Fixed access violation in Fuzzer when double clicking a template name to save
-Fixed Fuzzer access violation that occurred after selecting 'No' in Save Dialog
-Made End Time entry in Extractor easier to edit
-Fixed issues with Extractor finding incorrect offset when searching for specific times
-Fixed issues with overflow errors on the RAD-Galaxy when transmitting on Ethernet network
-Fixed issues with Fire2 when logging DLT

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 10/19/2020

-Fixed Diagnostic Job where padding could not be set to 0x00
-Fixed issue with Rad SuperMoon and Rad Moon2 losing license info after firmware updates
-Fixed issue with SD card formatted in hardware showing up as "Encrypted" in Windows

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 10/01/2020

-Fixed an issue where reviewing data could improperly show "Signal Not Present"

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 9/24/2020

-Fixed an issue where XCP initialization was resetting sporadically in CoreMini
-Fixed an issue with ECU View where importing an A2L into ISO14229 ECU Produced the wrong address length
-Fixed network reporting issue with RadSuperMoon
-The Export button in the Export view is now disabled when exporting data
-Fixed CAN Bus error that occurred when transmitting messages from a function block using a neoECU-12
-Fixed Issue with RADIO-2 CANHUB changing serial number when settings were updated
-Fixed issue with ISO15765 Multiframe messages where last message would always be padded to length of TX_DL
-Fixed crash in Vehicle Spy that occurred when editing ISO 15765 multiframe message data bytes
-Fixed issues with J2534 DOIP flashing when using RAD Galaxy
-Fixed Issue with J2534 DLL settings getting overwritten when using neoVI Fire2
-Fixed Issue with neoVI Fire2 not detecting LIN Slave Wakeup Frame
-Fixed issues with RadGigastar and RadSuperMoon linking problem when tapping from BR to ETH
-Fixed issues with VividCAN not playing sounds through speakers
-Fixed issues with RADStar2 Raw Media Converter mode not receiving or transmitting on the Ethernet Network
-Fixed issue with VehicleScape DAQ Standalone Logging using incorrect files when generating from a vs3zip
-Fixed issue in Vehicle Spy where the windows Wait Cursor would show while in networks view and online
-Fixed issue with Linux builds of VSB Exporter not reporting errors
-Fixed issues with ION, Fire2, and PLASMA where Loading Default Settings in neoVI Explorer was causing formatted SD cards to show as unformatted
-Fixed issues with default Baud Rate settings of RAD Galaxy
-Fixed issue with RADStar2 One Pair Ethernet mode where changing settings triggers a baud rate warning
-Revised Tap configuration screens in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed issue with Listen Only mode
-Fixed an issue where VehicleScape DAQ Standalone Logging was triggering on a missing message
-Added support for MISC I/O on RAD Galaxy
-Added firmware report link status on 100BASE-T1 devices
-Fixed issue with RADMoon Duo where Ethernet MAC values were being overwritten by signals in CoreMini
-Fixed issues with specific XCP Setups locking up Vehicle Spy
-Fixed an issue in the Expression Builder when searching and adding a signal from the "User Signals" section caused the signal to be named with extra HTML
-Fixed an issue with large integers in Hex formatting
-Fixed an issue with Functional Code Clear service taking 5 minutes to complete
-Fixed issue with extractor showing script names in data
-Added support for RADStar2 Firmware Updates over USB
-Fixed issues with RadSuperMoon hardware latency test throwing overloads
-Added option to 'Retain old data' to RAD Devices
-Fixed issue with RadGigastar not receiving Flex Data correctly
-Fixed issue with CAN Termination settings not being remembered after power cycle
-Increased CoreMini size on RAD devices
-Added LED boot up pattern to RAD devices
-Fixed issues with LIN timestamps when logging on RAD Galaxy
-Fixed issues with RADSuperMoon not transmitting on Ethernet network
-Fixed issue with RADStar2 where activity lights would keep blinking after activity stopped
-Added Cancel button to Export tab
-Fixed issue when saving BLF file from Messages view
-Added pictures in Logon View for RADMoonDuo and ValueCAN4 Industrial
-Fixed issues with missing data when extracting from VSA
-Fixed issues on RAD devices with SD Card getting 'stuck' while extracting
-Fixed issue with ValueCAN4-2 EL not going back online after going offline when neoVI Server is enabled
-Fixed issues with neoVI Explorer showing errors when reading data from ValueCAN 4
-Fixed issues with ValueCAN4 that can occur after enabling Blast Test then reloading default settings
-Fixed issues with neoVI Explorer throwing errors when manually reflashing ValueCAN4
-Fixed issue with RAD Pluto losing Ethernet frames when transmitting from a Function Block
-Fixed Firmware lockup on CANHUB when disabling HSCAN1
-Added support for High Resolution Live Data for WiVi when using VehicleScape DAQ
-Fixed issue with Fire/Fire VNET losing its hardware license and turning off networks in neoVI Explorer using specific setups
-Added new Vehicle Spy License Level - Enterprise Plus
-Fixed issues with BLF exports containing FlexRay data not displaying signals in Vector tool suite
-Fixed issue with CAN Fuzzer Function Blocks Area not refreshing after changes on Function Block view
-Fixed issue with Fuzzer Regions area being unable to save and reload SED and text signal regions
-Fixed Access Violation with Fuzzer after deleting template that has configuration
-Fixed Issue with Fuzzer "Generate" Button remaining usable when no configuration exists
-Fixed Access Violation with Fuzzer when attempting to change name
-Fixed Access Violation with Fuzzer after clicking "No" to Save Dialog
-Fixed issue with Extractor finding incorrect time offset when searching for specific times
-Fixed issues with RAD Galaxy overflow errors when transmitting on Ethernet and link disconnects/reconnects
-Added support for J1939 tags in ARXML import
-Added support for ISO15765 messages for normal ECU communication
-Fixed issue with Fire2 locking up when going online with high LIN bus while CoreMini is transmitting high LIN traffic
-Fixed issues with RADMoon2 LED's blinking too rapidly
-Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy handling Contained PDU's
-Fixed issue with C Code interface handling CAN-FD messages
-Fixed issue with decoding CAN-FD messages when message is in Receive Table
-Added .pcap to export tab
-Fixed issue with MAC address of ICS devices not being picked up by Vehicle Spy for DHCP use
-Fixed issues with ValueCAN4 Industrial and RAD-IO2
-Fixed issue with nEAT does not sending stored MAC address to Vehicle Spy on connect
-Fixed issue with ValueCAN4 Industrial where LIN receive messages were not triggering Wake Up
-Fixed issues with "Use PC Ethernet Interface' in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues with 'Retransmit on PC Ethernet Interface' in messages editor
-Added support for Standalone Logging BusQuery Snapshot / Extended Records to handle response pending
-Fixed issues with BusQuery performing Snapshot and Extended Records on a previous ECU's response if a timeout occurred
-Added SD Card Format Tool to RAD-Galaxy, neoVI Fire2, ION and PLASMA
-Added option to RAD-Galaxy to disable logging during extraction
-Fixed issue with RAD-Galaxy receiving any BR network as BR1
-Improved flashing speed over CAN
-Fixed Issue with RADStar2 and RADSuperMoon not receiving short Ethernet frames
-Added Ether type Indicators to RADSuperMoon and RADMoon2
-Added BR ETh2 in neoVI Explorer settings to RADMoon2
-Fixed issues with SetDeviceSettings for RADSuperMoon and RADMoon2
-Fixed issues with first read settings failing immediately after flashing on some RAD devices
-Added Tap: Low Latency Mode to RadSuperMoon
-Fixed issues with RADSuperMoon infinitely flashing after transmitting high traffic Ethernet
-Fixed issue with RADStar2 RJ45 mode turning off USB
-Updated how new Targets are added to Fuzzer
-Added UI to enter configuration data for Fuzzer
-Fixed an issue with PC Locked licenses all being treated as Enterprise
-Fixed issue with TCP data exporting due to follow filter mode
-Fixed DHCP settings getting corrupted after saving VS3 file
-Tilde in state field will now be replaced with other characters automatically
-Added TCP and UDP networks to Messages View Filter Bar
-Fixed Access Violation when copying or pasting from or into Curve Settings under MEP or Map Editor
-Fixed issues with VSB files having wrong timestamp in file name
-Added support for using the State in a State Encoded Signal as a trigger
-Added preemption support in message editor for IPv4
-Added Remote Frames and BRS to CAN Fuzzer
-Fixed issue where MEP was sending duplicate connection requests
-Fixed issue with Default Logger Script not loading
-Added support for FIRE2 using MIC2 for neo-M8 GPS
-Fixed issue in Vehicle Spy where Extractor shows "No CoreMini Version Found" error while extracting from other connected device
-Updated extractor GUI to better support feature that retains old data
-Fixed issue where Extractor does not extract all messages
-Fixed issue with RADStar2 dropping Start Fragment and Continuation Fragment frames
-Simplified preemption settings in neoVI Explorer
-Fixed Issue with RADStar2 and RADGalaxy when preemption is enabled on 1 BR port it gets enabled on all BR MACs in the device
-Fixed issue with Fire2 extracting Mic2 GPS data
-Fixed issues with ValueCAN4 Industrial and RAD-Pluto showing Transmit and Receive errors if Checksum is off using ISO9141
-Fixed neoRAD-IO2-CANHUB and neoECU12 Issues through DLL
-Fixed issue where Auto-Disable Diagnostics sends Flow Control
-Fixed Access Violation in Vehicle Spy when Transmitting FlexRay
-Fixed issues with DBC files loading truncated signal names
-Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy not reading MATRIX_DIM value in A2L Files correctly
-Fixed issues with Instrument control functionality in vs3zip
-Fixed issue with Function Blocks where cutting a step would not enable the Undo button
-Fixed issue in Messages View where Pulldown List is Missing All Dissector Fields
-Fixed issue where Vehicle Spy couldn't recover if user deleted User folder manually
-Fixed Extractor collections view showing empty entries when using triggers
-Fixed issue in Extract/Export where ASCII formatted signals get exported as 0 in Signal CSV
-Fixed issue in Extract/Export where Signal CSV is truncating signal names to 62 characters
-Fixed issue with Lua dissector scripts giving error on load
-Fixed issues with CAPL conversion projects not building
-C Code Module setup now opens to correct tab
-J1939 BAM messages are now generated when streaming VSB files
-Increased performance when looking up MEP channels in Expression Builder
-Appsave/Apprestore now working correctly with vs3zip
-Fixed issue with Auto-Detect Hardware setting not being set back properly after setup was using "Selected Devices" setting for multiple hardware
-Fixed issue with Fire2 where connecting USB and Ethernet will show the same device twice in neoVI Explorer and Extract
-Fixed issue where Vehicle Spy could go online without the correct amount of hardware devices connected
-Data Analysis MDF export no longer drops channels with the same names
-Text Display color picker no longer causes Access Violation
-Fixed issues when double clicking to open VSEB file
-Vehicle Spy no longer produces invalid XML if File/URL Camera is saved to the project
- Fixed spelling errors in GDX Converter Dialog Text
-Signals with Tag "DATA_TYPE" BCD are now imported from GDX file
-Routine Signals with Tag "SEQUENCE_OF" no longer have Overlap Problem when importing from GDX file
-DID Signals with Tag "SEQUENCE_OF" now get imported from GDX file
-Flashing RadStar2 in Message Forwarding Mode no longer Bricks device
-Fixed type issue when importing ARXML file
-Fixed issue with units not being copied to message editor
-Delete Step then undoing Delete Step in Function Blocks will now refresh Jump Target Steps
-Fixed Network Databases tree not being properly updated when using multiple "Selected Devices"
-Fixed issues with .blf files uploaded to WIVI not being read in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed out of bounds errors when importing ASC files
-Added support for IPv6 throughout Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issues with RAD-Galaxy using MIC2 working after RAD-Galaxy wakes up from sleep
-Fixed issue with XCP UDP frames not being properly padded to meet minimum Ethernet frame length
-Added option for RAD-Galaxy using MIC2 to turn off GPS reporting
-Fixed issues with RADGigastar when logging video with Axis cameras
-Vehicle Spy no longer enables Extended ID's in MEP Setup incorrectly
-Fixed Logging issue where the Total Number of Rows in CSV was unequal to the Logging Status Lines Collected
-Fixed issues when sending scripts to PLASMA and ION
-PC Logging now creating new mdf file when going offline then online
-Fixed VSB date when extracting from RAD-Galaxy
-Fixed issues with cyclic PHY resets on 100Base-T1 & RJ45 ports for RAD-Pluto
-Fixed issues with RAD-Galaxy where Selected CAN channels is switching back to SWCAN if re-powered
-Fixed extraction issues when extracting from VehicleScape DAQ setup with Multiple Partitions
-Retain Old Data setting will now save/load with the VS3
-Fixed issue with RAD Moon Duo Transmitting T1 network as Ethernet (not BR1)
-Fixed issues with RAD Devices loading corrupted settings
-Fixed issue when generating XML from Bus Query
-Fixed issue when extracting data from RAD-Galaxy in Vehicle Spy if we extract or refresh the data twice
-Retain Old Data is now on by Default in CoreMini Console
-Read Data now functions correctly in VS3ZIP
-Fixed issue with Rad Moon Duo disconnecting or locking up when going online in RJ45 mode
-Fixed issue where Fire2 could not TX messages when neoVI Server was enabled
-Fixed issue with Logging where an integer is appended to the file name after file extension instead of before
-Fixed issue with logging where data was no longer appended to the file after Stopping then Starting

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 04/6/2020

- Move "Recent Time" from Column Setup window to Change Highlighting Style window
- J2534 API now uses new icsneo DLL for FW flash
- Added J2534-2 Official specification support
- Added support for ARXML/DBC, Auto Gen, Function Block attachment, and Extended arb ID support in CAN Fuzz
- Added 2 BeforeTX() C Code Interface handler Events for CAN Fuzz
- Added Expression Builder support for CAN Fuzz
- Added Datalogger support for Multi-A2L file per ECU in MEP
- Updated MAP in MEP
- Added Ethernet XCP support to command line Exporter
- Added support for XCP over CAN-FD
- Updated Vehicle Spy Export Tool
- Added ability to show DTCs from Diagnostic job in Text on Graphical panel
- Added support for ECU Flash Manager in vs3exe files
- Added short name as a search option to expression builder
- Updated GDX Importer to support GDX 4.1
- Rad Gigalog now supports data logging from Rad Galaxy
- Added frameskip parameter to RTSP/RTP streams for SerDes camera when using Rad Gigalog
- Added support for ISM in FlexRay VNETZ
- Added support for jumbo frames up to 16kB in Rad SuperMoon and Rad Moon
- Added compliance test mode for Rad SuperMoon and Rad Moon2
- neoECU12 CoreMini Console Improvements

- Fixed issue with Rad Galaxy communicating with Mic2 after waking from sleep
- Fixed issue with Fire2 locking up
- J2534 API now supports mixed ID's when flashing
- Fixed issue with CoreMini missing ReadBin when uploaded over USB
- Fixed issue with MEP incorrectly enabling Extended ID's
- Fixed mismatch in MEP Measurement between number of messages collected and the number of lines in the generated .csv
- Fixed issue that occurred when sending some scripts to ION/PLASMA
- Fixed issue with PC Logging not creating a new .MDF file when going offline then back online
- Fixed issue with timestamps when extracting data from Rad Galaxy, Gigalog, and Gigastar
- Fixed issue on Rad Pluto with cyclic PHY resets on 100Base-T1 and RJ45 Ports
- Fixed issue with auto-link on Rad Jupiter
- Fixed issue with Rad Galaxy losing network settings after being repowered
- Fixed issue with extractor when extracting from Standalone Logger with multiple partitions
- Fixed issue with 'Retain Old Data' option in CoreMini Console not loading from setup file
- Fixed issue with Extractor crashing when extracting Raw video
- Fixed issue with Rad Moon Duo transmitting messages over Ethernet instead of BroadR-1
- Fixed issue with Rad devices to prevent loading corrupted values
- Fixed issue with VCAN4 Industrial Ethernet
- Fixed issue with XML generation from Bus Query collection
- Fixed issue with crash occurring when trying to extract data from Rad Galaxy
- Fixed issue with Rad Moon Duo being unable to connect to Vehicle Spy when going online in RJ45 mode
- Fixed issue with Fire2 transmitting messages while neoVI server is enabled
- Fixed issue with Read Data command in VS3ZIP
- Fixed issue with logged data after restarting logger
- Fixed issue occurring when converting CAPL builds using Vehicle Spy
- Fixed issue with Standalone logging restarting Diagnostic session every 5 seconds
- Fixed issue with CCP initialization sequences getting out of sync with the ECU
- Fixed issue with Capture Function Blocks capturing all messages
- Fixed error popups with ARXML files
- Fixed Extractor issues when dealing with data overlap
- Fixed issue with Messages Editor losing GUI elements during use
- Fixed issues with Extractor Root Directory
- Fixed issue with scripts not backing up or copying correctly
- Fixed rare issue with FLEXRAY VNETZ stopping logging after continuous use
- Fixed issue with ION Wivi Uploads when using pre/post triggers
- Fixed issue with Standalone Logging and blank records in logged sectors
- Fixed issue with XCP DAQ types
- Fixed issue with importing J1939 messages
- Fixed issue with CCP Standalone logging
- Fixed issue with VehicleScape DAQ not logging messages due to incorrect Receive message being created
- Fixed issue with 'apprestore' Text API command
- Fixed issue with Rad Jupiter not waking up after dropping below specific voltage level
- Fixed issue with Rad Jupiter not going to sleep
- Fixed issue with Fire2 not logging correct amount of .vsb files on extraction
- Fixed performance issues with Rad SuperMoon
- Fixed MIC2 issue with Fire2 when using Pre/Post triggers
- Fixed Access Violation that occurred when going online in Simulation Mode with an .asc file
- Fixed issues with importing some MDX files
- Fixed issues with PDX import not importing specific services
- Added DISPLAY_IDENTIFIER to MEP -> Measurements
- Fixed issue in CoreMini with Function Blocks in Microsecond Timing precision
- Fixed issue in Extractor when selecting Time Zone
- Fixed issue where Extractor was not extracting .XML file
- Fixed issue when exporting to ASC from FLEXRAY
- Fixed issue in MEP where memory addresses were not reloading when .A2L was reloaded
- Fixed issues occurring when trying to filter Ethernet and CAN FD messages
- Fixed issue with Exporter when exporting messages with large amounts of signals
- Fixed issue with Keyword ECU's being imported as ISO ECU's
- Fixed issue in CAN Fuzz where values were being corrupted on reloading a test
- Fixed issue with CAN Fuzzer C Code Handler
- Fixed issue with Text API DeleteAllObjects running in an immediate Function Block
- Fixed issue with ISO 14229 Security Access
- Fixed issue with ECU Flasher not waking ECU up
- Fixed issue with Snapshot reading incorrect DIDs
- Fixed issues with importing MEP Calibration from A2L File
- Fixed issues with Graphical Panel Grid object working with signal groups
- Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy crashing when Logger was copying specific files
- Fixed issue with ISO 14229 Flow Control frames in CoreMini
- Fixed issue with FLEXRAY VNETZ not sleeping
- Fixed issue with J1939 receive messages in CoreMini
- Fixed issues with Fire2 MISC IO Reporting Message
- Fixed issue with message Time Stamps in Rad Galaxy
- neoECU12 now has LIN enabled in Hardware by default
- Fixed issues when saving simulation buffer
- Fixed issue with CAN Fuzz causing access violation after deletion
- Fixed issue in Messages view when searching for messages
- Fixed rare issue with Capture Block not capturing data
- Fixed rare crash upon closing and reopening Vehicle Spy
- Fixed exporter exporting incorrect XML name
- Fixed issues with DLT Extraction
- Fixed issue with data when extracting from slave VNET
- Fixed issue with neoECU12 MISC IO Values
- Made improvements to CoreMini on neoECU12
- Fixed issue with MIC2 report message not showing up in messages view
- Fixed issue with logging J1939 BAM Messages
- Fixed issue with VSDB database being overwritten when ARXML file is loaded
- Fixed issue with access violations after loading specific VSDB databases
- Fixed issue with DAQ Action button on Graphical Panel causing access violations
- Fixed issue with Signal Plot displaying the start data at the end of the data plot
- Fixed issue when adding a signal via the reversing panel in the Messages view
- Fixed issue when using specific plotting methods causing a crash in Signal Plot
- Fixed issue with Identifiers not being imported from PDX file
- Fixed issue with VehicleScape DAQ channels labelling MEP measurements as calibrations
- Fixed issue in MEP where loading 2 ECU's would create a duplicate ECU
- Fixed issues with device settings being set incorrectly
- Fixed potential Logger RTC issue
- Fixed issue with Extractor causing hardlocks under certain conditions
- Fixed issue with page moving in VehicleScape DAQ while trying to enter data
- Fixed issue when filtering messages by Slot ID
- Fixed issue when creating receive message from messages view if transmit message exists
- Fixed issue with Ethernet messages getting tagged with CAN networks
- Fixed issues with Text API relating to Signal Groups
- Fixed issue with Jump To command changing in Script Function Blocks
- Fixed issue with crashes when importing specific .csv files
- Fixed issues with Hex Editor not changing app signal values when app signal is formatted as MAC Address
- Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy reloading default networks
- Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy VSB Editor not correctly cropping .vsb files using Pre/Post triggers
- Added Ethernet XCP support to command line Exporter
- Fixed issue with MEP not sav vs3zip after checking auto reload after opening check box
- Fixed issues when filtering by VLAN
- Fixed issues when loading Ethernet Databases
- Added Ability to show DTCs from Diagnostic job in Text on Graphical panel
- Fixed issue when opening encrypted vs3zips from the file explorer not showing the enter password dialogue
- Fixed issues where Setup would disappear from Diagnostics view
- Fixed issue with Extractor applying the timezone when extracting twice
- Fixed disconnect issues with the Galaxy
- Fixed issue with CoreMini when compiling
- Fixed issue where Ethernet Type couldn't be changed in Messages Editor
- Added MSRP and MVRP to transmit pannel
- Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy displaying identical ethernet messages with "unknown protocol number" on different lines
- Fixed issue with converted CAPL scripts transmitting uninitiated messages
- Fixed issues with ISO 9141 messages not triggering LED on Fire2 and VCAN4
- Fixed issue with Fire2 being able to go online after updating CANhub Firmware
- Fixed UDP length on XCPoE
- Fixed abnormal termination when using XCPoE with specific ECU's
- Fixed compatibility issues with VS3ZIP names
- Fixed CAN Fuzz GUI issues
- Fixed crashed in Vehicle Spy for Android when opening specific files
- Fixed issues in Ethernet PHY dashboard related to empty values
- Fixed issues with Vehicle Spy crashing when using Ethernet
- Fixed issues in messages view with ISO 9141 BAM messages
- Fixed MEP unintentionally reading data
- Fixed issues with Messages View not filtering transmit messages properly
- Fixed issue with Messages View being unable to access the Filter view
- Fixed issues with UDP messages in the Messages Editor causing access violations
- Fixed issue with Messages View Expand/Collapse button
- Fixed issue with DHCP server giving wrong addresses
- Fixed issues with opening VS3ZIP files that have chinese characters in the name
- Fixed issue with VSB Exporter creating the wrong .vsb when using combine option
- Fixed issues with vspy3.ini causing unusual display issues
- Fixed issue with Rad Galaxy getting stuck rebooting
- Fixed issue with Fire2 XCPoE UPD transmission
- Fixed issue with Messages view not properly displaying Details for receive messages
- Fixed issue with VCAN 4 Industrial not writing settings over Ethernet
- Fixed an issue with MEP XCPoE causing crashing in Vehicle Spy
- Fixed issue with MEP uploading characteristics when Editor is closed
- Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy detecting audio streams
- Fixed issues when adding LIN messages from Messages view
- Fixed issues with icsneoGetDeviceSettings in icsneo40.dll
- Fixed visual issues with Extract/Export when docking
- Added Hex support for CoreMini ReadData
- Fixed issues with AVB controller
- Fixed issues when Extracting from specific files
- Fixed issues with application signal referenced as an index of another application signal not exporting/importing correctly
- Fixed issues with decoding J1939 long messages when static bytes are defined in the receive message
- Fixed issue in J2534 dll when switching between extended and non-extended addresses
- Fixed issues with setting Ether Type in Messages Editor
- Fixed Application Signal compare when Application Signal is Text formatted
- Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy crashing when opening specific VS3ZIP files
- Fixed issue with Rad Galaxy and Lin messages while using Gateway Builder
- Fixed issue with Rad Gigalog transmitting messages in PC mode
- Fixed issue with VividCAN screen flickering when loading CoreMini
- Fixed issues with ISO Diagnostics acting like KWP Diagnostics
- Fixed issue where user can delete messages while online
- Fixed Arb ID issues when converting from .vsb
- Fixed issues with Flexray Transmit Messages
- Updated Pulldown list in Messages view
- Fixed issue where .csv file would be saved when .vs3 was saved in when specific settings are active

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes | Released 02/10/2020

-Fixed issue with ION Fire2 Vnet WiVI uploads containing data from before the start trigger of a collection
-Fixed issue where Flexray VNETZ would stop logging after several days
-Fixed incorrect Timestamps on Rad Galaxy
-Fixed ION VNET error
-Fixed issues with DLT Extraction
-Fixed issue with Extractor not handling overlapped card correctly
-Fixed issue with Extractor failing to find backed up scripts
-Fixed potential crash when extracting Wiznet/Ethernet DAQ across multiple scripts
-Fixed issue where Wiznet/Ethernet DAQ extractor used parameters from wrong script when extracting multiple scripts
-Fixed issue with Flexray VNETZ occasionally failing to sleep
-Fixed Vehicle Spy hardlock when extracting any collection from log_data.vsa or sd card

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes

-Fixed abnormal terminations when connecting to specific ECU's using XCP over Ethernet
-Fixed an issue with message decodings in the Messages view
-Fixed an issue with the Messages Editor where the user could lock themselves out of Filters
-Fixed an issue with the Message Viewer in Graphical Panels causing an AV when displaying UDP frames.
-Fixed issue where RADGalaxy would get stuck booting
-Fire2 now properly works with XCP over Ethernet in Vehicle Spy and CoreMini
-DHCP Server now gives out correct addresses
-Fixed issue with Expand button in Messages view
-Bus Query report no longer missing single frame DTC's
-Going online with XCP over Ethernet no longer causes Vehicle Spy 3 to crash
-Fixed issues when opening specific .VS3ZIP files
-Users can no longer delete messages when 'Online' in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issue with Standalone logging not switching between logging modes properly
-Fixed issue with Flexray Tx frames not decoding properly in the messages view
-Fixed issue with icsneo40.dll failing icsneoSetDeviceSettings()
-Build type changed to Stable
-Fixed ARXML issue with loading multiple databases to multiple Broad-R networks.
-Added virtual UDP network
-Added virtual AUTOSAR network
-Fixed issue when extracting logged data between specified times
-Fixed OLE Error when opening Vehicle Spy
-Fixed EEFACE Error when extracting CCP Data
-Fixed general extractor issues
-Fixed issues with data extraction from the Rad Galaxy
-Fixed intermittent CPU deadlock during heavy use of ISO15765-2 messages
-Fixed frame spacing for 15765-2 transmit messages when using hardware acceleration
-Increased the number of PASS Filters in J2534
-Fixed BR filtering issues in Rad Galaxy
-Fixed issue where Rad Galaxy could only receive messages on the 1st and 2nd BroadR Channels
-Fixed encryption issues related to VehicleScape DAQ logging in the Fire2
-Fixed Converted C Code projects crashing when interacting with the Graphical Panel in simulation mode
-Fixed issues when trying to trasmit TCP messages
-Fixed access violation when generating specific Standalone Logging scripts
-Fixed potential divide by zero error in VSA Transfer
-Fixed issue where compiling a CoreMini larger than 64KB will cause VSpy to crash
-Details Tab now decodes DOIP traffic
-DoIP ports are now configurable in VSPY
-Fixed access violation caused when entering a wrong password for an encypted CoreMini file
-Fixed 'empty record' errors when extracting encrypted data
-Fixed issue with Message BX filter accessing Database messages
-Fixed issue with Message BX value not compiling in function block when using Set Value with a Database Message
-Fixed intermittent VSPY Crashes when compiling CoreMini -Fixed intermittent failures when downloading ISM Toolchain
-SET_DAQ_LIST_MODE command now properly defaults to NO_TIME_STAMP even if A2L file does not specify this
-Improved performace of search in the Selected Channels List in VehicleScape DAQ
-Fixed data extraction issues with Flexray VNET Z
-Added Ethernet PHY Setting Access via Dll for ICS hardware
-Fixed issues with Rad-SuperMoon and RadMoon 2 where A2 PHY would not link with A0 PHY
-Fixed issue with Flexray Vnet Z overflowing Ethernet Tx in coremini will no longer stop the device from transmitting messages
-Fixed error that occurred when attempting to extract data that no longer exists
-Finished Ethernet PHY Dashboard
-Fixed Rad-SuperMoon intermittent Buffer Overflow errors
-Fixed issue where Rad-SuperMoon would stop transmitting messages
-Fixed Rad-SuperMoon intermittent disconnects
-RSM: Device crashes loading Transmit beyond a limit
-Fixed perfomance issues with Rad-SuperMoon A2 with 100Mbps speeds
-Fixed Vehicle Spy Receive buffer overflow problem with Rad-SuperMoon at 100Mbps speeds
-Fixed issue with Rad- Galaxy not recovering after BR tx overflow
-Fixed Rad- Galaxy Transmit/Receive overflow when transmitting on all 12 Broad-R Channels above 9 % busload on each network
-Fixed Rad- Galaxy failing to send 20% Bus load on only One Broad-R network
-Fixed Transmit Buffer overflow error while transmitting frames at rate of 1ms on all 12 Broad-R networks of Rad--Galaxy simultaneously.
-Fixed issue where Rad--Galaxy stops transmitting all CAN and Ethernet messages if Ethernet frames Tx rate is set less than 4ms
-Fixed Rad- Galaxy reporting incorrect link status when BR ports are disconnected manually
-Fixed issue with Rad- Galaxy with OpEth1 network being the only network that functions as Time Sync Master
-Fixed Tx Buffer Overflow issues with Rad- Galaxy and Rad-Star2
-Fixed Gateway Builder not compiling to CoreMini correctly in certain configurations
-Fixed Vehicle Spy "Not Responding" Crash After Using File Conversion VSB to CSV
-Fixed cascading access violation error in Diagnostics -- $10 Diagnostic Session Control job
-Vehicle Spy now generates notes file when extracting from file list
-Fixed issue with neoECU 12 not updating changed network settings until reboot
-Fixed Access Violation error when running simulation replay .vsb with video and camera file tap open
-Fixed issue where Capture function blocks append # 1 at end when set to manual trigger, but dont have # 1 when set to immediate trigger
-Fixed network rate statistics calculation
-Message BX Properties are now working properly for Database Messages
-Fixed error when transmitting non-standard ethertypes
-Fixed Function Block scroll bar when using floating panels
-Fixed intermittent Vehicle Spy crash in Simulation Mode with .vsb files
-Fixed Vehicle Spy crashes while using the graphical panel along with the video filter property
-Write DID Text signal value is now displayed correctly
-Fixed error with Runtime version not working in release versions of 900 stating that a Pro or Enterprise license is required
-Fixed Gateway Builder transmit rates
-Fixed Vehicle Spy crashes occurring with specific Gateway Builder configurations
-Fixed XCP A2L is not loading properly
-Fixed issue with Function Blocks not extracting logged data
-Fixed Ethernet issues with FIRE2
-Fixed Flexray VNET crashing when scripts are quickly sent back-to-back
-Fixed crash with icsneo40.dll in cleanup routines due to npcap.
-Fixed issue with DPS Flasher not acting on 7F subfunctions
-Fixed Rad--Galaxy dropping CAN (Non-FD) frames
-Fixed cascading access violation in Diagnostics-- $10 Diagnostic Session Control job
-Database fixup now lets users select messages when converting CAPL projects
-Fixed issues with Rad-SuperMoon and Rad-Moon2 dropping frames
-Added Raw Media Converter Mode to Rad-SuperMoon and Rad-Moon2
-Flexray VNETZ receive data no longer has TX LED in messages view
-Fixed two identical signals producing different scales on signal plot
-Fixed Graphical Panel Bargraph to Slider Error on CoreMini Compile
-DAQ Events in A2L are no longer duplicated in MEP Events
-Fixed issue where MEP decimation was not being saved in some platforms
-ECU Flasher no longer causes "pure virtual function called" crash when pressing start all more than once
-Fixed several MSRP decoding issues
-Fixed DOIP crash in Vehicle Spy
-Fixed issue when deleting device from Select multiple hardware
-Fixed access violation when renaming folders in Application Signals
-Fixed RTSP Video timeout issue
-Fixed issue where FTDI devices were failing to enumerate under certain circumstances
-Fixed access violation when reviewing certain log files
-Set Value for Message Length with Ethernet message now sets the proper value
-XCP script generation no longer gives an error
-Fixed excessive extractor progress bar blinking
-Fixed extractor progress bar not resetting after cancelling extraction
-Added support for selected time zone for collection list
-Vehicle Spy transmitting with F2VNET no longer shows network errors after using Function Block to change Selectable Network
-Fixed Flexray Vnet Z locking up on transmit of any ethernet frames
-Flexray VNET will now sleep in Fast wake mode
-KW2K/ ISO 9141/LIN now works on all applicable neoOBD PRO channels
-Fixed crash when receiving extended addressing message in FIRE2 CoreMini
-Forwarded LIN message with wildcard ID now transmits properly in the Gateway Builder
-Payload length and data bytes are now updating correctly in Gateway Builder
-CANFD Message Length property no longer reports DLC instead of length in Coremini
-Fixed issue with Gateway Builder transmitting messages with matching Arb ID instead of matching the entire message
-Pending uploads no longer cleared on script change
-LIN frames are now gated by Gateway Builder when under 8 bytes long
-Gateway Builder: Forwarded LIN messages now adjust length properly
-Exporting Message Formats (ASC/BLF) now read the network list from the Notes.txt file
-Setting the channel name for ASC or BLF to non number no longer creates a bad file when saving the message buffer
-Fixed access violation when Vehicle Spy was using ethernet
-Fixed out of bounds error when right clicking on remove force
-Fixed access violation on close of CoreMini generator during certain connecting state
-Coremini console no longer holds on to every device that you have connected
-CoreMini Compiler is no longer missing earning for unsupported text application signals
-ValueCan4 Coremini error text when trying to send standalone logging is now more accurate
-CoreMini Console no longer throws errors when clearing scripts
-Standalone Logging pre/post collection with FIRE2 and neoVI MIC2 now records correctly
-VividCAN Characters no longer replaced with ~
-Added CAN Fuzzing in Vehicle Spy
-Functional DTC read no longer brings in incorrect DTC in Snapshot
-Fixed access violation in Messages Editor
-TextAPI Terminal no longer adds ".commands?" to argument
-VCAN 4-2 Status LED's are no longer flipped
-Fixed UART Comm Flow Control between MCHIP and Security Module Chip in ValueCAN 4
-Updated Rad-SuperMoon Connect timeout
-RTC will now update ValueCAN4 with neoVI server ON
-Fixed wrong timestamp showing up for messages after VCAN4 device wakes up
-Rad-SuperMoon no longer goes into bootloader mode if CoreMini window is opened
-VCAN4-2EL no longer gives network not supported by hardware when there is overflow in LIN
-SD Cards bigger than 128GB no longer state "unsupported" in extract menu
-Extractor videos now work in WiVi on windows
-Fixed 'Problem logging to Disk' errors on when stopping logging through DAQ PC Logging
-Extractor: Vspy now extracts specified date range correctly
-enable_if now applies to groups and stays on the current tab when regenerating in the nEAT API
-Settings are now written to the device in nEAT API
-CAN message is no longer sent as CANFD using J2534 API if sent immediately after the CANFD message
-Fixed issues with FIRE2 VNET locking up when using 'Selectable Networks' in Function Blocks
-Firmware updates of Infineon CPUs on Flex VNETZ now supported
-Flexray Transmit with Flexray VNETZ is now supported
-PWM Output on neoECU12 is now supported
-FIRE2/VCAN4-2EL detects wrong ethernet link speed
-CAPL Conversion now handles all SysVars properly in customer script
-Added custom file indexing format field for adding date, time or index identifiers to output data files
-Fixed Constant Rate not being constant in PC Logged CSV files
-Persistent Application Signal values are no longer incorrect when using CoreMini
-Replay function block flexray data now transmits properly
-TCP transmit now appears in Scroll Mode evem if there is no other traffic
-Exported odx files are now saved in the directory that contains spaces in its name
-Added problems log for TextAPI server port initialization
-LoadFile TextAPI command now returns a result
-Auto update now works on nEAT
-All CAN TX messages no longer have extended ID in C Code Interface
-CAN_ID_EXTENDED_MASK is now defined correctly in C Code Interface
-icsneo40 icsneoGetDeviceSettings/icsneoSetDeviceSettings() now works for multiple devices.
-Display is now refreshed after each selection when using Rad-io Buttons on the Graphical Panel
-XX Hex behavior is now more consistant
-CCP - 1 sec decimation now working as expected
-PassThruOpen API no longer crashes in Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2017
-Fixed issues with FIRE2 periodic transmit messages in CoreMini
-Fixed LIN errors causing FIRE2 to deadlock
-Fixed issues with extracting an individual collection using Rad- Galaxy
-Fixed Tx LIN messages in Rad- Galaxy
-Rad- Galaxy now supports LIN logging
-ION with FIRE2 Vnet will no longer disconnect/lock when transmitting LSFT messages in Vehicle Spy 3. CoreMini will now transmit LSFT messages
-Expression Builder right click "Expand All" / "Collapse All" now works in Properties Area
-Fixed issues with Message/Signal selection for input/output panels when dragging mouse to select in Gateway Builder
-Networks panel now allows the hardware to be changed for a selected device
-Fixed Division By Zero error when running a Playback Function Block without a replay file
-Fixed Ethernet Transmit Messages issues with files saved in Vehicle Spy version 3.8.3
-Vehicle Spy no longer loses CPID infomation from CDD files
-Vehicle Spy 3 trial version no longer has access violation if you click the erase button
-Fixed VSpy Baud Rate Mismatch Warning for FIRE VNET
-Product details now shows MAC address or PCB Serial Number for Plasma/ION with FIRE2 or Flexray VNETZ
-CAN protocol with CANFD flag is no longer being combined together in static messages view
-Optimized VehicleScapeDAQ Channel signal character by character search
-Fixed access violation when using Playback Function Block
-Auto-Auto link up now works in Tap mode for Rad-SuperMoon in 1000 base mode
-Changed RS2 LED color used to indicate Logging Mode
-Fixed issue with NeoVI DLL receive messages throwing FIFO Overflow errors when Rad-Star2 receives Ethernet messages (USB only)
-Rad-SuperMoon no longer crashes when going online with Eth1/Eth2 messages if SERVER is OFF
-Fixed different behavior of Master/Slave feature between the Rad-SuperMoon buttons and in neoVI explorer
-Rad-SuperMoon no longer displays wrong network ID in Messages view
-Support for A2 PHY in Rad--SuperMoon
-Fixed Vehicle Spy crash when Supermoon is tapping 200Mbps or higher
-Fixed issue with tapping on Broad-R Eth2 in 100 base mode giving frame short errors on ETH2
-Rad-SuperMoon no longer stops receiving Ethernet messages on switching between the buttons on the devices
-Fixed issue with Vehicle Spy raising undesired error when stopping
-Log Data records can no longer be extracted twice
-Vehicle Spy now loads DIDs from new version of CDD file
-Fixed typo on "Save Monitor Data" Dialog
-Race condition on extractor when switching from device to directory and extracting no longer causes EEFACE
-ECU 's are now exported
-Vehicle Spy now has a way to display hex without setting the number of bytes with X's
-Messages no longer being decoded in Messages View when no Database files are loaded
-Fixed access violation when changing values on MS CAN
-Replay function blocks 'Skip delays longer than' feature now works in CoreMini
-Filtering in messages view while online, in scroll mode, and paused no longer causes access violation
-FlexVnetZ no longer fails to send CoreMini to EEPROM
-Coremini sent to EEPROM will now run if SD card is not inserted (FIRE2/FIRE2 VNET)
-vs3exe generator moved from Embedded Tools from Utilities
-Fixed intermittent access violation when adding a new Playback Function Block
-Fixed access violation and Vehicle Spy crash on extracting multiple files
-"Copy Data Bytes" of ethernet messages will now copy the data bytes correctly
-Rad- Galaxy no longer access violated when updating firmware with server on
-Fixed access violation when reflashing FlexRayZ VNET
-Fixed issue with Hardware explorer access violating instead of asking "Is device powered at 25 pin connector?" when trying to connect to device without it being powered
-Fixed Remote neoVI connection causing access violations
-Fixed abnormal termination when attempting rs232/uart connection with no device connected
-PID Reads in VehicleScape DAQ CoreMini NeoVI Fire 2 now work correctly
-Vehicle Spy no longer saves a .vs3zip when it says it couldn't save a VS3Zip
-OR in Expression Builder for Function Blocks is no longer ignoring the sign on negative numbers
-Fixed intermittent Application Signal Text Compare issues
-Setup Log data function block will now reset extension name if you change from load data
-Fixed issues when sending script to CoreMini with PLASMA/ION with server on
-Gateway Builder will now automatically set Ignore Tx Messages when gating entire network
-Fixed Text API "versions?" command triggering access violation
-Fixed issues with tab docking
-Fixed issue where Message view would not filter any Ethernet messages with double VLAN
-Closing VSpy after removal of an a2l file will now save the changes
-Color Filter no longer disappears on adding Find Line Fitler in ROI
-Fixed constant HID resets with Flexray VNETZ
-Fixed issues with Explorer "Load Default Settings" for VividCAN after manual reflash
-Firmware no longer hard-locks on FIRE2 Vnet at wake
-Flexray Vnet Z no longer locks up on extract of log data file
-Fixed issue with being unable to start playback function block after stopping in coremini
-LEDs/beep are now set back to zero when clearing coremini on PLASION
-Re-saving a renamed VS3ZIP will no longer lose the database
-Fixed issues with XCP Standalone polling
-Setup panel no longer overlapping text with windows classic theme in Gateway Builder
-CAN msgs are no longer imported as CANFD when "VFrameFormat" is present in a DBC file
-CoreMini will now replay slave VNET traffic
-Extractor no longer hangs when SD card is full but has not overlapped
-Fixed issue extracting persistent log data over USB/Ethernet
-#1530 DBC import no longer truncates multi-line signal descriptions
-NEAT Linux and firmware Update
-CCP security StandAlone blocks no longer generate invalid expression
-FlexRayVnetZ network settings now displayed correctly in 3G explorer
-Added CANHUB and neoECU12 to neoVI Explorer "Available Firmware" List
-C Code projects created for VS 2019 no longer require conversion
-Female OBDII power now defaults to ON in neoOBD PRO
-Fied Rad-Star 2 Raw Media Converter Mode
-Signal Byte position is now correct in PIDs when importing from PDX
-Connecting to ValueCAN3 or Fire no longer causes access violation in CoreMini window
-We are now decoding all EtherTypes when reviewing Ethernet messages
-Import of Vector message data files (ASC/BLF) now limits the network selections to the ones using the correct protocol for each selection
-Vehicle Spy no longer access violates when you add Bitwise filtering in 'More Data' section of a receive message
-Optimized A2L's with large 'Group Sections'
-While logging signals at constant rate the pre start trigger is no longer sent before the time specified in the trigger for the first collection
-PassThruWriteMsgs now consider PassThruConnect Flags
-Messages copied to message editor from diagnostics are now available to Function blocks
-Fixed access violation when adding transmit command to function block
-Fixed CAN FD BRS display in Details View
-Vehicle Spy will now account for reserved bytes in DID from ODX/PDX
-Fixed issues with neoVI server and Rad- Galaxy
-J2534 API now allows mixed IDs while flashing
-NeoVIExplorer will now maximize when clicking the icon on task bar once it is minimized
-Fixed issues when copying messages from Ethernet Database to Transmit
-Fixed intermittent Vehicle Spy crashes on close
-Fixed Messages unintentionally changing in Gateway Builder
-Added TextAPI option to only follow TCP Streams which have a matching stack
-Can now rename Gateways in combobox without popup
-Problem Log Improvements
-Added Button to update the ISM tool chain for the existing installation
-$36 job no longer goes out with extra 00s in the beginning of the payload
-Fixed issues with ProtocolSignalDatabaseV2.vsdb
-LwIP no longer Transmits on the wrong VLAN
-ValueCAN3 no longer disables all networks on 'Load Default Settings'
-Fixed access violation in ECU flasher
-ISM Settings: Install button now opens the correct path to intall ISM toolchain
-Fixed issues in device finder
-Selecting a running Playback Function Block no longer causes it to pause
-SoAd jobs can no longer match responses on other networks
-Fixed issues with Ethernet messages in Message Views Details
-Fixed Vehicle Spy not converting database signals correctly
-HTML Log Data no longer results in a malformed HTML file
-Packed BCD signal is now supported in UDS (ISO14229) 2E job
-Clicking on the options "Use Logged Frames in simulation mode" or "filters Enabled in Simulation" multiple times no longer causes the video to disappear
-Video Frame will now refresh when we replay vsb file with video
-DTC import for Keyword 2000 will now support Unicode properly
-Fixed Gateway Builder issues when embedded in Fire
-Fixed MSRP - Talker Failed default signals
-Remove & Clear Buttons Under ISM Settings Tab - C Code now Resize With Window
-Setup Fields now accommodate long message and signal names in Gateway Builder

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes

-Fixed VividCAN Characters being replaced with `~` when deployed with 3.9.0
-Fixed Flexray Vnet Z locking up when transmitting Ethernet messages
-Fixed Flexray VNET not sleeping correctly in Fast Wake mode
-ARXML Opaque signals now shown as byte array rather than intel decoded signals
-Fixed Error with Vehicle Spy 3 Trial version Access Violating when 'Erase' button was clicked in the messages view
-Fixed issue where CCP decimation wasn't working correctly
-Fixed inconsistencies with XX Hex format behavior

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes

-Fixed Access Violation when adding playback function blocks on some computers

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes

-Added a column to the messages editor to distinguish between Ethernet Subtypes
-Added a 'List all commands' button in the TextAPI Terminal (functionally equivalent to typing 'LS')
-Added a new file ProtocolSignalDatabaseV2.vsdb to the installation directory. This allows support for new ethernet features and allows backwards compatibility for older versions looking for V1
-Added a new property for Text signals: Length in Bits
-Added a right click menu option for Expand / Collapse All in Setup Filter
-Added a TextAPI command to return an index from a diagnostic job name
-Added a 'ValueCAN3' mode for VCAN4-1 and 4-2 to emulate older
-Added a warning popup that Data Cache Disk Streaming is not available in Vspy Trial
-Added a warning when trying to reflash devices over Ethernet that don't support it
-Added an option in ECUs view under Diagnostic Services to enter the first Dynamic DID # for $2C ISO14229 Jobs
-Added an Undo button in Graphical Panels
-Added full-device encryption (for supported newer devices)
-Added LED Control to the API
-Added LIN Support for Rad--Galaxy
-Added more controls to control playback function blocks while online
-Added partial support for SOME/IP (Properties are Read-Only for right now, full control is coming)
-Added support and validation for State Encoded ranges
-Added support for CCP/XCP event capture decimation
-Added support for Hardware Acceleration for ISO15765-2 Tx messages
-Added support for neoRad--IO2
-Added support for Rad--IO 2 for use with a FIRE2 over USB
-Added support for the CAN-FD EDL bit in CCIF
-Added support for video rendering from multiple AVB packet sources
-Added support for Visual Studio 2019 to C Code Interface
-Added the ability to allow retransmitting on PC Ethernet from an OP-BR network message
-Added the ability to disable the CAN-FD mode (and force CAN 2.0 only) on each CAN network
-Added the ability to have Ethernet Receive Messages be retransmitted on a selected PC Ethernet Device
-Added the ability to see what files are present on a card before extracting in Extract / Export
-Added the ability to specify a temp log directory to allow for easier file conversions on locked down (corporate) PCs
-Added the option for trying TCP before UDP in the Video View for network cameras
-App Signals in Signal List now update if you change the application signal name
-AVB Stream IDs now show in Hex instead of DEC
-BLFs with Ethernet Data are now supported
-Camera Filters now opens Video as the default tab
-Copyright information updated to 2019. Happy New Year!
-CoreMini playback blocks now support Long Frames
-Data Analysis Background color now applies to the channel list as well
-Database Fixup now triggers correctly on Gateway Builder after modifying the platform
-DB entries can now be used to trigger function block steps
-Device wakeup time for FIRE2 and FIRE2VNET has been decreased.
-ECU Flasher View now has Copy / Paste buttons
-Ethernet filters now work in CoreMini on VLAN tagged frames
-Ethernet messages now will show an error on a FIRE2 if the PHY is still booting when going online
-Expression Editor Properties box now resets if you select an item with less properties
-Extractor now notifies the user if the output path exceeds Windows file path character limit
-File > New now correctly deselects any internal VS3Zip platforms that were being used
-File > Review Buffer when reviewing data with video now automatically sets up a new camera
-FIRE2 Network Activity LEDs now properly stop when going offline
-FIRE2 Slave VNET can now be used in J2534 applications
-Fixed a Access Violation in ASC Import if the wrong type of networks were selected (i.e. LIN selected for a CAN Network)
-Fixed a bug in Data Analysis where editing an annotation would prevent it from being deleted
-Fixed a bug in Data Analysis where Zoom in and Undo Zoom didn't work as expected
-Fixed a bug in FIRE2 where if it was set as a CAN TimeSync Master, the messages would go out on the wrong network
-Fixed a bug Tx Panel signal value step wouldn't increment correctly when the signal was Hex
-Fixed a bug when using a time based capture block and a message based capture block at the same time where the time based one would show an incorrect remaining time
-Fixed a bug where a FIRE2VNET wasn't able to connect if the Performance Blast Test was enabled
-Fixed a bug where a TextAPI command returned 'Professional License needed' while online with Enterprise license
-Fixed a bug where an app signal would reset after pasting a graphical panel item
-Fixed a bug where application signals couldn't have a negative initial value
-Fixed a bug where ARXML Mappings weren't shown after loading a VS3Zip
-Fixed a bug where calculated Application Signal Arrays only worked on the first signal
-Fixed a bug where certain FIRE2s wouldn't boot if an SD Card was inserted
-Fixed a bug where changing the Logged Frame Camera Number didn't affect the capture data correctly
-Fixed a bug where CoreMini compiler couldn't compile required files for Read Data or Load Message Data properly
-Fixed a bug where duplicate connections would show in the AVB controller
-Fixed a bug where Ethernet frames logged by neoVI Plasma or ION weren't unwrapped when sent from a Rad--Star2
-Fixed a bug where ISO9141 Tx and Rx would show as errors if the hardware checksum was disabled
-Fixed a bug where modifying an Application Signal Array Index via Graphical Panel wasn't updating values correctly
-Fixed a bug where neoECU20s would throw a hardware license error
-Fixed a bug where Network property CANFD Bit rate would read out an incorrect number
-Fixed a bug where Rad--Galaxy would lock up under extremely high message rates
-Fixed a bug where Rad--Star2 OP-BR networks would report backwards
-Fixed a bug where SoAD Security Unlock wasn't working correctly
-Fixed a bug where sometimes CoreMini would calculate the incorrect size if the device didn't respond fast enough
-Fixed a bug where sometimes TextAPI commands wouldn't work after changing directory
-Fixed a bug where the Explorer setting 'IFS Shift Register' wasn't working properly for FIRE2 and FIRE2VNET
-Fixed a bug where the Extractor would hang if the SD card was exactly full, but not overlapped
-Fixed a bug where the network selector could get stuck open
-Fixed a bug where uncompressed BLF files couldn't be read by Vehicle Spy
-Fixed a bug where ValueCAN.rf wouldn't be able to connect to 3G Explorer if it was booted with no USB connected
-Fixed a bug where VCAN4-2 would show a negative timestamp for periodic CoreMini Txs
-Fixed a bug where VehicleScapeDAQ Channel lists wouldn't save correctly in certain setups
-Fixed a bug where VS3Zips with no platform would attempt to load the previously used platform
-Fixed a bug where VSSAL Pre/Post with a neoVI MOTE wasn't working correctly with an ION / Plasma
-Fixed a bug where VSSAL XCPoE wasn't working correctly in CoreMini
-Fixed a bug where XCPoE would stop updating a channel value if XCP Event was used for Priority
-Fixed a bug with FIRE2 Ethernet where it would not link if Ethernet Auto Negotiation was off
-Fixed a bug with Gateway Builder when forwarding ISO15765-2 frames with Extended Addressing
-Fixed a CAPL Conversion crash with certain setups
-Fixed a CoreMini bug where the 'Ignore Tx Messages' flag wasn't being honored properly
-Fixed a couple of boxes with scrollbars that weren't working with the mouse wheel
-Fixed a couple of invalid errors being reported in the Gateway Builder
-Fixed a couple of old text boxes from where the highest license level was Professional, not Enterprise
-Fixed a crash when using the Action Button File Dialog in a directory with a high amount of folders
-Fixed a crash with certain setups
-Fixed a dropdown box being cut off in ISO14229 job $2C
-Fixed a duplicate signal name in a neoVI network message
-Fixed a FIRE2 device lockup when flashing multiple ECUs in parallel
-Fixed a GUI text cutoff in BitSmash when neoVIServer was on
-Fixed a GUI Text cutoff in neoVI Explorer for LIN1-5 advanced options
-Fixed a neoVI Server crash if the device finder was failing
-Fixed a persistent error message when leaving a blank space in a TCP/IP MAC Address
-Fixed a precision loss when using application signals calculated on timers
-Fixed a spoRad-ic crash with extremely large setups
-Fixed a typo in ECUs View for the extended addressing popup text
-Fixed a typo in the word 'Output' in Gateway Builder
-Fixed a unintended save loop when adding a new platform to a setup containing an A2L MEP setup
-Fixed an A2L import issue when the protocol layer was defined twice
-Fixed an Access Violation if using File New while editing a Column Filter in the Messages View
-Fixed an Access Violation in the ECU Setup Wizard
-Fixed an Access Violation in the MEP Value Editor when using Right Click > Edit Formula
-Fixed an access violation on a specific SRP message
-Fixed an Access Violation when adding a PTP message with VLAN from the Messages View to the Messages Editor
-Fixed an Access Violation when adding an .IMG file to a playback block and saving
-Fixed an Access Violation when Ctrl+Dragging multiple channels in VehicleScapeDAQ Channels tab
-Fixed an Access Violation when going online with certain VS3 setups
-Fixed an Access Violation when running a specific MEP Setup
-Fixed an Access Violation when using a File Camera in Simulation Mode
-Fixed an Access Violation when using a Gate Filter on Video View
-Fixed an Access Violation when using Signal List in certain situations
-Fixed an EEFACE error and crash on certain setups
-Fixed an installer glitch where the Data Directory would default to C:\Program Files instead of C:\IntrepidCS
-Fixed an unintentional problem log when switching an application signal from Analog to State Encoded
-Fixed Application Signal Folders creating errors when made into a VS3EXE
-Fixed Auto-Detect Hardware not working correctly if Selected Devices was used previously
-Fixed Bitmap buttons to not invert colors when adding bitmaps
-Fixed certain .DAT files not loading correctly in Data Analysis
-Fixed certain K-Line messages showing timestamp as 2007/01/01
-Fixed CoreMini Compiler to work faster when compiling manual multiplexing messages
-Fixed CoreMini console using full CPU % when connected to certain devices
-Fixed Data Analysis' 'X Axis Input Dialog' help button not being linked correctly
-Fixed FIRE2 PCB Serial Number not showing in neoVI Explorer Product Details
-Fixed FIRE2 Product Details being incorrect when neoVI Server is enabled
-Fixed FIRE2 Slave B Vnets reporting version as 0.0 when neoVIServer was enabled
-Fixed Function Block LED Control not working correctly with VCAN4-2EL and VCAN4-4
-Fixed Galaxy Hardware Time Sync not working correctly over CAN
-Fixed Hardware COM Latency Test not working on Fire / FireVNET, and not clearing when loading defaults
-Fixed Load Default Settings not disabling Sleep Mode for FIRE2 / FIRE2VNET
-Fixed Log Data Function blocks using the .htm format saving two files instead of 1
-Fixed neoVI Explorer not reshowing when clicking the icon after minimizing the program
-Fixed Network popup not showing when playing back a .IMG file
-Fixed One-shot CAN messages not working when using a Function Block on a FIRE2SlaveVNET
-Fixed overlapping text in the LDF Tool
-Fixed PC Logging's Invalid Signal handling not working correctly with Log All Updates
-Fixed Problem logs displaying DAQ names when | was used in the DAQ name
-Fixed Rad--Galaxy not answering J2534 Read_VBATT correctly
-Fixed Rad--Galaxy not being visible on certain PCs on initial device bootup
-Fixed Rad--Galaxy not flashing using J2534 on SWCAN correctly
-Fixed Rad--Galaxy not working correctly with MIC2
-Fixed setups that had the old Video Frames Review page causing errors when loaded into newer versions
-Fixed Signal List not working properly for Camera properties
-Fixed some latency and crashes when attempting to compile a CoreMini with Slave Playback blocks
-Fixed Spy Networks > Simulator sending disabled messages if 'Simulate Transmit Messages for Selected ECUs' was enabled
-Fixed Text Array calculated Application Signals not updating correctly
-Fixed the capture block 'For a length of time' not working correctly
-Fixed the DAQ Property 'Is Running' from not reporting correctly
-Fixed the Data Analysis Copy button not working on a secondary monitor
-Fixed the Data Analysis data grid table not updating immediately after deselecting a signal
-Fixed the Data Analysis Strike-through text option not working
-Fixed the 'Edit Transmit Message Button' on Tx Panel not going to the correct message
-Fixed the Extractor's notes.txt file showing a blank network name instead of 'LSFT CAN2'
-Fixed the Function Block Text API command 'showview 0' causing Vehicle Spy to lock up
-Fixed the generic flasher not setting flashers to 'stop' when going offline
-Fixed the Graph Starting Location toolbar to update with the scroll bar properly in Data Analysis
-Fixed the Logging using Capture Device command from creating duplicate frames
-Fixed the Networks Databases left-side list disappearing after double clicking a network
-Fixed the Saving to Disk icon not disappearing after using a Pre / Post capture block
-Fixed the Search results in Expression Builder not showing Diagnostic Job Signals
-Fixed the VehicleScapeDAQ Channels search box not accepting capital letters
-Fixed the video properties Axis Camera IP Address and Request URI property not showing the correct value
-Fixed the X axis label and timestamps from overlapping into the Channel list in Data Analysis
-Fixed two help buttons in Data Analysis Text Edit options that weren't working correctly
-Fixed Use Setup Baud Rates not working correctly on FIRE2Slave VNET
-Fixed VCAN3 Autobaud not being changeable if neoVI Server was on.
-Fixed Video Extracting not working correctly
-Fixed VividCAN's 'Network Stats' from throwing an error if a FB command to control the selectable CAN was used
-Fixed VS3Zips not allowing platform changes
-Fixed VSB to PCAP conversion causing Wireshark to show negative timestamps
-Galaxy no longer fails reflashing if it's being spammed by external Ethernet traffic
-Gateway Builder Exclusions column height is now no longer adjustable
-Gateway Builder is now enabled by default
-Gateway Builder message and signal size mismatches now are warnings instead of errors
-Gateway Builder Network Selector now sorts correctly
-Gateway Builder now has a 'Swap networks' button to quickly switch input and output networks
-Gateway builder now remembers the last used network
-Gateway expressions now have the ability to cap a min/max
-Gateway items can now be reordered
-Gateways will now work correctly with Database Fixup
-Implemented a default logger mode in ION and FIRE2 that will automatically start logging after 60s if no script is present (Option is in neoVI Explorer)
-In Function Blocks, selecting the Filter bar now hides the bottom bar (this prevents having a view open with no FB selected, causing an Access Violation)
-J2534 API now supports more than 2 channels for flashing at a time for Rad--Galaxy
-Joysticks now support up to 6 axis
-Made a few changed to the Extractor to make it faster
-Messages Editor > Extra Bytes > Import no longer crashes if fed a file with only 1 value
-Messages View Erase button now clears the Details pane as well
-Messages View Filter Bar Labels no longer disappear when pressing the 'Home' key
-Modifying Messages View Column settings now triggers the 'Need to Save' flag
-neoVI Explorer and the networks view no longer show unsupported baud rates
-neoVI Explorer can now connect to a device to read settings, even if a device is already connected and online using neoVI Server
-neoVI Explorer no longer shows MiscIO settings for the neoOBD2Sim
-neoVI Explorer now writes temporary files into your Data directory instead of program location
-Network Error Count now works in CoreMini
-Network Stream Cameras in Graphical Panels now show video even if the Video View is closed
-Networks view 'Restore Program Defaults' now triggers the Need to Save flag
-ODX, CDD, and ARXML importers now properly import State ranges
-Open / Listening TCP connections can now manually be closed from the TCP/IP UI
-Optimized parts of the Rad--Galaxy and Rad--Star2 Firmware
-Packet Sniffer Cameras now load much faster when going online
-Plasma / ION Android setup no longer lets you attempt to connect if a Plasma or ION is not connected
-Platform View now loads in as selecting the first CAN Network (instead of none)
-Problem Logs are now shown if a 'Read Data' step is set up without an Application Signal
-Rad--Star2 now has CoreMini support
-Removed two unused dropdown menus in Data Analysis
-Rewrote the Frame Dissector in Messages View Details Pane to allow custom Wireshark LUA dissectors
-rnd() now works with values other than 1 in both VSpy and CoreMini
-Save Platform Changes button and icon now blink in sync
-SD Cards larger than 256GB are now supported for FIRE2 and FIRE2VNET devices
-Setting Baud Rate by Function Blocks now works in Plasma / ION with the FIRE2VNET
-SOME/IP properties are accessible in both Function Blocks and CCIF (Read-Only for now)
-The CCIF define 'CAN_ID_EXTENDED_MASK' now uses the correct mask
-The Exporter is now significantly faster
-The Logon view's controls were realigned and now look much cleaner
-Tx Panel ArbID for 11-bit messages now no longer accepts values above 0x7FF
-Updated neoVI Server to better support future devices
-Updated the Function Block Commands 'Load Message Data' to use the new Message Selector
-Updated the Function Block Commands 'Test DTC' and 'Clear Stats' to use the new Message Selector
-Updated the J2534 DLL to allow DoIP communication
-Use Logged Frames' in the Video view now defaults as Off
-VCAN4-1, 4-2, 4-2EL, and 4-4 now can use the IFS Shift Register setting in Explorer
-Vehicle Spy can now extract VCAN.rf VSEB files off of removed SD cards
-VehicleScapeDAQ Channels Tab now has a tree style selector
-VividCAN can now support and decode J1939 BAM messages
-When creating a new collection in VehicleScapeDAQ, the new collection type will be the same as the previous
-When using LIN in the Gateway builder, the outbound message type (Master, Slave, Header Only) can now be changed by the user

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes

Fixed a bug with neoVI Explorer where Slave B FIRE2VNETs would report version as 0.0 when neoVIServer was on
Fixed a bug with the FIRE2 where the side green LED wasn't lighting correctly in Standalone Logging
Fixed a bug where PC Logging wasn't actually logging messages correctly
Fixed a bug where CCP DAQ Lists weren't logging correctly

Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes




  Device / Firmware Bugfixes
CoreMini Added support for ISO15765-2:2015 in CoreMini (CAN-FD payloads over 8 bytes in length)
  CoreMini can now trigger on J1939 signals from Multiframe BAM messages
  FIRE2 case LEDs can now be modified via Function Blocks
  Fixed a bug where Embedded CCIF projects weren't cleared when CoreMini was cleared
  Fixed a CoreMini bug where LIN Break Only Rx filter would match all messages
Ethernet EVB Fixed a bug where certain CoreMinis would cause EEVBs to stop connecting to Vehicle Spy
Extractor Fixed an EEFFACE error when extracting from certain files
FIRE2 VNET Added the ability to specify logger IP when using DLT logging
  FIRE2VNET now sends Ethernet Link status message when going online
  Fixed a bug where CAN-FD Tx counts wouldn't match Rx counts near max rate
  Put some safeguards in place to better control ION temperatures
neoVI Explorer Added EEPROM type to neoVI Explorer Product Details
neoECU10 neoECU10 is no longer supported and cannot be used in new versions of Vehicle Spy
  Fixed neoVI Explorer's 'Communication Settings' GUI allowing text entry
  Fixed Slave FIRE2VNETs appearing as FireVNET in neoVI Explorer
  Fixed the text area of the FIRE2 MiscIO Initial Value dropdowns from being editable
  Removed confusing second entry for FIRE2VNET in the Slave VNET dropdown
neoVI DLL Fixed a bug where J2534 API Loopback didn't show ISO15765 messages using extended addressing correctly
  Added support for the IVNT-03
  Fixed a bug in the ICSAPIHelperTool that showed a duplicate entry after changing pin mappings
  Fixed J2534 Reflashes not working correctly with neoVI Blue
  Improved certain J2534 IOCTLs to perform faster
  Updated the API to no longer use registry settings for DLL logging
  Updated the ICSAPIHelperTool to support pin reassignment for all channels
  Updated the ICSAPIHelperTool to support ValueCAN4 devices
neoVI DLL Added RP1210 Support for the Rad-Star2
  Enhanced stability of the RP1210 API DLLs
neoVI FIRE2 Fixed Function Block Count not working correctly in FIRE2
  Added support for BitSmash in FIRE2 and FIRE2VNET
  BitSmash using FIRE2 and FIRE2VNET was improved
  Added support for FIRE2 Embedded CCIF
  Changed the LED behavior of the FIRE2 top membrane LEDs
  FIRE2 and FIRE2VNET now have an option to suppress LIN errors in the advanced Explorer options
  FIRE2 Logger Status LEDs now go to yellow if USB is blocking the device from sleeping
  FIRE2 now supports neoVI MIC2 using the onboard USB port for both Microphone and GPS
  Fixed a bug where FIRE2 would get stuck in a sleep loop if the Ethernet network was disabled in hardware
  Fixed a bug with FIRE2 not reading K-Line correctly when the K-Line interframe spacing was too small
  Fixed a CoreMini bug where FIRE2 and FIRE2VNET wouldn't handle flow controls with extended ArbIDs correctly
  Fixed FIRE2 EMISC not working correctly
  Fixed the FIRE2 network LED not working correctly for LIN
  Fixed LIN Break Only not transmitting properly on FIRE2
  Fixed the BitSmash timer not being accurate when using FIRE2 or FIRE2VNET
neoVI ION Added support for the new UBLOX 4G Modems in neoVI ION
  Devices running android can now request SIM card ICCID from ADB
  Fixed a bug with FIRE2VNET where the device wouldn't wake up if a frame was received in the midst of shutting down
  Updated icons for neoVI IONs with 4G Modems using the older FireStorm overo
neoVI MIC2 Fixed neoVI MIC2 not triggering correctly with certain setups
neoVI Server Fixed a neoVIServer crash when going offline while a buffer overflow is occurring
  Fixed an API bug with neoVI Server where a second device couldn't be connected to if the first connected device had an error
Rad--Galaxy Added a new 'Switch Mode' for Rad--Galaxy
  Fixed Rad--Galaxy to only allow one connection at a time while online
  Link Status messages now report on all Broad-R channels regardless of Master / Slave settings
  Rad--Galaxy Link Status reports at a faster rate now
Rad--SuperMoon Added support for Rad--SuperMoon
SDCard Formatter Fixed the SDCard Formatter's time estimation to be more precise
  SDCard Formatter now works with cards larger than 256GB
ValueCAN4 Added support for ValueCAN 4-4 and 4EL
  Added support for VCAN4-1, VCAN4-2EL, and VCAN4-4
  Fixed a CoreMini bug where Block Size wasn't being honored if ST_Min was 0
VividCAN Added support for Bitmap Buttons and Graphical Displays in VividCAN
  Added support for Database messages in CoreMini for VividCAN
  Added support for more font style and sizes in VividCAN
  Fixed a bug where signal values from a multiframe message weren't updating properly on VividCAN
  Fixed LED Captions not working properly in VividCAN
  Fixed outlines on bar graphs not displaying properly on VividCAN
  Fixed the Grid color displaying as always black on VividCAN
  Fixed transparent square LEDs not being able to be layered in VividCAN
  Rx Text signals can now be displayed on Graphical Panels on VividCAN
  Significantly sped up VividCAN firmware updates
  VividCAN Graphical Panel limits increased to 4MB
  VividCAN now displays message Rx / Tx / Err status on screen
  VividCAN now supports digital signal formats (i.e. On/off, true/false, etc.)
  VividCAN Screen can now be controlled by Function Blocks (Lock, Set Brightness, Set Current Page)
  Fixed VividCAN not displaying decimal values in meters or bargraphs correctly
  Vehicle Spy Bugfixes
C Code Interface Added support for Extended CAN IDs in Embedded CCIF
  Added support for the ISM (Intrepid Security Module) on supported devices
  Fixed CCIF not being able to change a Message's network ID correctly
Data Analysis Fixed labels not unchecking properly when deleted
  Fixed Zoom to Fit not working correctly when using the Graph Option menu
Ethernet Added support for PCAP files saved in "SLL" mode
  Added support for RTP and RTCP messages in the Messages View Dissector
  Changed 'Length' to say 'Payload Length' for Ethernet Messages
  Fixed MAC Vendor lookup not working properly if Vehicle Spy was started from somewhere other than the install path
  Messages Editor Ethernet Receive messages now show "Default Period (ms)" for Autosar PDUs
  SoAd jobs now handle NRC $78 - Response Pending correctly
  Updated AVTP Headers and Subtypes to IEEE 1722-2016
  Updated AVTP headers and subtypes to IEEE 1722-2016
  Vehicle Spy now supports SOME/IP
Extract/Export Added safeguards to Vehicle Spy to not allow extractions while a device is online
  Fixed a bug where erroneous Bus Query reports with invalid DTCs were generated
  Fixed a bug where ISO9141 standalone logging could have extremely incorrect timestamps
  Fixed a crash when trying to open an extracted VSB in data analysis while a device is online
  Fixed export not cleaning up VSDBs after finishing
  Fixed SD Card Extracting starting at >100% if the card was full of certain types of messages
  VSB to MDF exports now process much faster
Gateway Added the new Gateway Builder
GPS Maps Added the ability to specify custom GPS markers via hyperlinks
  File > New now resets GPS Maps settings
Graphical Panels Added the ability to right click > add Graphical Panel tool
  Fixed a bug where Graphical Panel Pulldown lists would persist even if another control was clicked
  Fixed a bug where Vehicle Spy would get stuck on 'Compiling VehicleScapeDAQ Object' if online with a Floating Panel open
  Fixed a crash when using Monochrome bitmaps in Graphical Displays
  Fixed Graphs not importing onto a graphical panel correctly
  Fixed Text Display's LCD properties (digits / decimals) not working correctly
  Fixed the Action Button file dialog not filtering correctly based on extension
  Fixed the 'Show Android Window' Ratio not saving correctly to the VS3
  Fixed the 'Show VividCAN Screen Size' not saving correctly to the VS3
  When 'Show VividCAN Screen Size' is selected, buttons to add unsupported controls are hidden
Hardware Fixed the Enable property of certain networks affecting the wrong network
  Removed confusing text label about CoreMini USB Sleep Check
LDFImport FIBEX file import now creates smaller more compact databases
License Changed TCP/IP and DoIP views to be usable with Professional level licenses
Main Added a feature to control Keysight Power Supplies using Ethernet
  Added additional descriptions to Fixup Windows
  Added an option to VSB Split to specify the output directory
  Added Global B Support to DPS Archive Viewer
  Added helpful info in Network Databases tab about setup when no platform is loaded
  Added ISO9141 / KWP2000 support to ASC and BLF formats and exports
  Added multi-select for Diagnostic Jobs (for deletion only)
  Added support for MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) decoding in the Messages View
  Added the ability to import multiple ODX files at once in the ECUs view
  Added the option to specify little endian or big endian as the default preference (requires .INI file mod, contact us)
  Added support for generic protobuf files for Ethernet
  BLF to VSB converter now converts to the correct version if Ethernet is detected
  CAN termination checkboxes now update correctly when device termination is modified in neoVI Explorer
  Changed the ODX Export warning caption to not say 'Error' as the caption
  Changing options that force a program restart will now re-launch Vehicle Spy (instead of just closing the program)
  CoreMinis no longer compile if user files are missing
  Fixed .DBC files not saving correctly when the extension was capitalized
  Fixed a bug where copied Platform changes would affect the original
  Fixed a bug where Description Filter wouldn't work in Tx Panel in certain files
  Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping an App signal onto Signal List would not show the name correctly
  Fixed a bug where entering extra bytes higher than b2047 would display as blank
  Fixed a bug where going online in Simulation Mode from the Logon screen wouldn't load the platform correctly
  Fixed a bug where internal VS3Zips weren't cleared on File > New when the platform list was empty
  Fixed a bug where ISO14229 $11 ECU Reset jobs wouldn't update bytes correctly when switching from CAN to CAN-FD
  Fixed a bug where ISO9141 / KWP2000 messages were not being received correctly with a basic license
  Fixed a bug where modifying TX_DL in ECUs view didn't modify certain user job TX_DLs correctly
  Fixed a bug where PIDs over two bytes in length would truncate to a single byte on import
  Fixed a bug where signal Min / Max would change after modifying message scaling from Linear to None
  Fixed a bug where TextAPI commands wouldn't trigger on the first use
  Fixed a bug where the first little Endian signal would be added as 1 bit instead of 8
  Fixed a bug where the neoVI Database would disappear after adding an ECU
  Fixed a bug where the Save Platform Changes button would never stop blinking
  Fixed a bug where VS3Zip platforms would become locked as the platform
  Fixed a cascading Access Violation when executing Diagnostic User Jobs in certain setup files
  Fixed a CoreMini bug where setups with Persistent Log Data wouldn't run correctly
  Fixed a crash when adding or removing TextAPI remote servers
  Fixed a crash when going online with certain files
  Fixed a loophole with the "Copy To" command that could copy across networks
  Fixed a save icon becoming stuck when going offline while a capture block is running
  Fixed Alternate Workspace menus not matching Vehicle Spy menus
  Fixed an Access Violation after clicking 'Cancel' on network fixup dialog
  Fixed an Access Violation after using Expression Builder to add an Application Signal
  Fixed an Access Violation if keyboard <Enter> was pressed after clicking OK in 'Select ECUs to Import' dialog
  Fixed an Access Violation when pressing 'Restore Program Defaults' in Networks view
  Fixed an Access Violation when trying to copy nothing in Function Blocks
  Fixed an Access Violation when using File > New while editing the name of a FB script
  Fixed an intermittent crash just after opening the program
  Fixed an issue where 'Invalid Archive File' would keep popping up if DPS Archive Viewer was pointed to an invalid file
  Fixed an unnecessary save prompt from triggering on certain files
  Fixed ASCs with CAN-FD not playing back properly with Playback Blocks
  Fixed 'Auto Add J1939 Rx Messages' not sticking between Save and Reload
  Fixed bitwise OR not working on operands larger than 4 bytes correctly
  Fixed bug where display artifacts would show on the Messages Editor when using certain setups
  Fixed CDD signal formats not importing correctly
  Fixed 'Copy to Messages Editor' working differently between GMLAN and ISO14229 Diagnostic Jobs
  Fixed CoreMinis not being able to be sent to Plasma / ION FIRE2VNET EEPROM
  Fixed 'Disable All Tx' button still allowing first Tx when going online
  Fixed DTC count not showing correctly in the ISO14229 $19 Read DTC Information job
  Fixed Ethernet DAQ messages not showing up correctly when reviewing certain VSB files
  Fixed Live Edit not showing the correct decoding for certain networks
  Fixed ODX import of KWP PDX
  Fixed overlapping text on TCP/IP View
  Fixed Signed 2's complement Integers not importing from PDX files correctly
  Fixed the Expression Editor's Find filter not persisting correctly
  Fixed the KWP2000 ECUs view "Manufacturer-Specific Fields" tab to allow changing of these values
  Fixed the problem log for Load Message Data file missing to be more intuitive
  Fixed the problem log for Missing End Loop FB command to now point to the Start loop step instead of end of Function Block
  Fixed the Save dialog from prompting on certain files even if nothing was changed
  Improved Vehicle Spy's real-time performance and expanded the Tools > Performance window
  Loading of large VSDB files is now much faster
  Max ISO15765:2 Transmit message length increased to 65000 (up from 9300)
  Modified the Function Block Transmit step to allow easier searching for Tx messages
  Network Fixup dropdowns are now easier to see and use
  Removed <html> tooltips from 2 Setup Filter dialog Vertical Scrollbars
  Rx Filters with arbID of 0 no longer catch CAN Error Frames
  Signal color now fades in the direction of Endianness
  Signal names no longer accept newline characters
  Signals can now be assigned beyond byte 272 in the Messages Editor
  Simulation Mode now allows transmission from VNET A & B
  The Setup > Hardware "Go Offline?" popup is now a modal dialog (only one can be open at a time)
  Transmit commands now show the message key (e.g. out0) after the Tx message name
  Using a Set Value Command on the Read Only Message BX property now triggers a problem log and script error
  Vehicle Spy is now large address aware, which means that it can allocate up to 4 GB of RAM on 64-bit systems (previous limit was ~1.3GB)
  Vehicle Spy now properly prompts to save when closing after using Diagnostics Setup's "Copy to Messages Editor" button
  When a playback block is unable to open a file, the errors are now more specific.
  Added drag and drop functionality to the Custom Filter dialog
  Fixed a bug where ISO9141 being enabled would cause HSCAN6 to be disabled in FIRE2 / FIRE2VNET
  Fixed CoreMini network enable FB step not working correctly
MEP "AutoStart MEP when VSPY goes online" checkbox now defaults as ON when an A2L is loaded for Measurement
  Fixed a bug where MEP Auto-Reconnect required the MEP view to be open to work
  Fixed some cutoff text in MEP Setup Properties
  Fixed the + and - on MEP Calibration setup being greyed out after going online with a problem log
  Fixed the MEP ECU Long Description box to support longer strings
  Fixed the MEP watchdog to use a mandatory command instead of an optional one
  MEP View no longer allows import of the same exact A2L twice
  Removed the polling rate box from MEP, as this is present in VSDAQ's channel's tab
Messages View Added a right click option in the Messages View Details Pane for Expand / Collapse all
  Added the ability to exclude in the Messages View Column filters. (use ! before the value to skip, e.g. !7DF)
  Fixed a bug in Static Mode where CAN Bus Events would show twice for the same event
  Fixed a bug that would allow scrolling in the messages view with no scrollbar present
  Fixed a bug that would show incorrect Raw Hex Data next to Decoded Signals
  Fixed a bug where Activity Highlighting wasn't working correctly in scroll mode
  Fixed a bug where applying network filters wouldn't refresh the display on smaller buffers
  Fixed a bug where data bytes highlighting would flicker on certain messages
  Fixed a bug where not all bytes were shown in the Messages View DataByte column
  Fixed a bug where stuff bits were shown for non-CAN networks
  Fixed a crash bug when opening certain VSB files via double clicking
  Fixed a crash bug when opening certain VSBs via double-clicking
  Fixed J1939 CTS/RTS and BAM messages not being assembled correctly in Scroll mode
  Fixed the Expanded Data's highlighting to no longer be behind the data values
  Fixed the Messages View 'Stuff Bits' column to no longer trigger on Non-CAN messages
  LIN Rx Break Only messages now include matched message name in the description
  Virtual messages now appear just after the real message that created them
VehicleScapeDAQ Added a checkbox to VSDAQ Gateway to control if a gateway is manual or automatic start
  Added a fix for CCP standalone logging to prevent a spoRad-ic wakeup issue
  Added the ability to use AXIS cameras while FIRE2VNET is logging DLT on Plasma / ION
  Changed VSSAL's 'Save Decoding Database' option to be checkboxes instead of Rad-io buttons
  Fixed a bug in VehicleScapeDAQ Gateways where overlapping signals could be generated
  Fixed a bug where Gateway Loggers wouldn't sleep
  Fixed a bug where PC Logging to .dat files would show different values for State Encoded Signals than .csv files
  Fixed a bug where VSSAL's 'Stop' time field would change focus before entry was complete
  Fixed a crash on load with certain VS3Zip files
  Fixed an Access Violation when using VehicleScapeDAQ's Selected Channels search
  Fixed an issue with VehicleScapeDAQ's Gateway when using Intel type Analog signals
  Fixed DBC files not pulling states for State Encoded Variables correctly
  Fixed Pre-Start logging occurring even when start type was not "Start on Equation"
  Fixed VSSAL Histogram "Increment an invalid counter" not working correctly
  Optimized VSSAL Power Management Sleep logic to be much more efficient and smaller
  Pressing the MIC2 button now sends a trigger message, even if the active script doesn't use the MIC2
  The VSSAL 'Generate' button now sticks to the bottom of the screen (regardless of scroll position)
  VehicleScapeDAQ now has an option to specify CANFD vs CAN
Video Added mouse cursor position and color information to the Video View for use with ROI setup
  Added new 'ROI' tab on the Video View
  Added support to allow video rendering from multiple camera AVB streams
  All Camera properties can be accessed by function blocks now (i.e. Frame Rate)
  Axis Network Camera default IP is now
  Fixed a crash bug when 'Evaluate as Text' was checked for Video property 'Frames Captured'
  Fixed a crash when adding a .MOV file camera
  Fixed a crash when closing a camera device
  Fixed a crash when deleting a camera
  Fixed a crash when opening a new tab while File Camera is actively running
  Fixed a program slowdown when adding a Capture Device camera
  Fixed an erroneous problem log when using certain types of webcams
  Fixed logged audio files being saved with no extension
  Fixed the color property for the Text and Line filter not working as intended
  Fixed the 'In Range' filter not saving the range correctly
  Packet Sniffer Cameras can now distinguish between two different streams of the same data (i.e. retransmit / gatewayed data)
  Video view now throws a problem log if there was an issue with the file
Please bear with us as we migrate to a new bug tracking system. Here are more bugfixes, but with no sorting or grouping.
Added a comment option for Application Signals
Added support for communicating with FIRE2s over Ethernet (similar to a Rad--Galaxy)
Added support for neoOBD2Pro
Added the ability for CAPL converter to handle CAN-FD's EDL bit setting
Added the ability to reflash ISO14229 ECUs (specific OEMs, contact us for details. Enterprise level license required)
All versions of Plasma / ION are now supported in the Linux API
Changed the problem log for Calculated App Signal issue to be more descriptive
Fixed a bug in neoVI Explorer where the 'Slave VNET B' dropdown box wasn't populated
Fixed a bug when starting the ISO14229 Flasher via TextAPI
Fixed a bug where certain TextAPI commands would return -1 instead of the correct response
Fixed a bug where Extractor was unable to find the correct SD Card overlap point on certain cards
Fixed a bug where FIRE2 could go to sleep while extracting over USB
Fixed a bug where FSA Transmit Signals would revert to a saved value on first use
Fixed a bug where J1939 BAM message length wouldn't update until going offline / online
Fixed a bug where neoVI Database messages could show as duplicated
Fixed a bug where the Messages View Scrollbar didn't work correctly in simulation mode if Details View was open
Fixed a bug where the Rx message Auto Tx field would keep resetting to 'None'
Fixed a bug where the txall TextAPI command was accidentially changed to tx.all. txall is the correct command now
Fixed a bug where VividCAN Baud rate 666667 wasn't working correctly
Fixed a bug where VSDAQ would stop updating the selected channel if XCP events were used for priority
Fixed a bug while streaming large files in Data Analysis where data points weren't calculated correctly
Fixed a bug with VehicleScapeDAQ Bus Query where Code requests wouldn't go out correctly from CAN-FD ECUs
Fixed a bug with VividCAN where the screen would randomly glitch for 1 frame periodically
Fixed a cascading error and crash when restarting logging functions in certain files
Fixed a compatibility bug with certain corporate IM programs causing Vehicle Spy to not start
Fixed a CoreMini bug where Flow Control CAN type Any wasn't triggering correctly
Fixed a crash when using PC Logging in certain setups
Fixed a deadlock when transmitting extremely large amounts of data
Fixed a device crash if CoreMini was running and then a J2534 connection was attempted
Fixed an Access Violation when dragging down text in the Details View while online
Fixed an Access Violation when setting up a specific State Encoded Signal type
Fixed DTCs being decoded incorrectly if the code was a non-PCode
Fixed Rad--Galaxy not being detectable on initial device boot (certain PCs only)
Fixed some unnecessary Problem Logs when loading a VS3 file as a VSDB
Fixed the MEP > Transport Layer > CAN FD Checkbox not triggering the "Dirty Flag" (prompt to save before exiting)
neoVI Server now defaults to Off on fresh installations
Removed MiscIO settings in neoVI Explorer for neoOBD2Sim (device doesn't use MiscIO)
Retooled certain functions in the API to make future support more robust


Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes



Bug Fixes


Vehicle Spy Changes:



NeoECU10 is now depreciated


Fixed memory use increasing rapidly when working with icsneo40 and CAN-FD


Plasma and ION will more aggressively try to use WiFi networks when in range


Fixed some J2534 stability issues with the Rad--Galaxy


Fixed some stability issues when using two Rad--Galaxys with one copy of Vehicle Spy

Vehicle Spy Changes:


Data Analysis

Fixed the Sqrt function throwing an error in Data Analysis


It's now easier to exit 'Add Text / Arrow' mode


Fixed Data Analysis Calculated Channels Trig functions throwing errors when they shouldn't


Fixed a bug where deleted functions would reappear after deletion


Fixed a bug where CCP / XCP would disconnect if the MEP tab was closed and reopened


Fixed VehicleScapeDAQ not filling DAQ lists from multiple DAQs correctly


Fixed VehicleScapeDAQ not including the XCP requests when decoding Selected Channels





Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes



Bug Fixes


Firmware Changes:



Added the ability to write Log Data commands (use target: Host PC) to send notes to the WiVi Activity Log


Added CoreMini support for Message BX property


Fixed a bug in CoreMini where Flow Controls wouldn't send for extended address frames that were blank (i.e. no data byte filter)


Fixed a bug where CoreMini FB loop commands would run forever if loop count was 256


Fixed Ethernet Message Length not being changed correctly in CoreMini


Fixed FIRE2 MiscIOs 5+6 not updating as they should


Fixed J1939 Broadcast MultiFrame messages not being logged correctly in CoreMini


Fixed J1939 Broadcast Multiframes not getting logged in CM correctly


Fixed Message Bx Filter not working properly in Coremini


Fixed Message Length property not working correctly in CoreMini


Message Data and Message Frame now work for messages greater than 8 bytes


Fixed a bug where ICMP checksums weren't calculated correctly on EEVBs


Fixed a bug with EEVBs where some CoreMini Set Value commands weren't working correctly


Exporting to BLF from VSB now properly shows the network fixup dialog


Fixed the extractor notes file not reading out FIRE2 VNET message counts correctly


WiVi MDF Exporter now defaults to selecting all channels if all are matched to the Collection


FIRE2 VNET bootloader now has protections against accidential reflash with old (potentially device-damaging) firmware


Fixed a bug where the FIRE2VNET's VSA would get out of sync after an unexpected reboot


Fixed a bug where the LIN bus would blip dominant when going online with a FIRE2 or F2VNET


Fixed a potential lockup in the FIRE2VNET


Fixed AnalogIn VNETs not working correctly with a FIRE2 Main VNET


Fixed FIRE2VNET GPS logging not working correctly


Fixed FIRE2VNET in slave slot dropping Tx frames that failed to transmit under specific conditions


Fixed FIRE2VNETs possibly locking up when queried by the APK while CoreMini is not running


Fixed Temperature and VBATT reading incorrectly after sleep / wake cycle


Added support for the new neoOBD2 Pro


Fixed a Tx Buffer Overflow in neoOBD2-Sim when transmitting faster than 170 uS on CANFD

neoVI Explorer

Fixed an Access Violation when trying to reflash a device while another Vehicle Spy instance is online


Fixed neoVI Explorer taking an extended amount of time to disconnect from 4G devices


Fixed the mouse wheel not working correctly in neoVI Explorer


neoVI Explorer now auto-disables the dropdowns for MiscIO 5 + 6 if they aren't supported by the hardware


neoVI Explorer's Product Details now includes hardware license information


Fixed a bug where J2534 reflashing would fail if the ini file was missing certain settings


Added support for 64-Byte CAN-FD Payloads


Added support for 64-Byte CANFD messages


Fixed J2534 messages sending with the incorrect padding frame when using an ISO15765-2 message under 8 bytes of data


Fixed J2534 PASS Filter for Slave VNETs not working properly


J2534 DLL now uses Rx Length for ISO15765-2 instead of TX_DL


Fixed a bug where Slave VNET messages Tx reports weren't read by Android correctly


Added support for backup power in the icsneoAPI


Added support for the new ValueCAN4 family of devices


Fixed the API Helper Tool not forcing padding on ISO15765 frames correctly


J2534EnableCMUSBFiltering now defaults to 1


Fixed FIRE2 CCP Coremini scripts failing after a bit of time


Fixed a bug where LIN Bit Rate property wasn't working correctly when online in PC mode


Added support for ISO9141 / KWP2000 in the FIRE2


Added support for the Intrepid Security Module in the FIRE2


FIRE2's J2534 flashing is now more robust and stable


Fixed a bug where FIRE2 wouldn't wake up correctly on certain networks


Fixed a FIRE2 crash if Log Persistent Data was enabled


Fixed a FIRE2 crash when using 'Evaluate as Text'


Fixed a FIRE2 lockup when trying to send extremely long (1600+ bytes) ethernet frames


Fixed a FIRE2 lockup when trying to transmit a certain invalid LIN message


Fixed FIRE2 not logging LSFT2 messages after wakeup


Fixed SWCAN messages being stuck in high voltage mode after a failed HV Tx


Fixed a bug where 64-Byte payloads using J2534 could corrupt the ArbID


Fixed a bug where HSCAN6 + 7 ISO15765-2 transfers would go out on HSCAN instead


Fixed a FIRE2 race condition in relation to receiving ISO15765 Flow Control

neoVI MIC2

Fixed neoVI MIC2 not working properly with ION


Regenerated default neoVI MOTE CoreMini to be up-to-date for newer versions

neoVI Server

Fixed neoVIServer not working with slave VNETs in Android correctly


neoviServer is now more stable when going offline / online with multiple instances of Vehicle Spy connected to one device


Fixed a bug where AIN data wouldn't be logged correctly when repowering a Plasma or ION


Fixed Fire VNET Fast Wakeup not triggering correctly on LIN


Fixed a bug where the neoVI MIC2 would cause Plasma / ION's Ublox modem not to connect


Added support for J2534 with the Rad--Galaxy


Added support for Rad--Galaxy HW Rev. 4


Fixed a bug where Rad--Galaxy would show SD card not connected when clearing CoreMini


Fixed a bug with Rad--Galaxy Low Latency Mode where messages could be missed


Fixed a CoreMini CAN Tx overflow on Rad--Galaxy when transmitting on each network


Fixed a race condition between Function Blocks when sending Automotive Ethernet Tx messages


Fixed the BroadR filter not working correctly in VehicleScapeDAQ


Optimized PC Communication to the Rad--Galaxy


Optimized some of the Rad--Galaxy's internal code to make processing faster


Rad--Star2 and Rad--Galaxy now support MAC spoofing for taps


Added support for 5Hz GPS updates for the MIC2


Added support for VividCAN

Vehicle Spy Changes:


C Code Interface

Fixed a bug in CCIF where LIN Byte 8 would go out as 0


Fixed a bug where messages copied from CAN to Ethernet using CCIF were shifted incorrectly

CAPL Converter

Added the option to look for file extensions in the CAPL Converter

Data Analysis

Added support for VSEB files in Data Analysis


Added the ability for a user to save their Data Analysis workspace (as an .ANN file)


Data Analysis now properly shows signal Min / Max if they're located in the DAT file


Fixed an Access Violation when loading a CSV containing State-Encoded app signals


Fixed Data Analysis cursor tooltips becoming stuck for State Encoded signals


Added the ability to specify your own Ethernet checksum


Fixed 'Copy to Messages Editor' accidentially moving DoIP and SoAd jobs to HSCAN instead of TCP


Fixed a bug where custom Ethertypes would act as wildcard filters


Fixed a bug where platforms using Ethernet DBCs would sometimes not transfer between PCs correctly


Fixed a bug with Message Length when copying an ARXML message from Database to Transmit


Fixed PC Ethernet DHCP not functioning correctly


Fixed some text overlap in the Messages Editor (Ethernet network)


Fixed WinPCAP causing all Tx to stop when buffer overflowing


Added a right-click menu option in Export to combine selected VSB files


Added an option to change CSV date format to dd/mm/yyyy under Export > Advanced Settings


Added the ability to just extract the VSDB in


Added the ability to only extract the VSDB from a connected device


Fixed DAT File exports not working correctly


Fixed Extract / Export's Write Collection Channels to File not writing signals correctly


Fixed Extract/Exports 'Write Collection Channels to File' not working as expected


Fixed Extractor Notes not differentiating between Main and Slave VNET channels


Fixed the SD card percentage showing twice on the extract screen


Fixed an Access Violation and Vehicle Spy crash when pressing the 'Execute' button in FlexRay Clusters tab


Fixed a crash when opening FSA Byte viewer in scroll mode


Fixed an Access Violation loop when using certain FSA setups in Simulation Mode


FSA now correctly sends to the most recently connected TCP port (instead of the oldest)

Graphical Panels

Added a checkbox during VS3EXE generation to hide graphical panel tabs


Added a checkbox to show VividCAN screen size on graphical panels


Fixed a bug where Numeric entries weren't displayed by Graphical Panel Text Displays correctly


Fixed a bug where, when switching a bargraph to a slider, saving and then loading could lose the associated signal


Fixed Application Signals not dragging and dropping onto Graphical Panels correctly


Fixed the camera Stretch option from resizing larger than the frame size (if source is big enough)


Graphical Panel Graph controls now work even when locked


Knobs or gauges now take Min / Max from the assigned signal on creation


Removed "Untitled" from the top of Graphical Panel Graph Controls


Fixed an Access Violation after removing the neoVI Network or having less than 8 networks


Fixed certain Slave VNETs not reflashing properly


Fixed some baud rates reporting incorrectly to the Networks view on certain devices


neoVI Plasma and ION now handle USB disconnects and reconnects better


The Networks View's Setup FD Data Baud column now has dropdown selections


Added a 'newline' operator to the expression builder. It works the same as "Shift + Enter."


Added an ArbID column on the CySMAC view


Added SoAd diagnostic support


Added support for 3-Byte DTCs in ISO14229 Read DTC Diagnostic job


Added support for BLF files containing SOME/IP traffic


Added Text API Command to read %Use for all networks


Added the ability to read an Array app signal with Text API


Added the ability to read one element of an Array app signal with Text API


Burst messages are now supported in CySMAC


Changed Playback FB's 'Skip delays longer than (X) ms during playback' default to 30000 (30 seconds)


Copyright updated to 2018. Happy New Year!


Diagnostic Jobs can now be multi-selected for copy and pasting


Exported ODX files now use the xsi- naming prefix (industry default)


Expression Editor now keeps the last expanded selection when reopened


Fixed 'Append App Signal To File Name' not sticking correctly with save


Fixed 'Run with MEP' showing even if there was no MEP setup present


Fixed a bug where .CDD files weren't imported correctly


Fixed a bug where compiling certain microsecond precision CoreMini blocks would show 'Wait For' times as X*1000


Fixed a bug where CoreMini gateways wouldn't differentiate between CAN and CAN-FD


Fixed a bug where large empty spaces would show on files loaded with the last view being Messages Editor


Fixed a bug where ODX files containing only DTCs wouldn't be imported correctly


Fixed a bug where ODX Imports wouldn't import jobs as User Jobs correctly


Fixed a bug where Read Data txt files weren't saved in VS3Zips


Fixed a bug where Signal copy and pasting didn't increment the signal index correctly


Fixed a bug where signal types would get changed to Analog if the F(x) edit was opened and closed


Fixed a bug where the default neoVI Database wouldn't load correctly


Fixed a bug where the Tx Panel + and - signal value buttons would skip 0 intermittently


Fixed a bug where VSDB imports to Tx messages wouldn't increment the index key correctly


Fixed a couple typos of the word 'receive' in the UI


Fixed a crash bug when importing certain ODX files


Fixed a crash when creating diagnostic jobs using TextAPI


Fixed a crash when importing certain function blocks


Fixed a crash when trying to send much faster than the CPU can process in Simulation Mode


Fixed a crash when using Remap VSB


Fixed a deadlock when trying to convert extremely large VSBs to BLF


Fixed a DLL Tx Buffer Overflow and Crash when transmitting extremely high speeds on a Slave VNET


Fixed a random crash caused by certain ethernet settings


Fixed a typo on the Setup Log Data dialog


Fixed an Access Violation in the Enter Signals dialog box after mousing over certain areas


Fixed an Access Violation Spam and Crash after deleting App signals and going online


Fixed an access violation when adding a knob using TextAPI


Fixed an access violation when clicking on a GP added via TextAPI


Fixed an Access Violation when cloning diagnostic jobs


Fixed an Access Violation when deleting certain networks from the Networks View


Fixed an Access Violation when deleting PIDs from Diagnostic Job setup


Fixed an Access Violation when dragging messages on Signal List


Fixed an Access Violation when generating a Gateway


Fixed an Access Violation when hitting 'Restore Program Defaults' while the FlexRay Controller view was open


Fixed an Access Violation when opening certain VS3Zip files


Fixed an Access Violation when pressing 'Use Setup Baud Rates' in simulation mode


Fixed an Access Violation when starting Playback blocks using TextAPI


Fixed an Access Violation when trying to send a CoreMini with unsupported messages


Fixed an Access Violation when using the Expression Editor Find box


Fixed App Signal Timer Resolution not being loaded correctly from VS3


Fixed Byte filters past Byte 8 not working correctly in Review Buffer


Fixed CDD DIDs not importing correctly


Fixed certain CDD files crashing Vehicle Spy on import


Fixed Chinese strings not importing correctly from CDD files


Fixed database job modification unintentially locking out network changes of user jobs


Fixed FIRE2 MiscIO's initial values not reading out properly


Fixed FIRE2 Slave VNET A not flashing 2-part archives correctly


Fixed GMD2ODX.exe crashing when exporting just GMLAN PIDs


Fixed GMLAN ODX Export only exporting just PIDs


Fixed imported Function Block Transmit steps referencing an already existing key when the names do not match


Fixed intermittently needing to change tabs in CoreMini Console in order to make a Rad--Galaxy show up


Fixed ISO15765 Flow Control Filters for CANFD Tx messages not compiling correctly in CoreMini


Fixed J1939 CTS/RTS handshaking not working properly


Fixed KWP2000 PDX Imports having overlapping LIDs


Fixed Messages Editor Wildcards not working for the first character of Hex ArbIDs


Fixed problem logs showing after importing a Function Block / Graphical Panel with auto-added elements


Fixed Signal Plot Y Axis labels being cut off


Fixed signal property 'Raw Value' not working correctly


Fixed some cybersecurity-related Text API commands


Fixed some typos in the expression builder


Fixed Text API command 'ReturnIndexFromDescription' not working with Application Signals


Fixed the Clone Job and Copy to Messages Editor buttons being disabled for Database Jobs


Fixed the Diagnostic Jobs List Mode not refreshing correctly when wiping all jobs


Fixed the Messages Editor allowing Wildcards where it shouldn't have


Fixed the Text API Terminal opening the problem log by pressing the letter 'p' while typing


Fixed the VCAN4-2 image not being in the correct spot in the Logon screen


Fixed VehicleScapeDAQ Generate Gateway from having overlapping signals in certain cases


Imported jobs no longer move over to User Jobs when the platform is saved.


Improved multiframe message processing for longer messages


It's now impossible to set a negative message length with FB Set Value commands


Message Signal Min/Max can now be set in Function Blocks


Playback FB's 'Skip delays longer than (X) ms during playback" is now saved in VS3s


Removed non-applicable panels from neoVI Explorer when connected with a FIRE2VNET


Revamped the Text API terminal, and it's implementation


Reworked the way that the message property 'Data BX' is shown in the expression editor


Stacked signal plots now show all Y values when mousing over lines


Text signal comparison now works correctly (Evaluate as Text must be off)


The Messages View 'Filter by ArbID' now sorts by numeric (as opposed to alphanumeric)


The TextAPI command 'databaseplatform'' now no longer returns OK for non-existing platforms


Tuned up Signal Plot to start faster when going online


TX_DL dropdown now properly hides when not using CAN-FD


Vehicle Spy is no longer slow when editing huge (400+ step) function blocks


Vehicle Spy now handles multiple files in the DTC directory much more gracefully


VS3EXE files now have the option to automatically go online when a user opens them.


VSDBs imported from ARXMLs now get stored in the Database folder


Added support for XCP A2Ls that use little-endian for the ArbID and big-endian for the data


Fixed a bug where XCP signals weren't generated correctly in VehicleScapeDAQ


Fixed a bug where XCP Static DAQ Lists were cleared when going online with MEP


Fixed an Access Violation in the Script FB Search


Fixed an Access Violation when trying to go online with MEP after removing the ECU from the setup


Fixed XCP setting data block size to 4 on uploads

Messages View

Fixed a bug where certain decodings wouldn't show properly if the VSB was opened by double click


Fixed a bug where the Messages View wouldn't display the last row in Time(abs/rel) in Scroll Mode


Fixed a couple typos in the Messages View Details DoIP Dissector


Fixed a deadlock if the Details window was shrinked to minimum height


Fixed a Messages View Timestamp issue when viewing two files from different years


Fixed the Messages View 'No Match' filter not working in File > Review Buffer


K-Line Init frames are now recognized as such when using a FIRE2


Messages View Details pane now can dissect DoIP


Added an API for setting up VehicleScapeDAQ and extracting SD card data


Added search functionality for VehicleScapeDAQ's Selected Channels tab


Added the ability to set default BLF network mappings under Standalone Logging > Advanced Options


Fixed a bug where using PC Logging with MDF write only would throw an error


Fixed an Access Violation when generating a gateway script with Rx Message Signals


Fixed VSSAL not setting up ISO15765-2 extended addresses properly


VehicleScapeDAQ Bus Query for J1979 now requests Mode $09 support before requesting other things (like VIN)


VehicleScapeDAQ Standalone Logging now renames DAQs to ASCII characters when exported to WiVi files


Added audio filtering and redid the Video view


Fixed a bug where logged video frames weren't syncing with Data Analysis signals correctly


Fixed a crash when importing very large camera files


Fixed an Access Violation when closing a file camera


Fixed Camera Name row / column to now have a maximum size


Fixed dragging-resize of ROI being stuck if Maintain Aspect Ratio was selected


If two camera devices have the same name, Vehicle Spy now uses the index instead of the name


Video Logging Interval is now saved to the VS3 file





Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes



Bug Fixes


Firmware Changes:



Fixed a bug with Slave Fire VNETs logging all CoreMini messages on HSCAN network


Fixed a bug where AIN VNET wouldn't work properly with a FIRE2VNET

neoVI Explorer

Fixed neoVI Explorer not showing available firmware for FIRE2VNETs correctly


Fixed LIN Bit Rate property not working correctly with VSpy on a Fire

Vehicle Spy 3 Changes:



Fixed a bug where extracting from Rad-Galaxy would show SD % twice


Fixed an intermittent crash bug


Fixed Routine IDs not importing correctly with PDX/ODX import


Fixed VSDAQ Generate Gateway DBCs having overlapped signals


Fixed a deadlock when converting certain humongous VSB files (2gb+) to BLF


Fixed a crash when importing certain Function Blocks


Fixed certain definitions not being imported correctly on certain ODX files


Fixed an Access Violation in the Script FB Search option

Messages View

Fixed certain ISO_IDDecoding messages not filtering correctly when opening VSB by double clicking


Fixed an error when using PC Logging to only log MDF files


Fixed an Access Violation when generating a gateway script with certain Rx Message Signals


Fixed a bug where VSSAL wouldn't create a new VSB file correctly for certain setups


Fixed State Encoded Memory Items not logging properly to DAT files





Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes



Bug Fixes


Firmware Changes:



Fixed a CoreMini neoVI Message being extracted as HSCAN


Fixed a bug where all 2nd VNET traffic was logged as HSCAN


Fixed GPS Logging not enabling correctly with FIRE2VNETs


Fixed a bug where Temperature and VBATT were incorrect after a sleep / wake cycle


Fixed FIRE2 not performing Fast Wakeup properly


Fixed FIRE2 not logging LSFT CAN2 after wakeup

neoVI MIC2

Fixed the neoVI MIC2 not triggering VSSAL scripts correctly

Vehicle Spy Changes:


Graphical Panels

Fixed an Access Violation when editing the signal property on certain LED controls


Fixed a bug where certain ODX files would crash the importer


Fixed a bug where signal copy / paste wouldn't increment the signal index correctly


Fixed Int calculations not rounding correctly in Function Blocks


Fixed an Access Violation when generating gateways


Fixed a bug where an incorrect Function Block start type would get saved in certain cases


Fixed XCP Static DAQ lists disappearing when going online with MEP

Messages View

Fixed the Details Pane not updating when new matched messages were seen





Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes



Major New Features



Video Processing








Revamped Expression Editor





Limitations / Errata



Windows XP is not supported







Bug Fixes


Firmware Changes:



FIRE2 and FIRE2 VNET CoreMini now supports flash optimization


Fixed a CoreMini bug where certain Extended Address ISO15765-2 frames weren't caught correctly


Support for extracting from CoreMini versions older than v3.4.0.12 is no longer supported


Added support for ValueCAN.rf LZ4 files with the command line extractor (required for WiVi support!)


Missed or out of order extended file system records now generate an error


Added support for 0E Extended records (allowing for 96GB in one record chain)


Fixed SD Cards with extended records (i.e. FlexRay) extracting to higher than 100%


Added support for the FIRE2 VNET


Fixed a bug where a flow control matching two messages on two networks would trigger both


Fixed a J2534 bug where ISO15765-2 Transmits would accept a flow control from an incorrect network

J2534 DLL

Added support for Manufacturer Specific CANFD protocols in the J2534 driver (J2534 v404 only)


J2534 accelerated ISO 15765-2 frames can now be done on two VNETs simultaneously


DPS flashing with the FIRE2 is now faster than FIRE


Updated the firmware in Plasma / ION to work with the 64-bit DLL


Added support for Rad--Star2 in the DLL


Added a new generic icsneoAPI for Device Settings

neoVI Explorer

Fixed an Access Violation if a device was disconnected while reflashing (although it's still a bad idea)


Updated the neoVI Explorer's buttons to be more intuitive


Added the ability to upgRad-e the Wireless neoVI Client on ValueCAN.rf using .WNC files


Added the ability to configure Cellular networks on the ValueCAN.rf


Updated the MiscIO Panels to support FIRE2's new Enhanced MiscIOs


Fixed a bug where IONs would need to be flashed twice to work correctly


neoVI Explorer Device View is now more flexible for multi-chip devices


Fixed a bug where ValueCAN.rf displayed MPIC version as CCHIP instead of MPIC


ValueCAN.rf's MAC Address is now shown in neoVI Explorer


Added support for the FIRE2's EMISC and MISC Pins (if equipped)


Fixed a bug with non-ISO FIRE2s where DWCAN networks wouldn't wake up correctly


FIRE2 now has a report message when Ethernet Link Status changes


FIRE2 Enhanced MiscIO is now supported


Fixed FIRE2 MiscIO values reporting incorrectly on startup


Fixed the FIRE2 Temperature Sensor Value being listed in the wrong neoVI Report Message


Added support for the Text API client in the FIRE2, allowing support for future add on devices


Fixed the FIRE2 Time Resync messages not beginning when they were supposed to


Fixed a bug where duplicate Flow Control messages were seen in Vehicle Spy while flashing with DPS


The NeoVI Report message now correctly reports the Red and Green LED status of the FIRE2


Fixed the FIRE2 sending ACK in Listen Only mode on certain networks

neoVI Server

Fixed a crash bug with Rad--Galaxy when using certain save files


Reworked the FlexRay VNET code to be more efficient


Fixed a freeze bug when sending 70%+ CAN traffic on each network with the Rad--Galaxy


Rad--Galaxy now has ISO CANFD enabled by default


Rad--Galaxy OP-BroadR-Ethernet now reports link status changes


Rad--Galaxy now supports listen only mode


Fixed a bug where HSCAN messages wouldn't send if HSCAN was the only enabled network in Rad--Galaxy


Fixed the GUI in VehicleScape DAQ to be more intuitive if 'Auto Start DAQ' is disabled


Fixed a bug where Rad--Galaxy would show up twice in Extract/Export


Fixed the Rad-Galaxy requiring a re-power after removing or plugging in an SD Card


Rad-Galaxy will now auto-negotiate 10/100/1000


Fixed the Rad-Galaxy disappearing after sending certain scripts to CoreMini


Fixed a Rad-Galaxy lockup when toggling power off and on multiple times rapidly


Fixed a bug where CAN TX error count wouldn't reduce to 0 after a full recovery


Added support for Rad--Star2

SDCard Formatter

Added support for 64GB cards in the SDCard Format tool


Forced the SDCard Format Tool to require Admin Rights (it still needed it before, but now it won't run without Admin Rights)


Fixed ValueCAN.rf Audio Files not being uploaded correctly to Wireless neoVI


Fixed a bug where ValueCAN.rf Linux wouldn't enter low power sleep mode correctly


Fixed the ValueCAN.rf's system time reading as 1970 until a script is loaded

Vehicle Spy Changes:


C Code Interface

Added support in C Code Interface for Visual Studio 2017. The Open in Visual Studio button now finds VS 2017 correctly

CAPL Converter

Fixed A0 characters in CAPL code converting to white space, causing C++ compiler issues


Fixed a bug where CAPL fileGetString returned an incorrect string on certain situations


Fixed a crash when certain scripts are opening floating panels

Data Analysis

Fixed a bug when reading in Data Analysis cfg files


Fixed the Data Analysis Output bar being wiped if certain areas were clicked


Fixed a bug with Data Analysis where removing one graph would disallow new channels in another


Fixed MDF values being displayed in scientific notation Data Analysis when they shouldn't be (i.e. 0.000e+00 instead of 0)


Fixed the borders in Data Analysis resizing incorrectly when changing the window size


Fixed the Ctrl+H hotkey not working correctly in Data Analysis


Fixed a bug where Data Analysis would stop plotting graphs if channels were switched many times in a short period


Fixed Data Analysis graphs disappearing when box zooming on multiple graphs


Fixed a bug in Data Analysis in the RC where ASC files couldn't be read for signal plotting


Fixed a bug where user-defined Ether-types weren't decoding correctly


Made wildcards work in Ethernet Rx Messages like they should


Moved each Ethernet network into its own TCP/IP stack


Fixed the way that Ethernet Signal Data is worked with in the different views. Signals now persist and shift depending on what changes


Fixed an External Exception when using Ethernet


Fixed a typo on the TCP/IP GUI


The TCP/IP view now updates correctly when parameters are changed by the FSA Replay Wizard


Fixed the DoIP / TCP/IP View's header cells to no longer allow vertical resize


Fixed numerous bugs and issues with the ARP Table


Fixed an Access Violation when pressing 'Edit Ethernet Packet Templates' when ProtocolSignalDatabase.vsdb is missing


TCP messages now try to reconnect to a new port once closed with Function Blocks


Added support for wildcards in Ether-Type and IP Address


The Ethernet Activation line (if equipped) now defaults to Off


Fixed TCP messages not sending via Hotkey


WiVi OneShot reports now have the start time appended to them


Added the ability to extract data over USB using the API


The Extract view now shows where the stored data exists on the overall timeline when connected


Export to MDF for State Encoded use scaled inputs values when populating the state table


Added an export option for just certain sets of data (i.e. use one channel list for multiple exports)


Added an Export advanced setting to change the path for temp files during extract/export


Fixed a bug where certain SD cards would extract with an incorrect folder timestamp in certain conditions


Fixed an erroneous decoding of Bus Query DTCs


Fixed a bug where exporting to both CSV and MAT files at the same time would get stuck on the last couple MAT frames


Fixed a crash bug when extracting certain MDF files


Fixed a bug where Text Signals weren't exported to signal CSV correctly


Fixed MAT's export not scaling values properly


Fixed a bug where VSBs exported to 'mf4' were saved with the .dat extension instead


Fixed an Access Violation with certain bad FIBEX files


Fixed a bug where CAN filters wouldn't work properly in Review Buffer if 'display FlexRay PDUs' was on


Fixed a crash when trying to open a PCAP file in the FSA Replay wizard

GPS Maps

GPS Map position now syncs correctly with Messages View or Data Analysis


Added the ability in GPS Maps view to show a 'history' or 'breadcrumb' mode

Graphical Panels

Fixed a flicker in the Graphical Panel Graph control


Fixed messages attached to Tx buttons not adding to the Transmit table on Graphical Panel imports


Fixed the Database Mismatch Scroll Bar's tooltip, which was showing HTML


Fixed the Graphical Panel Message History's scrolling


Fixed Ctrl+S opening certain text entry boxes on grids


Fixed Graphical Panel being blank on minimize > restore until the user clicks


Fixed certain Trig functions not working correctly


The default Graphical Panel name now resets properly on File > New


Fixed a random blank floating panel showing up after opening a different VS3 (without floating panels) from a VS3 with floating panels


Fixed the MiscIO numbers not matching the neoVI Report messages with the FIRE2


Improper closing of Vehicle Spy (i.e. Crash) no longer requires all programs using the hardware to be closed


If IEVB Firmware is mismatched (i.e. neoECU10, neoVI MOTE), 'Firmware is out of date' now displays in red


Overhauled the Firmware Update dialog


The CoreMini console now properly releases device handles when it's closed


Fixed a bug where selecting 'Use Setup Baud Rates' could cause Vehicle Spy to hang or crash


Added the ability to modify CAN-FD specific Network Properties in the Expression Editor


Vehicle Spy no longer allows navigation while flashing device firmware


Fixed a bug where LIN (Bitrate) property wouldn't return the correct rate


Fixed a bug where the Tablet License would cause errors when trying to log to SD Card


Routine Control Signals are now accessible by other parts of Vehicle Spy


Function Block Start Type can now be changed in the grid. Fill Up / Down is also available


Added the ability to group Application Signals into folders


Added Statistics (Min, Max, Mean, StdDev) to Messages View column selections


Added support for ISO 15765-2:2015 in Vehicle Spy


Updated numerous things in the Expression Editor and made it more efficient


Fixed the Graphical Panel Import not importing the initial value of Text type application signals


The EtherType box in the Messages Editor for Ethernet Messages no longer allows invalid inputs


Changing a Periodic On/Off button from On to Off no longer goes online first


Fixed the Bit-Editor not auto-resizing correctly when adding signals greater than 64-bits in length


The Expression Editor's textbox is now larger, allowing easier creation of multi-expression steps


Messages Editor now no longer allows pasting from non-compatible networks (i.e. CAN to Ethernet)


Fixed a bug where Database jobs could be changed from Physical Request to Functional, which caused an Access Violation


Added a textbox for Simulation Mode speed input


Fixed a bug where the Extra Byte field in ISO 14229 ECUs would be disabled after clicking on certain areas in the Security tab


Added support for many more AVB protocols in the Messages View Details pane


Fixed a bug where the Application Signal Initial Value box would stay disabled when it shouldn't have


Fixed a bug where the expression editor would add the wrong item for 'Available Disk Space (KB)'


Fixed a bug when trying to set Read Only values in the Expression Editor


Fixed the Select All and Select None buttons from disappearing from the Simulator tab


Fixed a typo in the Expression Editor for Physical IO Switch Signals


Fixed various GUI issues in the Diagnostics Setup tab


Pressing 'Add to Expression' now adds at the cursor rather than the end of the expression


Removed a duplicate 'AIN VNET Report Interval' signal from the Expression Editor's Misc > Time section


Added numerous Expression Editor improvements, including an escape character so {} can be ignored as a variable (useful for Text API commands)


Fixed a bug with State Encoded signals when matching text, if two states shared the same text, the signal would get confused


Fixed a bug where sorting VSBs by line wouldn't work correctly


Added support for UDS Extended Addressing


Function Blocks that are set to Microsecond precision in PC Mode are now evaluated after every receive message


Fixed external exceptions and Out of Memory crashes when opening extremely large VSBs


Fixed a crash bug when generating certain setups


Fixed a bug with Capture Blocks where the last frame of a ISO15765 message was replaced with the full payload


Removed a duplicate 'Power Supply Voltage' entry from the expression builder


Setting the number of Signal Plot points to a point where an Out of Memory error occurs now gracefully saves itself and displays an error instead of crashing


Added support for New Line or Break characters in the Expression Builder


Fixed a lockup when searching certain function blocks


Adding and removing jobs in Diagnostics View Tree Mode no longer collapses the tree


The last signal group used in the Logging tab is now saved correctly between sessions


Fixed input lag when working with large files


Fixed tab order being off in the ECUs view


Applied the new Network Selector to the Network Column in the Networks View


Renamed the CAN-FD EDL bit to 'FDF' (per the ISO 11898-1 Spec update)


Fixed a bug where pressing 'Cancel' on the TextAPI Function Block Command screen saved the changes anyway


Fixed an Access Violation when connecting to an EEVB with two instances of Vehicle Spy


Read Only' signals from the expression editor no longer can be placed into 'Pick Set Value' expressions


The Tx Panel no longer allows messages to be changed to and from non-compatible networks


The ... box in the Log Data setup dialog now is properly hidden when it's not needed


J1939 PGNs from different sources are now separated on the Messages View


Fixed a bug where Bus % Use could go to an unreasonable number in Simulation Mode


Fixed an Access Violation when trying to open a non-existing A2L file


Fixed a bug where Load Message Data's value would display 'Click to Setup' after it was already configured


Fixed an Access Violation when opening certain VS3Zip files


Fixed an Access Violation when generating certain CoreMinis


Fixed the 'Ignore Tx Messages' box missing from certain non-CAN receive networks


Fixed a List Index Error after using the Edit Widget dialog for floating panels


Fixed another Access Violation when opening certain VS3Zip files


Fixed an Access Violation when opening certain VS3s


Signal Plot signal names now use Unicode characters, and no longer display weird text when used with non-US Operating Systems


Fixed Log Data not logging the Rx Message Property B1-B8 correctly


Added the ability to set WiVi settings for ValueCAN.rf in neoVI Explorer


The Generate button now becomes disabled while generating


Fixed a bug where ValueCAN.rf couldn't format the SD card if WiVi was enabled


Firmware is now stored in fw.bin instead of in the Vehicle Spy exe (reduces file size significantly)


Fixed a bug when streaming ASC buffers where extra blank messages were generated


DTC Import now supports UTF8, Unicode (Windows Little Endian) and Unicode Big Endian


Added support for ISO 15765-2:2015 frames


F-Keys are no longer usable when a modal dialog is displayed (Exception: F1 for Help)


Diagnostic Jobs now display key / index in Diagnostics


Fixed a couple checkboxes in Network Databases


Added support for VSEB files - Vehicle Spy Encrypted Binary


Fixed Save Diagnostic Results saving file name with 2 timestamps


Added option to skip delays in Playback blocks


Fixed External Error: EEFACE when using VSB Editor with files from Data Cache Disk Streaming


Fixed a bug where the Networks color column didn't show network color correctly


Fixed an Access Violation when opening certain old setup files


Fixed an Access Violation when opening certain files when other files are already open


Fixed Function Block Set Value for network Error count


Fixed Split VSB to no longer allow the window to be closed when splitting


Changed the 'Automatically restart when complete' checkbox to allow a restart that resets the start trigger


Fixed some unintended slowdowns when Pre/Post 'Number of messages' was extremely low


Fixed a bug where editing Test DTC made the command stop working


Fixed degree symbol (°) not showing correctly as a unit


Fixed a bug where cutting Jump To / Jump If blocks


Diagnostics search boxes are no longer case sensitive


Fixed issues when handling non-zero STMIN values


Fixed an Access Violation or Abnormal Program Termination when closing certain floating GP Windows


Fixed a bug where logged CSV files wouldn't save Time (abs) correctly


Fixed jumbled labels in Signal Plot when reordering signals


Fixed an Access Violation when opening certain VS3Zip setups


Fixed the Network Baud Rate mismatch warning from staying stuck with certain setup / hardware configurations


ECU Name is easier to see in the Diagnostics view


Fixed an Access Violation in the LDF tool in the Frames tab


Changed the label text 'Path' to 'File' in the VSB Editor, Split VSB and Remap VSB tabs


Fixed LIN message length to not allow incorrect entries


Fixed the Extra Bytes window from causing erroneous inputs if the user clicks off the window without closing it


Fixed the Extra Bytes window from losing focus after entering certain types of values


Fixed a bug with Hex Signal Values not scaling correctly when using non-integer values


Fixed a bug with certain non-CAN networks adding extra bytes unintentionally after clicking


Fixed J1939 Address Status Request not sending on startup correctly


Fixed PID requests not working when imported from certain ODX files


Switching between Physical and Functional addressing in J1979 Jobs now correctly updates the ArbID


Fixed the Sort icon in the Network Selector to be a bit more clear which way it's being sorted


Fixed State Encoded signals displaying incorrect decoding with undefined invalid states


Fixed the 'Run' box sometimes not displaying 'Monitor Only' when using Run Monitor Only


Fixed a bug where deleting a signal or message wouldn't autoselect the next signal or message


Fixed a bug where the MIC2 with ValueCAN.rf wouldn't set the date correctly


Fixed a bug with the MIC2 and ValueCAN.rf where logged GPS data was logged without an ArbID or timestamp


Fixed the ISO ECU Length of Memory Address in bytes not loading correctly


Connecting to more than one copy of Vehicle Spy over TextAPI now changes ports correctly


Added periodic reporting of GPS data with ValueCAN.rf


Fixed Rad-Galaxy not catching and displaying errors for IPv4 messages with a bad checksum


Fixed a Cascading Access Violation in the Tools > Utilities > Language tab


Fixed TCP signals in later bytes causing the GUI to resize incorrectly


Fixed the ECUs Wizard 'No conflicts found' popup getting stuck behind the main VSpy window


Fixed the GPS Maps 'On Change Only' checkbox, which had 3 states instead of 2.


Fixed CoreMini not being able to read ISO9141 signals in Function Block Scripts


Fixed the CoreMini error message: 'Hardware License does not support SD card logging operations.' when it shouldn't have


Updated ASC and BLF exporting to the latest spec for CAN-FD


The ARXML Importer now shows what's loaded in the current platform, not what was last configured


Fixed certain signals not being aligned correctly on PDX Import


Fixed TextAPI when using to access Function Block Steps


Vehicle Spy now is much more stable when simulating extremely large simulation files


Fixed TextAPI's Start command from always reloading the platform each time it was used


ARXML Import now correctly merges messages from common IDs


Fixed a bug where copying Jump To or Jump If commands between two function blocks would change the jump step


Fixed the J1979 DTCs not being decoded correctly when trying to decode a multiframe (i.e. more than 3 DTCs) DTC response


Fixed Plasma needing a power cycle after doing J2534 reflashing


Fixed a bug that showed the error: "The DAQ table is full and cannot hold any more ODTs" when opening certain CCP setups


Fixed a crash in the RC on saving a VS3Zip when the save was triggered by program close


Fixed an Access Violation when creating a new network in Spy Networks > Networks


Fixed a bug where ISO 15765-2:2015 receive messages with data byte filters wouldn't match if the payload length was < 4096 bytes


Fixed a bug where CANFD Extended IDs would be saved as Standard IDs in ASC files


Fixed a bug where ISO15765 Rx messages would show an incorrect DLC value


Fixed a bug where ISO14229 job $2F wouldn't show in the message history properly


Fixed a bug where ECU ArbIDs weren't updated properly when importing PDX files


Fixed a bug where a PID could get 'lost' when importing certain ODX files


Changed the namespace prefix for exported ODX files from "AA" to "xsi" (now reflects the ASAM spec)


Fixed a bug where Vehicle Spy PC Mode would interpret ST_Min = F1 as 241 mS instead of uS


Multiframes with ArbID Wildcards no longer get confused if a second match is found during the original multiframe message


If a MEP A2L's network is changed, it will stay on the same network even if the A2L is reloaded


MEP now checks that GET_DAQ_PROCESSOR_INFO is supported before requesting it


Fixed an Access Violation if a XCPoE ECU was removed while online


Fixed an Access Violation when opening certain older setups


MEP > Setup: the Auto-reconnect checkbox now saves with the setup file


Fixed XCPoE Signals having an incorrect offset


Significantly reworked XCPoe behind the scenes

Messages View

Fixed a bug where you could try to filter line numbers or absolute time in scroll mode


Fixed the Messages View Details pane to now decode LIN correctly


IEEE 1722.1 messages now display correctly in the Details pane on the Messages View


Fixed Review Buffer's streaming displaying line numbers instead of message numbers


Fixed the Messages View FSA Columns showing Hex data while Decimal mode is selected


Fixed the way that CAN Bus errors are shown in the messages view during Simulation


Time columns now go down to nanosecond precision with supported devices


The Details pane now highlights the raw hex values when you click on a name or value


Fixed the Messages View not refreshing correctly when selecting a signal label in Data Analysis


Fixed a bug where Static Mode would identify a J1939 CTS/RTS as the incorrect PGN


Fixed a crash bug when filtering using commas and rapidly typed text


Fixed the Signal Decoding for the MSRP emergency bit being backwards


Fixed a bug where AVDECC Discovery Protocol Messages were incorrectly decoded by the details pane


Fixed the BLF exporter to no longer allow invalid entries


Fixed a bug where the Time (abs/rel)'s sorting would not work properly if another column was filtered

VehicleScape DAQ

Fixed a CoreMini issue where Read Data (CM Fast) would not work correctly


Fixed a bug where the KWP2000 Init Diagnostic reply wouldn't be caught in Diagnostics


Fixed an Access Violation if a zip file was dragged across a certain tab


Fixed XCPoE ECUs displaying negative bytes remaining in VehicleScape DAQ


Improved Function Block to Wireless neoVI communication


Fixed VehicleScape to never go online automatically when Auto Start is disabled


When selecting ECUs for a Bus Query, selecting ECUs with no ArbID is no longer allowed


The Gateway Clean button is now properly disabled when Vehicle Spy is online


Fixed the VehicleScape DAQ Standalone Logging 'Clean' button not removing the links to the VSDBs correctly


Added support for XCPoE (XCP over Ethernet)


Fixed a typo in the VSSAL Partition Manager function block


Fixed the 'Do not restart when collection is finished' option being grayed out on Pre/Post collections


Fixed Generate Gateway not compiling with certain channels selected


Fixed Gateways getting generated when they weren't supposed to


VehicleScape DAQ Bus Query now supports Mode $03, $04, $07, and $0A


Fixed a bug with XCP DAQ decodings not being properly generated


Added Password field in VehicleScape DAQ Standalone Logging tab


DAQ settings now properly update display properly when switching from DAQ1 to DAQ2


Fixed the CoreMini Generator message box silently failing to open when certain problem logs were present


Fixed Histogram collection when Linear bucket spacing was selected logging incorrectly


Fixed an Access Violation when loading certain XCP DAQ setups


Added support for Video Processing


Added support for the new Video form in Simulation / Review Buffer


Added support for Camera Audio logging and Playback / Simulation





Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes



Major New Features



neoVI FIRE2 can now use CoreMini


Rad--Galaxy is now a fully fledged Logger and Bench tool


New VehicleScape DAQ UI


New Network Selector UI



Bug Fixes


FIRE2 Firmware

Fixed a bug with FIRE2 CoreMini where 29-Bit SWCAN was logged as CAN-FD

VehicleScape DAQ

Fixed a bug with Histograms with Linear Buckets not logging correctly





Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes



Major New Features



neoVI FIRE2 can now use CoreMini


Rad--Galaxy is now a fully fledged Logger and Bench tool


New VehicleScape DAQ UI


New Network Selector UI



Bug Fixes


3G Explorer

Fixed a bug where Updating Android would reset the focused window to the Connect screen, causing confusion


Fixed a bug where the Vehicle Spy Trial couldn't view bus traffic


Updated copyright information on all modules for 2017


Fixed a bug where CANFD ISO15765 Long messages with static bytes weren't filtered correctly


Fixed a bug where in some cases multiframe messages were not transmitted properly.


Fixed a bug where ISO ECU Memory Address Length properties weren't saved or loaded correctly.


Fixed a bug where XCP addresses weren't saved correctly

Messages View

Fixed a bug where CSV files weren't reviewed correctly by Review Buffer

VehicleScape DAQ