2. Safety and Other Important Notices


“This device is an ESD sensitive device that could stop working during an high ESD event which may require that power be cycled to recover operation”.


Safety Notices

  1. Prior to using this product, read, understand, and follow the instructions for this device and any associated software. If you do not fully understand the instructions, contact icssupport@intrepidcs.com for support.
  2. Do not use this product if it has been used outside of the specified operating conditions or is suspected to be damaged.
  3. There are no operator serviceable parts inside this equipment. Should you suspect the device is not operating properly, please contact icssupport@intrepidcs.com
  4. The failure modes of this device should be carefully considered prior to using it to instrument safety critical systems. A single point of failure at this device should not prevent the safe operation of any vehicle system.
  5. Occasionally, hardware and software are released for testing and evaluation in a beta release. These releases are not subject to full Quality Assurance. They should be used only in a controlled environment with consideration of any impact the safety of the user and the surrounding people and environment. Data and test results from beta hardware and software should be appropriately scrutinized.

Intended Use

This hardware is intended for the use of developing automotive communication networks. It is suitable for operation in dry environments such as the passenger compartment or trunk area. Direct exposure to water or excessively damp environments may result in malfunction or damage to the device.

Deviating from the intended use of this product or operating outside of its specifications may cause malfunction or damage and will void the manufacturer’s warranty.


Every attempt is made to keep this documentation accurate and current. Intrepid Control Systems reserves the right to update this documentation without notice and assumes no liability from its use.