Overview of neoVI PLASMA

Intrepid Control Systems has brought mobile technology into the world of vehicle testing with neoVI PLASMA!

What Is It?

neoVI PLASMA (Figure 1) is a wireless capable device for testing vehicle data bus networks.  This device layout link can help you locate some of its main features.

neoVI PLASMA has WIFI and 3G wireless technologies; plus GPS tracking too.

Up to 3 VNET modules interact with all types of vehicle networks including CAN, LIN, K-Line, MOST, and FlexRay, among others.  A FIRE VNET, based upon Intrepid's proven neoVI FIRE hardware, is included to start with.

A touch screen interface with an Android operating system lets you quickly see and control operations.  Many buttons and LEDs are also included.

As you can see, the neoVI PLASMA has a LOT going on, but this documentation will try to help you get the most from it.  A more detailed product overview can be downloaded by clicking here (pdf).

How Do I Use It?

The answer to that really depends upon what your needs are at the time.  neoVI PLASMA has the flexibility to be used in a couple of ways:

Wireless Mode (PC from afar)
A computer using the Wireless NeoVI website can find and connect to neoVI PLASMAs that are in remote locations.

PC Mode with Vehicle Spy (PC direct connect)
A computer running Vehicle Spy software can connect directly to a neoVI PLASMA.

Figure 1: The neoVI PLASMA can be used in a couple of ways.

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Last Update: Thursday, April 18, 2013